World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 505

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“Wow, finally finished upgrading.” Xiao Yu looked at the base which had become bigger and more stylish, and felt a wave of happiness surging in his heart.

Now, World Tree was piercing the clouds and looked extremely impressive, making people feel shock.

After the upgrade of the World Tree finished, all the elves burst into tears, all of them fell in the front of the World Tree, singing praises and praying for tomorrow.

The elves had been facing too many difficulties in the past few years. But now they finally had their hope renewed for better future. How could they not be excited? Tyrande, Maiev, and even Illidan, was seeing this scene with face full of excitement.

“The World Tree reappeared. The days of the revival of elves’ glory are finally here.” Tyrande muttered to herself as a strong ray of light released from her body.

This light was not the general light, but the true light of the goddess of the moon. At this moment, Tyrande was no longer a simple Priestess of Moon, but a true goddess of the moon.

At this moment, she was really crowned.

Xiao Yu is the owner of Tyrande, so this time I also know that Tyrande has re-understood one of the most nb skills, that is, the stars are falling. Latest novel Baidu search “”

To put it bluntly, there are countless stars falling from the sky, and a large area of ​​the enemy, this spell, but more powerful than the general fire and rain.

With this skill, Tyrande is the real Tyrande.

“Praise the great Tyrande, praise the great Maiev…” When the elves saw the scene, they began to worship Tyrande.

After Xiao Yu looked at it for a while, he grinned and went back to work. He went to the altar to get Malfurion out; another hero was going to be added to the ranks.

Speaking of it, now because of the promotion of Xiao Yu’s rank, the Barracks could also summon another hero. Xiao Yu had to ponder for a while to decide who was better to be summoned.

The heroes in the barracks were also good; especially the heroes with berserk ability were very powerful. Xiao Yu thought Chen Stormstout was good choice for summoning.

Chen Stormstout could breathe fire and was at melee, making him absolutely good choice. The most important thing was that Xiao Yu was a Chinese and had a unique love for pandas.

Now, let’s not discuss that, first welcome the arrival of new hero. This construction of new Barrack took long time so Xiao Yu could only continue to wait.

Even after waiting for long while, Malfurion did not come out. Xiao Yu finally decided to go to the base of the undeads.

After coming to the undead base, Xiao Yu looked for a long time but did not find any entrance. Until a spider drilled out of the ground and shrieked at Xiao Yu. Led by the spider, Xiao Yu finally entered the cave where he once defended the undead base.

“Looks like Arthas is doing good job. He even put the entrance of cave so hidden that even I cannot find it.” Xiao Yu happily thought to himself.

“Arthas meets the master.” When Arthas heard that Xiao Yu was coming, he immediately came to welcome him along with Kel’Thuzad, and Xiaoqiang.

Xiao Yu was surprised by their levels. Now, several of them had even reached higher than 40th levels and reaching fifth order, which caught Xiao Yu off guard.

You should know, Xiao Yu basically didn’t bring them up. He let them develop on their own but they still had reached such high levels with their own efforts. It was really incredible.

“You… how can you upgrade so fast?” Xiao Yu squinted and asked Arthas.

“Reporting to master, we followed the instructions given by the master when leaving. Taking the advantage of the night to sneak into the Principality, we killed some troops and slowly upgraded our strength.” Arthas replied.

“With this, you can reach this point?” Xiao Yu still felt unbelievable.

“We often enter the mountains to hunt large Beasts. We can now order some large beasts corpses, making hunting other large beats easy. With these corpses, our strength increased considerably.” Arthas replied while pointing at the ten large beast corpses lay inside.

Xiao Yu glanced at those Beats corpses and was shocked. There were five-order Beats. Arthas was only a fifth-order warrior. How could he kill these powerful Beasts?

“Master, we mainly on ambushes and other means like relying on a large number of people and slowly eroding Beasts fighting powers and finally kill them” Arthas explained.

Xiao Yu went inside and saw that thousands of undead soldiers standing in rows. They were higher in number than he initially summoned.

“How can there be so many undead soldiers?” Xiao Yu was shocked.

“Reporting to the master, after we reach certain level, we can transform some of the bodies of dead soldiers into undeads. Therefore, we are now more in numbers.” Arthas pointed at the undead soldiers who had just transformed.

Xiao Yu looked at them for more than ten minutes. He did not say a word. He did not expect that the undeads had developed to such a point.

Originally, he founded the undead just to harass the enemy but he did not expect them to develop to such point. Situation nearly went out of control.

Arthas silently waited for Xiao Yu’s orders. Xiao Yu knew through the system that once the loyalty of these heroes and soldiers fell too low, they would leave him.

At that time, so many undead troops would become a great disaster.

Xiao Yu shook his head helplessly, smiled bitterly: “You are doing very well. Arthas, you are indeed a good leader. However, in the future, without my consent, do not arbitrarily recruit other undead Soldiers, and also remember not to arbitrarily kill civilians.”

“Yes master, we always follow the instructions of the master.” Arthas, Kel’Thuzad and Xiaoqiang replied quickly.

Xiao Yu nodded and didn’t say anything more.

After patting Arthas’s shoulder, Xiao Yu slowly left.

Xiao Yu’s reason tells himself that he should kill all these undead now, so as not to leave behind any future trouble.

But, he did not have heart to kill all of his these soldiers.

Even if they were undead, they were his soldiers, just like Orc soldiers, Elves soldiers; Xiao Yu treated them as his own brothers.

“Am I too indecisive?” Xiao Yu laughed at himself, but he still couldn’t decide to kill those undead soldiers.

“Let’s go with the flow.” Out of the cave, Xiao Yu looked at the secret woods and looked at the densely populated Elf tree of life in the distance. All this, let him develop. At this moment, Xiao Yu suddenly believed. Kind of thing, fate.

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