World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 407

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Seeing that Naga had been shot, Xiao Yu was naturally happy seeing this. After all, He wanted to train these guys to fight alone without his commands!

It was a great opportunity to hone these people and let them get used to the battle without commands, get used to the cooperation and fighting style of each other. This way, they would be able to play a huge role on the real battlefield.

More importantly, you can protect each other’s lives by virtue of mutual skills! This was what Xiao Yu valued most.

Although money, territory, or treasure was very important, they were after all worldly possessions. All these things were achieved only by alive person. After all, a dead man could do nothing.

After a piercing sound, Naga’s arrow successfully hit the raised leg of the rhinoceros.


Tremendous pain caused big rhinoceros to scream.

Arrow of Naga landed squarely at the kneecap of the rhinoceros. The cartilage of the knee joint was the weakest part of the whole thigh. Although the kneecap was very strong, however, it’s cartilage? Very fragile!

The arrow of Naga was anything but ordinary. This arrow was called Frostbite!

This frostbite arrow could increase the freezing effect of attack so that it could more effectively slow down the attack speed and movement speed of enemy units.

Because of this arrow of Naga, Grom immediately seized the opportunity and came to the rhinoceros’ side, unleashed a series of attack. The effect of attacks was not that good. After all, the defence of this beast was quite horrifying!


The sound of arrows rang again, and a silvery light flashed in the sky. Next moment, an arrow hit again on the leg that the big rhino had not yet put down. The distance from the previous arrow was only one centimetre apart!

“Good guy! This Naga’s archery was also quite good! Haha, I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it!” Xiao Yu’s mouth was curled upward. He thought that Tyrande’s archery was the best.

The rhinoceros screamed again, and water began to flow out from his huge mouth, but the colour of the water was a little different. It had a bit of black colour and thick smell.


Xiao Yu was shocked and immediately thought of another possibility that the black water of this big rhino might not be poison! It should be another feature of this sunset marsh, corrosion!

After all, it’s a guy born and raised in the sunset swamp. It’s absolutely impossible to survive without skill.

This big rhino was also not stupid. The target of the black water column is not the Grom who just attacked him continuously, but the Naga that made him really feel the threat!

Naga easily avoided the attack of the black water. Naga was an amphibious existence. This swamp could be considered as a paradise to him


The third arrow was shot out but its target was no longer a kneecap, but the eye of the rhinoceros!

Attack the eye!

However, the rhinoceros had already learned that this Naga’s archery was very tyrannical.

The rhinoceros tilted his head slightly, and the arrow passed by his head.

At this time, Grom also rushed up and began a crazy bombardment on the wounded leg of rhino.

Rhinoceros didn’t know what to do. It wanted to trample Grom into a smash, but there was no way to do it. Grom was like a dexterous monkey, jumping up and down, left and right, so it could only continuing fighting Grom in this way.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When two were fighting, Naga was also not idle, she was aiming at the knees of the rhinoceros one by one.

“Oh, ah,” Finally, the rhinoceros couldn’t bear and screamed in the sky, and his body shrank to nearly half of his size!

“Hey? This is really rare! Even shrinking? Hehe…!” said Xiao Yu in a surprised tone. He did not expect to encounter such beast.

When did the trend change? After all, the average beast was moving in the direction of becoming bigger in size, not smaller, but what about this big rhinoceros? It’s just the opposite, and its body was getting smaller!

However, after getting smaller, the big rhinoceros’s speed had increased a lot. Now, it’s speed could catch up with Grom!

“It’s a metamorphosis (transformation)! It seems that this world has no end of the strange thing. Hehe…!” Xiao Yu said one word at a time.

After getting smaller, the rhino’s goal was not only Grom but even Naga who was not far away.

At first, Naga was chased by the rhinoceros, but gradually it (rhinoceros) noticed a thing. Where was Grom? What was he doing now?

Sure enough, when it noticed this problem, it was already late. Grom appeared beside it and chopped down with his axe.

At that time, Naga also seized this opportunity and released his own attack. Naga could only shot arrows, as for other skills, Naga really did not intend to use them. Because he was good at group attack and in a one-on-one confrontation, many of his skills could not show the desired effect.

Gradually, because of the increasing number of arrows, the rhinoceros’ movements were getting more restricted.

Even his incomparable hard hide was unable to effectively block the attacks of Grom, not to mention the arrows that were good at piercing.

Finally, rhinoceros was unable to withstand it; it lay tragically on the ground.

Xiao Yu had already called Grom back before rhino die. Now, only Naga was left fighting with his level less than the fifth-order! Attack! Attack!

Finally, when the big rhino fell on the ground, Xiao Yu was happy. Level of Naga finally improved again. Although it was still not very high, it had reached level 37. Anyway, it was not far away from 40! Fifth order! He would soon reach the fifth order.

By that time Xiao Yu would get the new powerful hero. As time passes, even more powerful skill of these heroes would be unlocked, because their memories were gradually awakening, and such battles were the best way to stimulate them.

“Hehe…! Good! Good! Both of you are very good! For Grom’s selfless dedication, special rewards! Well! Naga, how? Now the level is improved, it feels good, no?” Xiao Yu came to the side of the two and laughed as if he was a general who was rewarding his soldiers.

“Well! Grom, you have learned very well, but there is another point that you are not sinister enough! Tell me a most vulnerable place of the beast? “Xiao Yu pointed to Grom and said in a hushed tone.

Grom, beast’s weakest place? Where is his weakest place?

“That… that… I didn’t find it!” Grom said very innocently. He really didn’t know where the so-called weak place was.

Xiao Yu smiled mysteriously, and whispered softly in the Grom’s ear: “You are a fool. Didn’t you see his ‘little brother’ down there? Strike straight at it! It’s definitely useful!”

“…” For a moment, Grom was completely convinced. He didn’t know what to say. He just knew that his master was really amazing. It was really admirable!

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    1. Grom was using and axe in the original Warcraft 3 game as well as in all other instances such as WoW and other lore. By the way axes have blade too so he is still technically a blademaster(this text is straight from wiki – A blade is the portion of a tool, weapon, or machine with an edge that is designed to puncture, chop, slice or scrape surfaces or materials.). Juggernauts avatar from Dota 2 does not use Grom Hellscream model but a general blademaster hero from Warcraft 3. Dota 2 hero with the name Axe uses the Grom Hellscream model from Warcraft 3.

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