World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 506

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“Greet the master.” Malfurion and the Chen Stormstout immediately ran over and saluted Xiao Yu. Malfurion and the Chen Stormstout were quite strange in looks, especially the Chen Stormstout, his body was round like a ball which looked quite funny.

However, Xiao Yu knew that the seemingly funny Chen Stormstout was actually martial artist and would definitely be very strong in the future.

Xiao Yu nodded with satisfaction and looked at the skills of both of them. It was similar to what Xiao Yu had imagined. Malfurion was mainly a healer, while the Chen Stormstout was mainly martial artist.

Now there were two more heroes. Xiao Yu let them go hunting some Beasts. They had to upgrade their level first. After a few days, Xiao Yu would start a war against the Weigong. He could let them enter into battle and kill more people to upgrade quickly.

Xiao Yu then began to summon double-headed Chimera. Xiao Yu had been waiting for a long time for this moment; his heart was full of excitement.

Now, Xiao Yu could summon additional 5,000 units of soldiers, but when Xiao Yu wanted to summon double-headed Chimaera, quantity was really limited.

At most, Xiao Yu could only control 100 double-headed Chimaera not more than that. A double-headed Chimaera occupies 10 units so 100 double-headed Chimera occupies 1000 units.

In this case, Xiao Yu had 4,000 units left to call other units.

After a while, 78 meters long, with two heads, covered with hard scales, with two huge wings, a giant monster with a shape like a dragon appeared in front of Xiao Yu.

“Chimaera! Double-headed Chimaera has appeared! Am I dreaming?” The elves saw the appearance of the two-headed Chimaera with amazement.

The two-headed Chimaera, was the ultimate form of the elves, also symbolizes the direction of the elves. In the past, if there was a Chimaera in the elf tribe, then its strength would be greatly improved and the average person would not Dare to invade.

Chimaera’s most powerful attack was undoubtedly its fire breath. Although his melee ability was not as strong as that of a dragon, its breath was definitely more powerful than the average dragon.

If there was a group of Chimera in the sky, then all you could do was to escape immediately. Once they started to collectively breathe, everything would be destroyed.

Appreciating the power of this Chimaera, Xiao Yu nodded. After finishing everything here Xiao Yu proceeded to castle. By now, the old man Theodore should have come out too.

However, when Xiao Yu arrived at the castle, he met an apprentice of Higgins who informed him that Theodore had already left and left a letter for Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu suddenly snorted, that damn old man took advantage of his absence to leave immediate.

Xiao Yu took the letter and read it. There were only a few lines on it. Theodore told Xiao Yu that Lin Bixue would be fine. At the same time, he got huge gains from his conservation with Aegwynn so went back into seclusion.

Moreover, Theodore asked Xiao Yu to respect Aegwynn. After all, she was the guardian of the Continent.

Xiao Yu tore the letter and left for backyard where he saw Aegwynn sitting.

“Wife?” Xiao Yu smiled and screamed.

“Go away.” Aegwynn threw out Xiao Yu.

“What the hell!” Xiao Yu was thrown out of the window with a scream and, but he quickly jumped up and shouted: “You are in my wife’s body so it is not wrong to call you wife. You are too overbearing.”

Xiao Yu protested.

“I am so overbearing, so what?” Aegwynn raised her chin and looked at Xiao Yu. She seemed to be laughing. Her face was full of arrogance.

“Cut the crap, you are just trying to fool me. Hey, you can’t beat Theodore, don’t you?” Xiao Yu noticed that when Aegwynn first saw Theodore. In fact, Aegwynn was very hesitant.

Moreover, Aegwynn had been following Xiao Yu for so long, although she was strong and look as if no one could resist her.

But in fact, Xiao Yu guessed that her strength should not be too strong. However, Xiao Yu did not know what her real situation was like.

When he saw Aegwynn’s eyes expression that time, he knew that if Theodore really did his best, he would definitely threaten Aegwynn.

However, Theodore was very respectful to Aegwynn, so he would definitely not do that.

“I can’t beat him, but it’s very easy to deal with you. There aren’t many people like him on this continent, isn’t it?” told Aegwynn.

