World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 397

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Enduring the severe pain, the Doomsday took few steps backwards to stabilize his body and stared at the Bloodhoof and sickle powerhouse and the fifth-order magician.

“Wheezes” Doomsday messenger’s breathing became louder and louder, almost everyone could hear it.

“Don’t give him too much time! Finish him off!” Xiao suddenly shouted.

Your sister, why weren’t you hurrying up now? Did you want to wait until someone saves him?

Hearing the voice of Xiao Yu, the Bloodhoof roared and moved toward the doomsday messenger.

The doomsday messenger was really in bad shape. Every time he was hit it, he would struggle for a long time before he could stabilize his body. When everyone thought that it would be finished soon, they actually discovered that he was still able to stand!

After suffering so many attacks, he could still stand!


Looking at the Doomsday messenger who was almost killed; fifth-order magician, the old blade and the sickle powerhouse started attacking him crazily.

Ordinary soldiers also began to attack. Looking at the current situation, Xiao Yu clenched his fist in rage because all hard work was done by his heroes and these people want to use it to gain fame.

The Bloodhoof found that some people were more active than him. They only came up at the crucial moment, of course, to gain fame.

The old cow always maintained a fixed distance to launch the attacks, and then from time to time, he would unleash few skills at Doomsday messenger.

Xiao Yu thought to himself Not bad! Good! This Bloodhoof has also learned the better fighting style.

Finally, after an hour later, the Doomsday messenger was unable to withstand such high-density attacks. After a low-pitched voice, he couldn’t climb up from the ground again.

The Bloodhoof’s big mouth curled upward. He stamped his foot, and his target was the neck of the Doomsday Messenger!

“Awesome! When did the Bloodhoof learn this trick!? Really great! Hahaha!” Xiao Yu was happy when he saw it. This good guy could make his own move but why did it feel familiar.

After pondering for a while, Xiao Yu finally remembered why this move felt so familiar. The Bloodhoof actually unleashed the heroic leap skill with some improvements.

Xiao Yu was very, very happy. If it weren’t for so many people here, he would have jumped up already.

The doomsday messenger who was lying on the ground looked at the approaching figure, and he closed his eyes. He knew that he was really going to die this time.

The Bloodhoof threw a kick with his huge foot, and its goal was the neck of the Doomsday Messenger!


The ground was shaken by the enhanced heroic leap of the Bloodhoof. The sound of neck breaking was heard by everyone.

The bloodhoof walked away from the doomsday messenger, and patted his hands, and then roared into the sky.

“Hehe…! Good! Good!” Xiao Yu applauded.

The experience provided by killing doomsday messenger was very high. In the case of Gorloc leader, there were many people who shared it. But now Bloodhoof got all experience alone.

The most important thing was that the Bloodhoof could understand the combat skills (fighting style) of Grom through this battle. Wasn’t this a good start?

Xiao Yu’s corner of the mouth was slightly curled upward.

“Good! Good! Bloodhoof come back! Have a good rest for a while!” Xiao Yu waved at the Bloodhoof and said, anyway he didn’t care about the other.

The Bloodhoof touched his head and looked at the other two battles. They were still unfinished.

But he still obeyed Xiao Yu’s order and returned to Xiao Yu’s side. Then he sat down on the ground for rest.

The battle against the doomsday messenger’s main body was still deadlocked. There was no way to finish it quickly. After all, the little dragon had come back to rest.

The little dragon came to the side of the Bloodhoof and sat beside him. Everyone could still see the cruel smirk hanging on the corner of little dragon’s mouth.

When the avatar of the doomsday messenger was killed, the face of the doomsday messenger’s main body became very gloomy. He knew that the current situation was very bad and his death was only a matter of time.

On the contrary, Xiao Yu and others were in a good situation. And condition of last (only left) avatar of the doomsday messenger was even worse than himself. After all, avatar was fighting with Reilas, the blood lion as well as shield wielding swordsman who was shameless to the extreme.

Shield-wielding swordsman would do everything to achieve his goal. If the opportunity presented itself, He wouldn’t hesitate to play dirty. He even attacked at the anus and little brother of the doomsday messenger (avatar) several time.

When Xiao Yu looked at this scene, his heart began to pound. He thought to himself this big man really have strong resistance. If it was me, I would not be able to withstand even a single blow.

When the doomsday messenger (avatar) saw that one of his companions was killed, he became sad. In desperation, he could only swear at the main body of the Doomsday Messenger: “Big Brother! I can’t take it any longer! Revenge me!”


Xiao Yu’s heart tightened. What this guy said was bit wrong. Why revenge you? What is going on?

After the tragic call of the doomsday messenger (avatar), the main body of doomsday messenger became silent as if thinking about something.

“Fast! Kill him!” Nicholas said first, with his level of intelligence, how could he not notice the hidden meaning behind the words of the Doomsday Messenger (avatar)?

What a pity, the words of Nicholas made the main body of the Doomsday messenger determined. He suddenly gave up on fighting with three heroes and rushed over toward the avatar.

“Stop them! Stop! We can’t let them get close!” Xiao Yu doesn’t know why the two of them want to get close.

The speed of doomsday messengers was quite horrible so no one could stop them. Bodies of both collided with each other. But when two men collided, there was no such sound of a flesh and blood collision. Their bodies were hidden by the dust, only screams could be heard from outside.

The smoke scattered, and gradually a huge figure was revealed.

The original two figures had disappeared, and the new one was not even half closer to the previous messenger!

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