World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 404

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“Why is this door so big? Bloodhoof, open it for me!” Xiao Yu was surprised for a moment but he snapped out of it and then shouted.

Xiao Yu had not seen such a big door, especially this door was built of hard and unknown stone.

The Bloodhoof walked toward the door. When his hands touched the stone gate, an electric light flashed on the stone door. Bloodhoof’s hand jerked with the recoil.


Everyone was shocked. Since this stone gate was so big, then wasn’t it natural to have some safety measures?

The Bloodhoof looked very uncomfortable.

Xiao Yu’s face was also not looking good. After the incident with bloodhoof, Xiao Yu began to observe the huge gate. The stone gate was dark black. Its whole body was exuding a faint glow as if a mist was covering it.

“Do you have any way to open it? But you can’t get injured because of it,” said Xiao Yu while looking at the goblin. The Bloodhoof have a strong body so he was not injured heavily. But the goblin was different, he didn’t have a strong body.

The goblin carefully observed the stone door, and then said: “Master, this… this is very troublesome. If you want me to open it, it will take a lot of time! But I am still quite sure that I will succeed, but I need the owner to cooperate with me!”

Hearing this, Xiao Yu was naturally very happy so he immediately replied with a smile: “Then start working. What are you waiting for?”

The goblin nodded solemnly, and then he turned around and ran toward the stone door, and began to work.

He opened the small parcel that he carried along with him and took out all kinds of tools from it. Xiao Yu looked at it and was surprised to find that there was even electrical insulation in the parcel.

Xiao Yu was amazed, although the insulation was only a piece of wood, it was enough to show the goblin’s intelligence.

The goblin slammed the wood on the stone gate for a long time, knocking on it here and there, and then and soon he found a small recess.

“Master! I found a small recess, and there is also a handle inside it. If you pull it, maybe it is possible to open the stone door!” The goblin excitedly ran to the side of Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu was stunned then he quickly asked: “Why don’t you open it directly? Tell me what to do?”

At this time, the goblin was a little embarrassed. After stretching his head, he slowly said: “This… this… Master, this small recess, I can’t be sure if it really opens the stone door. It is likely a trap!”


Xiao Yu had long felt that this stone gate was not so easy to open. He used to read a lot of books on the tomb so he knew they contain many huge dangers in them.

Xiao Yu also understood the meaning of goblin. He smiled and then said: “Oh, I understand, bloodhoof, you still have to work”

The Bloodhoof looked at Xiao Yu with resentment, but he did not disobey Xiao Yu’s orders. He stared at the goblin in the fury which caused scared goblin to quickly hide behind Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu smiled and said nothing. Anyone who encountered this kind of situation would not be happy.

The Bloodhoof took a deep breath, and after the defensive measures were completed, he was ready to start.

After observing once again, the Bloodhoof looked back at Xiao Yu. Seeing Xiao Yu’s encouraging eyes, he stretched his hand and pulled it out forcefully.


Wrong! Next, they saw a blue light (electricity) that instantly spread to the body of the Bloodhoof. The Bloodhoof was sent flying by the rebound.

“Mercy! Master! It’s my fault! It’s my fault!” The goblin looked at the Bloodhoof who was injured. He was so scared that he lay down on the ground and started pleading for mercy.

Who was the Bloodhoof? He naturally knew. The Bloodhoof was injured. Could he still have any good ending?

But what surprised him was that Xiao Yu didn’t say much, just nodded and went toward the Bloodhoof and said: “The Bloodhoof, get up!”

The Bloodhoof took a long time to stand up. Although the damage caused to the body was not that much, it was not easy to restore back in short time.

Climbing up from the ground, the Bloodhoof was angry in his heart but couldn’t say anything to Xiao Yu. He could only stare at the goblin in a wicked manner as if he couldn’t wait to eat him.

“Okay, don’t do this, Bloodhoof! I will remember your contribution in finding treasures! And you continue! Don’t make mistakes this time!” In desperation, Xiao Yu can only use the leader’s ability, comforting the Bloodhoof on one side, and letting the goblin do his good job on another side.

After some time, goblin found out five more small recesses.

“That, master! Master, I found five more small recesses, just, just…” The goblin came to Xiao Yu’s side, and his body shivered a little.

“Just what? If you have something to say then say!” Xiao Yu said with some excitement, this goblin really have some ability.

The goblin explained. It must be one of the small recesses that was the right choice to open the gate, but which one he did not know.

But fortunately, the goblin has chosen three of the five, and the other two would certainly not the open of gate.

“Fortunately! Fortunately! There is a chance! Cough, Bloodhoof! you have to work hard again” Xiao Yu said helplessly.

The Bloodhoof didn’t say anything. He went straight to the side of the goblin and stared at him coldly but he didn’t say anything.

“Mercy… mercy…” The goblin had been scared to say anything else.

After the Bloodhoof proceed toward the three small compartments, he chose one at random and pulled it!

This time his luck was not so good. He was once again rebounded. After full five minutes, the Bloodhoof recovered once again and opened another one.

“ Zhee…….” The sound of the rotation of gears resounded, and the Bloodhoof finally succeeded

The goblin was also relieved. At least his guess was not incorrect.

They didn’t find any treasure inside but saw a huge stone tablet with three blood-red characters inscribed on it!

“Is there any treasure chest here?” Xiao Yu said. This chamber was protected by a giant door, then shouldn’t it contain some treasure?

After walking through the huge stone that obscured the line of sight, a golden hill appeared in front of you.

“I strike it rich! Hahaha!” when Xiao Yu saw this hill of high-grade gold coin, he was excited endlessly.

Although Xiao Yu was not very short of money now, who disliked extra money? He immediately took out the space ring and began to collect these riches.

After collecting everything, Xiao Yu looked around him. It didn’t matter where he looked, he found more and more good things.

Soon he found a small pothole, which was only four meters long and wide. There was a bookshelf placed in it, covered in a layer of dust. It seemed that no one had touched it for a long time.

When Xiao Yu was thinking, the goblin had already run into the potholes and began to mutter something in excitement.

Although Xiao Yu did not know what these words meant, He could be sure that the treasure here was better than the outside!

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