World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 406

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After some rest, the horses set off again, with a clear goal, that is, the place where Gul’dan’s skull was hidden. After experiencing such a grand battle, it was worthwhile to have such a harvest.

Although Nicholas and Leonardo clearly did not found as many treasures as Xiao Yu, it was already a lucrative adventure.

It was difficult so the harvest was naturally better. Only when their three forces add up, could they really have the strength to kill the Gorloc who was almost a seventh-order powerhouse.

Both Gorloc and the warlock Augustus were both sixth-order powerhouses but they didn’t know how strong Theodore was?

Xiao Yu had a feeling that Theodore’s strength should be much stronger than the Gorloc and the Augustus. It was like the Wu Sheng whom Xiao Yu had seen before.

This mighty team was also domineering when marching so no ordinary beast tried to find trouble.

However, Xiao Yu’s luck seemed to be not good. Just two days after he left, he accidentally entered into the territory of a powerful beast.

Such beasts were rare in the sunset swamp. Although they did not have high IQ, however, they did have tyranny strength. The most important point was their bad and violent temper.

On this day, just when Xiao Yu and company entered into this area, they provoked a terrible beast. Everyone was alerted. They held their weapons in their hands and were ready to fight.

“Why is it so annoying? We get into trouble every time! Such bad luck!” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but speak. just two days had passed, now they had to fight once again.

“Be careful everyone, it may be a tough opponent,” Nicholas said with a calm expression. Even if it was a big beast, they had nothing to fear. At that time, this beast was only reached peak of fifth-order.

“Come on! I also wished to eat some fresh meat.” Leonardo roared. After all, he had been accustomed to fighting the sixth-order powerhouses so naturally, he was not afraid.


The ground began to tremble but everyone was full of confidence. After all, they had fought against Gorloc leader, Augustus and doomsday messenger before.

After a few breaths, everyone finally saw this so-called behemoth.

Sturdy body, a huge sharp horn on the head, the limbs were as thick as a giant pillar, and the flesh of the body was very hard as if it were a piece of armour.

“How can it be a big rhinoceros? Didn’t it like land? Why it came to the swamp?” Xiao Yu said with suspicion, the rhinos were really very rare in the swamp. After all, with his huge weight, wouldn’t it accidentally fell in the mud?

“Xiao Yu, Leonardo, who will go to fight this time?” Nicholas said with a smile. After the previous battle, the peak fifth-order powerhouse could no longer enter their eyes. Of course, the premise was that their number was limited.

“Let’s decide by a game!” Xiao Yu jokingly said.

What surprised Xiao Yu was that two people who were so calm before actually agreed to play this very low-level game with him…

The three men started to play a game like three-year-old kids.

“Oh, no, let’s have one more match!”

“Xiao Yu, you are so shameless!”

“Oh, Nicholas, are you going to play? Xiao Yu is inborn shameless! You won two games out of three games, so don’t worry, he will still lose!”

In the end, under the shameless request of Xiao Yu, three played three more games. The final result was that Xiao Yu had good luck, and he won this time…

“Hey, it seems that it’s a draw! Hey, who is going to fight? Hurry up and solve it!” said Xiao Yu as a group of heroes behind him shouted.

(Note: Xiao Yu lost in first three games but won latter three games so it was a draw)

As a result, there was a silence in response to Xiao Yu, and no one was willing to fight.

Although everyone here loved fighting, however,  after a previous long battle, they didn’t rest much. Who did want to go? Moreover, there was no benefit in fighting now.

Xiao Yu’s face sank and said: “You really don’t want to give me face? Well, since you don’t give me face, then don’t blame me for not giving you face later!”

Looking at the face of Xiao Yu, little dragon who was familiar with Xiao Yu’s character wanted to say something but was interrupted by Xiao Yu.

“Then, okay, since you are not willing to go, then that’s it. Um, Naga, you go, I know you can’t beat him, but you will provide help! I will send someone else to fight.” A faint smile was hung on the Xiao Yu’s face, and a light flashed in his eyes. It seems that he had come up with a good idea.

When Naga heard that she was going to fight, she did not voice her opinion. After all, her grade was low now. When she got in trouble, she could only ask others to land her a hand. The more fighting opportunities, the faster she would grow. The experience could be acquired along with combat experience! Xiao Yu let her go fight for the purpose of upgrading.

After pondering for a while, Xiao Yu finally decided whom to send.

“Cough, Grom, you go. Well, don’t kill it, let Naga do it!” Xiao Yu coughed and said. he wanted Naga to upgrade as soon as possible, only in this way, they can improve their safety in the sunset swamp.

“Okay! I am going! Naga, hurry up! I don’t have much patience!” Grom snorted and looked at the thin Naga.

Naga did not say anything. She knew that among the heroes, her strength was the weakest. Weak had no way to get the respect of others. Therefore, Naga maintained her own silence, hoping to use this chance to quickly upgrade and enhance the strength, and become worthy of being respected by others.

When fierce rhino saw that there were so many people staring at him, he became anxious. After all, he felt some of them were even stronger than him.

But because he was extremely good at defence, he would have a huge advantage in combat, so as long as he held on, he would be the ultimate winner. This rhinoceros’s IQ was obviously low.

Grom didn’t think more. After he greeted Naga, he rushed up and waved his axe. He said, “You really don’t have eyes. Disturbing this father’s comfortable rest, if I don’t kill you then I will feel sorry for myself!”

After saying, Grom smashed his axe against the belly of the big rhinoceros.


Grom’s axe rebounded as if a hit a stone. Nothing special happened except for a few sparks. But its huge force behind the attack made the rhinoceros tremble.

“Well?” This time, Grom’s face became unsightly and he put away any idea of underestimating his enemy.

Holding his axe tightly in hand, Grom unleashed heroic jump skill on the back of the rhino.

This time, the rhinoceros finally got injured by Grom’s strike. Then it roared twice and shook its body in pain.

“Bladestrom!!” Grom roared and his axe was slammed down with tyrannical power. Its goal was the right leg of the rhinoceros!

Xiao Yu who was watching the battle couldn’t help but shake his head. Grom’s move was probably not going to work. After all, rhinoceros did not want to die, he could always dodge it.

Sure enough, when rhinoceros felt the incoming attack, he increased his speed to the extreme and evaded the attack.

“Ah! Hey,” Grom was so angry that he had never been played by his opponent. Now this kind of thing had not only happened but also in front of so many people!

The angered Grom unleashed wind walk skill and came to the side of the rhinoceros. His long axe pierced into the body of rhinoceros but not too deep.

After another wave of attacks, Grom’s axe had been inserted into the body of the big rhinoceros. Surprisingly, but this time almost half of Grom’s axe had entered it’s hide!

“Ahaa…” the rhinoceros immediately screamed in pain and his eyes gradually became red in rage.

Grom saw that his attack was finally effective. He snorted and just wanted to attack again, but he found a huge foot was rushing toward him.

And at this time, a piercing sound was heard!

Naga shot an arrow!

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