“Hey, you have to get out of my wife’s body sooner or later then see how I will…” Xiao Yu said wickedly. However, just halfway through it, he was thrown out again.

Since Theodore said this, it seemed that Aegwynn did not have malicious intention. Moreover, during the meeting of Theodore and Aegwynn, Xiao Yu became more confident that his guess was right. Aegwynn was actually not as powerful as you might think.

However, if Xiao Yu decided to kill Aegwynn regardless of the price, he believed that Aegwynn might not be able resist.

This was the conclusion drawn by Xiao Yu.

Therefore, Aegwynn was just putting a strong front as if she unrivalled in the world. Although it’s true that she was strong, but in fact, she was not unrivalled.

After thinking to this joint, Xiao Yu was not that worried. He was only worried about Lin Bixue’s situation.

Recently, Lin Bixue’s appearance had become less and less, and it seemed that Aegwynn was getting more and more control over body.

Just as Xiao Yu’s mind was wandering around, a hand gently patted his shoulder.

Xiao Yu immediately stepped back with shocked expression, but as he turned around and looked, he found that Lin Bixue was looking at him with a smile.

Yes, she was definitely Lin Bixue not Aegwynn.

“Bixue…” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but suspiciously. When did Lin Bixue reached his back? He didn’t even notice it. With the strength of Xiao Yu now, her perception had almost reached the top, even if the sixth-order assassin attacked him from behind him, he could find him in advance.

Is this the power of Aegwynn? But Lin Bixue was now in control of the body, can she also control the power of Aegwynn?

“Well, it is me.” Lin Bixue walked slowly and her whole body exuded a very noble temperament, which made Xiao Yu difficult to look at her.

This Lin Bixue was not like the previous one, it seemed to have completely different aura. This aura was a kind of thing that blended with heavens and the earth, making Lin Bixue seemed so natural and harmonious, just like being integrated with the heaven and earth.

This…what is going on? Xiao Yu was shocked.

“You…why do you seem to be different from before?” When Xiao Yu saw Lin Bixue last time, it wasn’t like this. Only a few days had passed, situation was like this.

“Xiao Yu, you can rest assured, I am fine. Aegwynn’s sister is very good to me. Soon… I will be back… just wait for… some time” when Lin Bixue said to this point, her eyes were clouded with a layer of fog. She wore a very sad look.

“What’s wrong? Lin Bixue? What happened to you? Why are you crying? Don’t scare me. I am the most afraid of girls crying.” Xiao Yu immediately ran over and looked at Lin Bixue.  Now, he did not dare to touch Lin Bixue easily, because every time he touched Lin Bixue, he would be attacked by Aegwynn.

“I’m fine, Xiao Yu.” said Lin Bixue while pulling up Xiao Yu’s hand. They stared at each other’s eyes as the sun set.

“You should take care of yourself now, do your own thing, don’t worry about me. Soon, I will be back to your side.” At the corner of Lin Bixue’s eyes, a crystal shaped teardrop was hung. It radiated colourful light.

Lin Bixue suddenly stepped forward and kissed Xiao Yu’s face, then let go of Xiao Yu’s hand and turned around and left.

“I told not to do such actions.” Aegwynn snorted and was very dissatisfied with Lin Bixue’s actions.

“Well, I was wrong, Sister Aegwynn, but… I really can’t bear it…” said Lin Bixue in voice filled with grief.

“Life will end. If it is not a life that will not end, it is not life, it is not perfect. The fireworks are most beautiful when they are short lived. Don’t be sad for me, I got resurrected once, it is luck. This era is no longer my age. Here, there are other people who can guard this continent for me. I am no longer guardian. In the past, I was too attached to the identity of this guardian. So, I have done a lot of wrong things. Now it seems that even without me, there will be people who will guard this continent. In this world, there will always be heroes who will use their life to protect our homeland. Therefore, the guardian of this continent should not be me alone, but all the intelligent creatures. I believe that you can do it.”

When Aegwynn said to this point her tone was full of desolateness. The great magician, who used to stand tall, at this moment, seemed to be relieved.

At this moment, she really released herself from all shackles.

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