World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 399

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Little dragon suffered a big loss this time but this made Xiao Yu startled.

Was this guy so powerful before? Then why didn’t he use his power from the very beginning? Why did he choose this time to erupt?

“Little Dragon, are you okay? Are you okay?” Xiao Yu ran toward little dragon and asked him. He did not want the little dragon to be hurt, although he said that he wanted to use this opportunity to train the little dragon, it’s different now!

Little Dragon was like his child. Parents could beat their child but if other person hit (beat) their child, then they would not let him off. Similarly, Xiao Yu was very angry.

“Your grandmother! Let me catch my breath, and then I will kill you definitely!” Little Dragon said in fury, just now he became too careless. All along, the doomsday messenger’s fighting style was static, but at the last moment, it changed suddenly.

This caused the little dragon to be very angry. He was pondering and trying to find a suitable opportunity to take revenge.

After stabling his breathing, little dragon headed back to the battlefield with a gloomy face. This time he would use a new way (trick) that he had just thought of.

Looking at the little dragon who was slowly coming back, the doomsday messenger said with disdain: “Hey, what’s wrong, damn little reptile, why do you walk so slowly? Are you okay? Hey, surrender now, maybe I will spare your little life! After all, there are not many dragons on the mainland.”

Attempting to anger him! Childish trick!

Little Dragon said with disdain: “Doomsday messenger, are you a pig? Do you really think that your IQ is high? You are looking for your death! I will pull off your skin!”

Doomsday messenger only snorted, he no longer speak with the little dragon, and continued to deal with the annoying flies beside him.

Little dragon’s footsteps had not stopped. As the distance decreased, the doomsday messenger became more and more puzzled. What did little dragon want to do? Why was he walking carelessly? Was he not afraid of his surprise attack?

Gradually, the Doomsday Messenger began to panic. The more little dragon trying to be low-key, the more panic he began to feel. After all, the strength of this guy was very tyrannical.

Finally, the doomsday messenger could not control himself so he unleashed death skill on the little dragon.

Little dragon figured out what the Doomsday Messenger wanted to do. When the Doomsday messenger’s fingers lifted up, little dragon stopped and waited for the other party’s attack.

All of a sudden, little dragon disappeared so death skill missed his target.

Watching his death skills missing its target, the Doomsday messenger was surprised because no one had ever escaped his death skills in such a way, at most, they would evade it.

And the next moment, Little dragon appeared on the top of the Doomsday messenger. The Doomsday messenger was shocked.

As saying goes, once you focused your attention on someone, other things would naturally be neglected. Therefore, when the Doomsday Messenger focused his attention on the little dragon, he neglected the others.

“Phoenix Shock!” Kael’thas roared, and a (fire) phoenix shot out and hit the doomsday.


The (fire) phoenix exploded directly. The control of Kael’thas was very terrifying, and he controlled the power of the explosion to the extent that only the last messenger got injured. Everyone else had been only pushed by the shockwaves, but they had not suffered even slightest damage.

Xiao Yu’s mouth curled upward. The fighting experience of Kael’thas was really rich. He figured out the flaw and used it to breakthrough current deadlock.

As the attack of Kael’thas finished, Tyrande shot out three arrows directly in one go. They (three arrows) seemed to be tied together, and after shooting out, three arrows hit at the same place.

In particular, the angle at which Tyrande attacked was very unique. But from the point of view of the Doomsday messenger, these arrows were only slightly different from the ordinary arrow.

Tyrande did not know how many arrows she shot at the Doomsday messenger. The Doomsday did not care much about this trivial trick. Anyway, it just hit the flesh. There was no influence on the fundamental combat power, so he did not care much about these arrows, as long as they did not cross his bottom-line.

“Stupid! You think it’s that simple!” Xiao Yu said with a cold smile in his heart. The Tyrande’s move looked simple but that was not the truth.

However, after being hit by Naga’s arrow, the attack power of doomsday messenger began to decline. But attack power of Tyrande’ arrows directly doubled as it approached doomsday messenger.

Finally, when the arrow was close, the doomsday messenger felt that something was not right. But when he wanted to evade, he found out that the little dragon who flying over his head was actually falling rapidly.

Extremely angry!

The doomsday messenger became angry once again. What is going on? Obviously, the strength of these people was not as good as himself, but now? This father was being pressed by these guys!

The doomsday messengers naturally could not understand, they (Doomsday messengers) had always bullied others because of their tyrannical strength. If they encounter opponents whose strength was stronger than themselves, they would just turn and run.

Therefore, this big guy suffered from a strong psychological imbalance. He thought to himself Did these guys become so powerful because of their teamwork? I still couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe that these small reptiles could defeat me!

Because of his anger, the doomsday messengers ignored his wounds. He had only one thing in his mind-Kill!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After three consecutive sounds, the Doomsday messenger found out that his right leg was hit by Tyrande’s three consecutive arrows at the same place.

Looking at the three arrows that pierced deeply into Doomsday messenger’s muscles, Tyrande nodded with satisfaction. The power of these three arrows might not be as strong as the bursting arrows, but their penetration power was defiantly above the bursting arrows.

The doomsday messenger roared and pulled out the arrows from his muscles. Flames appeared on his palms which healed the wound.

The skill that Doomsday messenger wanted to use was impossible to accomplish because not only the distance between the two sides was wide, but there were still so many people blocking him.

“Damn! Do you think that I can be bullied? Ah! Doomsday crash (skill)!” The Doomsday messenger roared, even Xiao Yu had never heard of this skill.

What doomsday crash?

Xiao Yu’s eyes widened, he wanted to know what the so-called doomsday crash skill was. Did he want to collide brutally with his enemy like Blooshoof?

According to Xiao Yu’s understanding of barbaric collisions (skill), there is a limit to its scope of use. At least the distance between the two sides couldn’t be too long. Otherwise, it would not be able to play the role of a surprise attack. The distance couldn’t be too much; otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to hit other party.

But the next scene shocked Xiao Yu. Now he finally understood why this skill is called the doomsday crash!

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