World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 398

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The changes in the Doomsday messenger that reappeared in front of everyone were really shocking.

Increase in the body size and strength was not that important. What’s important was just how the two doomsday messengers become one?

Was it just running, accelerating, and then colliding together? Wasn’t this too frivolous, right?

The fused doomsday messenger was gasping, seemingly wanting to inhale all the air of the world.

With the deep breaths of the doomsday messenger, the air of the entire sunset swamp started to stir up.

“Why are you being so flashy? Do you think you are a Super Saiyan?” Xiao Yu was very unhappy, they almost achieved the final victory, but at last moment all for nought.

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but think of the feeling that when he was playing the game, the boss was dying in front of him but at last moment boss got resurrected by blood.

“Damn humanity! Damn it!” The Doomsday messenger roared. If it weren’t for this battle, he wouldn’t have such a huge loss. In total, he had three avatars, first one had been crushed space vortex, and second, got killed, and now the last one integrated with him.

“Today, I must kill all of you!” After thinking about everything, doomsday messenger became even angrier.

“Little Dragon! Go and punch him to death!” Xiao Yu said immediately.

Little dragon couldn’t help but become excited because he wanted to revenge himself. He had taken a lot of healing potions, plus with help of Uther, he had healed completely.

As for the doomsday messenger, his strength had completely recovered and skyrocketed from the early sixth order to the peak of the sixth order.

In the blink of an eye, little dragon and the Doomsday messenger were standing in front of each other.. Everyone was waiting to see doomsday messenger’s skills.

When Xiao Yu saw that Nicholas and Leonardo were watching the show, he immediately pulled long a face and said: “Hey, Listen, what do you doing? Why aren’t you helping?”

Leonardo pretended not to hear anything; anyway, he was not familiar with Xiao Yu.

As for Nicholas, he glanced at Xiao Yu, and after five breaths of time, he slowly said: “When did we say we will not help? Right, Leonardo.”

“Snort!” Leonardo snorted coldly. The reason why he would help was that everyone was still a team. And there was no way to rely on Xiao Yu’s team to kill the doomsday messenger.

Otherwise, if the team of Xiao Yu were dead, then they would be finished too. Want to beat a powerhouse who was close to the peak of sixth-order with a few men?

If it’s true, then you must be crazy.

Nicholas said with a smile: “Okay, let’s work together!”

After Nicholas finished speaking, he waved his hand and ordered his team to fight. But the shield-wielding swordsman did not go. He had been injured before. Now if he went to fight, then that was not different from looking for death.

As for Xiao Yu, he sent only little dragon for now.

“Bloodhoof, you will rest here. Don’t hurry too much, the road ahead of you is still very long so don’t be impatient” Xiao Yu looked at Bloodhoof whose eyes were burning with fighting intent. How did you forget your education?

No matter when and where the first thing you need to do was to ensure your safety. Only after protecting your life could you carry out other things.

After pondering for a while, Xiao Yu ordered Illidan. It was necessary to let him fight because he was a demon hunter. He had a very big advantage over the doomsday messenger so it was a big opportunity for him to upgrade.

In addition, Ma, this guy was better at playing dirty behind the scenes. His flash skill not only could create better opportunities for himself but could also save lives at critical moments.

As for the long-range attackers, Xiao Yu chose Tyrande and Kael’thas. There was also Naga with a bow on the side. Anyway, the task of Naga was very simple, and that was to earn experience!

The old blade, sickle powerhouse, Lei Shen (Thunder King), Mu’sha, Maiev and Illidan cooperated with each other and launched crazy attacks on the doomsday messenger. As long as the strength and timing were good, they could let the doomsday messenger know what was real pain.

As for the long-range attackers, there were blood elves, Reilas, Tyrande and Kael’thas, plus the fifth-order ice magician. They were unleashing their attacks with full power.

“Aaa….!” The doomsday messenger screamed again and again. He was really uncomfortable. He thought that after fusion, he would be able to exterminate these damn humans. But in reality, it didn’t have any effect at all. Instead, it made them even crazier.

However, the strength of the doomsday messenger was indeed increased a lot. And it was enough to let him remain unbeaten from the attack of everyone, which was enough to explain everything.

With his strength, he was confident that no one would be able to beat him.

But what a pity, he met this group of anomalies……….

After fighting with the Doomsday messenger for a while, little dragon figured out the fighting style (pattern) of others party and began to use the nunchakus in a strange way.

“F#ck isn’t that Bruce Lee style, maybe this is heaven’s will, Bruce Lee has appeared in the body of little dragon.” Xiao Yu became speechless.

Little dragon suddenly unleashed a series of wonderful attacks. The nunchakus in his hands moved in a strange but wonderful pattern. These attacks were not only good but more importantly, their attack power was quite powerful, and the angle of these attacks was also very aggressive.

Did you want to avoid it? Well, the only way was to avoid attacks on your head and take them on your stomach instead. Although the effect was quite good, it left the Doomsday messenger in bad condition.

After a while, there were wounds on every part of the Doomsday messenger’s body. He was in so much pain that he wanted to scream.

“Damn!” Finally, the doomsday messenger couldn’t bear it anymore, and launched a punch on the chest of the dragon, regardless of the nunchaku that was going to hit his head.

With a scream, the little dragon was sent flying.

After rolling on the ground, he climbed up and looked at the doomsday messenger.

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