World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 400

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In front of everyone, the doomsday messenger transformed his body into a huge ball. No one knows what method doomsday messengers had used, even his limbs were interlocked,

He bounced on the ground and rushed toward the little dragon who made him most.

“What? Isn’t this skill same as the Gorloc leader’s move? Hey, little dragon! Run!” Xiao Yu shouted. If someone was hit by it, wouldn’t that person explode?

Don’t forget about the physique of the doomsday messengers as well as his weight! The doomsday messenger was also a sixth-order demon.

But what happened next shocked Xiao Yu as well as others.

What shocked Xiao Yu was that little dragon didn’t try to evade doomsday messengers’ attack, but he threw a kick at the doomsday messengers (doomsday messengers became ball).

This little dragon was really too confident. If it was the former doomsday messenger, maybe it could be done like this, but the current doomsday messenger was different. He was a fusion of two doomsday messengers, and his weight had increased a lot along with his strength. Wasn’t that the case?

After that, Xiao Yu heard the scream from a little dragon because the little dragon was hit by a meatball…

“You deserve it! I told you to avoid it but you disobeyed me.” Xiao Yu shouted.

Little Dragon was sent flying into the sky. He flipped his wings and stabilized his body.

The little dragon landed beside Xiao Yu and stretched out the injured leg.  But Xiao Yu didn’t look at it.

“What do you want to say about you? Why don’t you use your brain? You are all brawn no brain. Do you think you are Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi?” Xiao Yu was very angry. Why couldn’t these people be more obedient?

Little Dragon didn’t say anything and let people treat him.

Xiao Yu shook his head, but he was also helpless. He also didn’t say anything. He waved at the Bloodhoof and indicated him to fight. Now Bloodhoof is as powerful as little dragon. His power is quite horrible, and he should be able to fight against the doomsday messenger on equal ground.

Doomsday messenger appeared directly behind everyone and began to attack them. Whoever was hit by Doomsday messenger and was struggling to stand up.

“Hey, how? Are you very comfortable?” The doomsday messenger said with a smile when saw a group of people who had been beaten by him before, and nodded with self-satisfaction.

“Comfortable, your head! I must take revenge! Hey! Give me another chance!” Xiaolong jumped up and yelled.

” If you want to fight again then heal yourself first!” Xiao Yu said seriously.

Little Dragon had no choice but to sit down again.

“Little Dragon, rest here! And watch me fighting!” said the Bloodhoof while patting his chest in a  domineering manner.

Little Dragon was stunned a moment and felt like slapping him, why are you so excited? Little Dragon had just discussed it with the bloodhoof. As long as he followed little dragon’s plan, there would be good results.

Little dragon squinting at the bloodhoof for a while, the bloodhoof understood what he meant, and he smirked and rushed up.

The doomsday messenger who had just restored to his original form stood did not move. Instead, he looked at the bloodhoof who rushed over with disdain. He had been fighting with the bloodhoof for some time. How could he not understand the strength of the bloodhoof?

Doomsday messenger had divided himself into different avatars. His avatars could send information to him, so no matter what characteristics or skill others have, he knew them clearly! The bloodhoof is strong, he naturally understands it too.

Although the strength of his last skill was very strong, its consumption was also very large and he couldn’t maintain it for long.

At least for now, his body was incapable of moving. Every time he unleashes a doomsday collision skill, it would take ten-seconds (time) to adjust the physical changes. If he forcible moved then the consequences would be very serious.

Five seconds had been already passed, and when the bloodhoof rushed over, seven seconds had been passed.

The bloodhoof would take 10 to 12th second to reach here.

The corner of the Doomsday messenger’s mouth curled upward, and he quietly waited for his arrival.

Ten seconds passed!


The doomsday messenger rushed toward bloodhoof with great momentum.

Xiao Yu’s heart sighed slightly, and the dark passage was a pity. If such a good opportunity has been lost, there is no way to catch it again.

“Everyone impede him! Don’t let him move!” Xiao Yu was very unhappy.

Everyone rushed toward the doomsday messenger and poured all kinds of attacks on him.

This time Nicholas and Leonardo’s performance was not bad. They didn’t try any tricks. Instead, they tried their best to fight against the doomsday messenger.

In an instant, all kinds of attack methods displayed, and the Doomsday messengers were drowned in various attacks.

The long-range attacks had just come to an end. When the second wave of attacks was being prepared, the melee-attackers came beside the Doomsday Messenger, and they constantly waved their weapons, leaving behind scars on the Doomsday messenger’s body.

“Oh damn human! Damn reptile!” The Doomsday messenger roared, again and again, He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t handle so many people even if he was powerful.

In desperation, the Doomsday messenger tried to resist, and at the same time, he used a special method to communicate with the sixth-order warlock Augustus who had been watching the movie.

“The warlock who summoned me out, if you don’t help me then I can’t withstand it anymore!” The Doomsday messenger said in anger. But all was said and done, Augustus summoned it, he could not do anything.

“I know, you can continue! I am thinking of a way!” Augustus said with impatient. He had already figured it as early as possible. The reason why he stayed here was to observe these people to collect more information about them because it would useful for future revenge.

The Doomsday messenger was obviously not stupid. He snorted and said, ” if you are not going to help, then don’t blame me! Even if you summoned me out, you can’t stop me from returning to my world. Go in!”

A hint of anger flashed in the eyes of Augustus, he was a powerful noble warlock! But now he was being threatened by a doomsday messenger, a demon summoned by himself. Isn’t this a very shameful thing?

Seeing that Augustus was silent, the Doomsday messenger did not say anything more. He thought that his previous words were enough. If Augustus would not help him, then he would be the unlucky one.

Unfortunately, he still underestimated Augustus.

Augustus took a deep look at the guys in front of him. His body began to change along with his eyes, and dense fog surrounded his body making him less visible.

Soon, Augustus changed his body size to the size of a mouse, and he absorbed most of the purple smoke that he spit out from his mouth, giving birth to a thin layer surrounded him.

Seizing the opportunity, Augustus quietly fled.

Even at this time, no one found out that main culprit had escaped!

Only after few minutes, doomsday messenger felt that things were not quite right. And after some investigation, he discovered that Augustus had already left!

“Damn! Damn Augustus! You are a despicable warlock! You abandoned your comrades in this way and ran away alone! Damn!” The doomsday messenger roared again and again.

Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo looked at each with a weird look. When did this guy run away? wasn’t this a joke? They were also thinking about catching this big guy to get some benefits.

Xiao Yu stared coldly at the location where the Augustus was standing.

Everyone felt speechless for a while, then stared at the murderous Doomsday messenger with pity.

What he wanted was the experience by killing Doomsday Messenger and Augustus.

“Kill him! So what if one has run away, isn’t there another one?” Xiao Yu said wickedly.

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