World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 405

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Xiao Yu came to the side of the goblin and said softly: “Hey, do you recognize these things?”

The goblin quickly nodded and said: “Master, I know most of them, but I don’t recognize this one!”

When Xiao Yu looked at the thing that he took from the hand of the goblin, his mouth immediately curled upward. This was really a good treasure, it was a scroll!

Looking around, Xiao Yu found a full shelf that was filled with these scrolls!

This time, Xiao Yu was extremely delighted. These scrolls could be met by chance but could not to be sought after!

Xiao Yu’s eyes were shining. These scrolls might not be recognized by others but he knew them all. The strength enchantment scroll, the sharpness enchantment scroll, and many other scrolls.

As long as these enchanted scrolls were used on weapons, the properties of the weapons would be greatly improved.

In this world, the enchanting scrolls were very rare. They were generally the items who had no fixed price in the market. Wherever they appeared in the market, they would be bought at a high price.

But now? Xiao Yu found at least more than a dozen kinds of scrolls. Look like he had heaven-defying luck.

In addition, there were some other kinds of scrolls like group strength scroll, the group stamina scrolls, etc. in the large-scale battle, these scrolls were absolutely terrifying.

After carefully flipping through them, Xiao Yu also found some other enchanting scrolls, but they were not so important. He did not hesitate to keep them all into space ring and began to look at other potholes.

The next discovery was a familiar item the superalloy bombs which cost a lot to create but was a very useful stuff.

Although it was not as powerful as the Fire Dragon Bursting Arrow, however, if it was used carefully then its power was absolutely shocking.

Finally, in a hidden pothole, the goblin found out a few sheets of paper. Looking at the expression on his face, Xiao Yu expected things to be inferior.

But after taking a look, Xiao Yu’s bulged out and he yelled at the goblin in excitement: “Ah! Hahaha! Heaven! This, this is the design of hammer of titans! This is a cloak design! Wow! It’s really a big deal!”

Xiao Yu was so happy that he didn’t pay attention to others but when other people on the side saw his appearance, they were all stunned. Was it really something that had such great value?

Xiao Yu didn’t care about them, he was really lucky! He got his hands on so many good things.

“How are those two guys doing now?” Xiao Yu naturally did not know whether Nicholas and Leonardo found something good.

But did everyone have good luck?

After Nicholas entered the passage, he encountered same things like Xiao Yu but because he had no goblin that was good at architecture, it was quite laborious to find it. Only after wasting a lot of time, they succeeded in finding out a few secret chambers, but the things in it were not as precious as Xiao Yu’s.

Then Nicholas walked to the end of the passage with a black face. They also found a stone gate but they could only use the violence to open it forcefully. After finally entering, they also got a lot of good things. Although they were very precious, they were not that rare.

As for Leonardo, his situation was not much different from that of Nicholas.

Sometimes goblin race was very useful.

“Brothers, let’s take a good look at the other side of the passage.  Let’s see if there are any other chambers” Xiao Yu shouted at a group of people. Although he was satisfied, he wanted to find something even more precious.

Although Xiao Yu was not a very greedy person, however, if he had any opportunity to get more benefits, he would never let go.

After searching for a while, the goblin confirmed that nothing good was left here…

In desperation, Xiao Yu returned to the entrance of the passage. He looked around and found out that no one had returned till now so he entered one of the other team’s passage.

In another passage, perhaps there would be a lot of good things.

Along the way, Xiao Yu was observing everything, while others were stunned. Others team didn’t even know how to find treasures hidden in secret passages. Apart from those chambers who were accidentally found out along the way, the other secret chambers didn’t even open!

Fortunately, they had a goblin who found out all the good things and making the Xiao Yu’s space ring filled with treasures.

When he came to the end, he did not discover any stone gates. There was nothing else in this place except for some daily necessities.

However, Xiao Yu who was sensitive to the surrounding could still distinguish that this was the place where the warlock Augustus lived!

Even after searching everywhere, they did not find any good things. Xiao Yu could only leave this place.

Others chambers did not have any value for exploration. It was better to go out and see if you could find other good things in the other passages.

When he came to the entrance, Xiao Yu found that Nicholas and Leonardo were already waiting for them.

“Oh, your harvest should be good, no?” Xiao Yu said with a calm face, did not show a look of elated. After all, sometimes low-key people were better than others.

Nicholas’s brows pricked up and  said: “Oh, look like you did not find many good things inside!”

“Oh! It’s all about luck! I found five chambers inside the passage” Leonardo said arrogantly.

“Is it? I found six secret chambers inside. Haha, my luck is good. After all, luck is not something that people with bad character can have.” “Xiao Yu immediately responded without mercy.

Six secret chambers?

The two looked at each other and were a little surprised. At the same time, they were still uncertain about what Xiao Yu said, whether it was true or not.

“You can go in and have a look. Perhaps you can really find out one!” Xiao Yu was really afraid that the two of them would run out and try to find. How much time would it waste?

When Nicholas heard Xiao Yu’s words, he knew what it meant. After shaking his head slightly, he sighed and said: “Xiao Yu, it is really a good idea! But we should not waste time. Let’s go ahead ”

When everyone reached outside, they realized that it was already noon. The three men were patrolling. Everyone was alerted.

“Haha! Look, I am back! The harvest is quite rich! Today everyone is going to eat something delicious! Gorloc’s meat.” Xiao Yu returned to his camp. He laughed and declared.

When Nicholas and Leonardo heard Xiao Yu’s declaration and they naturally could not fall behind. They also ordered their subordinates to cook a good meal.

Xiao Yu smiled and tasted delicious food then rested for some time. Then they set off again to find the skull of Gul’dan!

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