World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 396

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The doomsday messenger was also very clear about his current situation. If he did not hurry and find a way to get rid of these fellows then his end had come.

Originally, he was the doomsday messenger (who bring an end to life). But now his own end had come. Wasn’t that funny? If this was spread, then the name of the doomsday messenger will be a laughingstock.

The depressed doomsday messenger turned his head and looked at his main body, and found out that condition of that guy was better than his own.

Doomsday messenger sighed in his heart and thought to himself the evil warlock who had summoned us did not let us leave but instead forced us to fight.

The doomsday messenger cleared his thoughts and stabilized his state of mind but his eyes still reflected a hint of hatred and unwillingness.

“Come and become another powerhouse who died in my hands! You will be my stepping stone to reach the pinnacle!” The Bloodhoof suddenly shouted something which surprised everyone. However, when Xiao Yu heard this sentence, he thought of bloodhoof sweeping the world.

“Kill!” The doomsday messenger snorted, and his arms muscles bulged out as if going to explode.

The same was true for the Bloodhoof. The power of Titan missile (transformation skill) fully erupted, and the sound of collision resounded.


It was as if two trucks suddenly slammed together, and the sound of a collision shook their ears.

The dust under feet was blown away by the shockwave produced by the collision between the two sides. The two men were fighting in it (dust), and it is impossible to see the situation from away.

Although they couldn’t see them, everyone could still hear the sound of collision from inside.

Needless to say, the fight was naturally fierce. Soon dust was settled, and the two huge figures once again revealed. Both of them suffered from various injuries.

Xiao Yu was the most worried about his hero. Wasn’t it a joke? It was very hard to cultivate such a powerful hero but now it’s going to be a bloody fight. Unfair! Not fair!

He immediately commanded other people to carry out auxiliary attacks. At the same time, he and his own people increased their attacks and tried to kill the Doomsday messengers as fast as possible.

The potential and strength of people were always unlimited, let alone the old blade and the sickle powerhouse who had not even reached their pinnacle. In addition, there was still a disturbance of fifth-order magician from time to time.

The Bloodhoof breathlessly stepped back and let the three of them deal with the doomsday messenger. His current task was to drink healing potion to heal his wounds. According to Xiao Yu’s words, no matter what, life is most important.

The Bloodhoof was really powerful. This was something that anyone could see. Otherwise, the condition of doomsday messenger will not be so bad. Although two were equally powerful, the Bloodhoof was wounded more than anymore. Don’t forget, how long does it had been since Bloodhoof entered the fifth-order?

The doomsday messenger was already a standard sixth-order powerhouse. Even if it is an avatar, it was not easy to get rid of it.

After all, the gap between the sixth order and fifth order could not be simply filled by numbers. If the skills of the Bloodhoof and other heroes were not strong, the battle was probably over already.

Piercing sound resounded, and a huge ice cone flew toward doomsday messenger who was fighting with the old blade and the sickle powerhouse.

Ice cone magic released by a fifth-order magician was anything but ordinary, just its huge body is enough to prove its power.

The doomsday messenger naturally discovered this incoming huge ice cone, and he prepared himself in advance.

Taking a deep breath, the Doomsday messenger threw a fireball in the direction of the ice cone, and the hot flames caused the temperature to rise once again.

Hot! Extremely hot!

When Doomsday Messenger saw that his attack was effective, he was naturally happy but a tired look appeared on his face. After all, he was fighting for such a long time.

The Bloodhoof felt the decline of the overall strength of the Doomsday Messenger and his big mouth curled up.

“Don’t kill him! I will kill him!” The Bloodhoof  yelled when he heard the sound of the punching the flesh.

The Bloodhoof and the sickle powerhouse cooperated with each other and that increased the pressure on the doomsday messenger.

The Doomsday messenger found that his power was reduced by a great margin, and the remaining power was only able to support him to protect himself from fatal injuries.

The outcome of the battle had been decided already!

The doomsday messenger was not fighting for winning. He simply wanted to delay time so he did not take the initiative to attack. Instead, He began to defend and avoid opponent’s attacks. As long as he could delay time till the main body get rid of his opponent, then he will be final winner.

But Bloodhoof didn’t think so, couldn’t you hide? couldn’t you run?

With a low roar, the Bloodhoof launched himself toward the doomsday messenger and unleashed warstomp skill which stunned the doomsday messenger, and before he recovered, the thunderclap skill had been already prepared.


Once again, using the momentum of the Bloodhoof, the old blade and sickle powerhouse launched their attacks.

The Bloodhoof occupied the chest, the old blade attacked the waist, and the sickle powerhouse was responsible for the head.

The three-way attack arrived in an instant with lightning speed, giving doomsday messenger no time to escape. Doomsday messenger could only use his arms to resist attacks.

What a pity, he still underestimated the determination of the Bloodhoof to kill him. The Bloodhoof’s attack was not just a single attack!

The tyrannical attacks suddenly broke out one after other, and the Bloodhoof also changed his fighting style!

This is what the Doomsday messengers never dreamed of. According to his understanding, the Bloodhoof was all brawn and no brain, and he will not use such battle style at all!

All three attacks were terrifying, and every one of them could cause fatal damage to him.

Which one to defend against?

There was not enough time for the Doomsday messenger to consider. He crooked his neck to avoid sickle powerhouse’s attack.

Doomsday messenger used his right arm to resist the mortal strike skill of the Bloodhoof , and his left arm swiftly stretched toward the old blade’s machete at the fastest speed. He had no choice but to do it for saving his life.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three attacks were completed at the same time in an instant. The sickle powerhouse cut the hairs of the Doomsday messengers, leaving a deep blood ditch on the face of the Doomsday messenger.

As for the old blade, his machete cut on the arm of the Doomsday Messenger, and the black bones of the Doomsday Messenger could be seen by far!

However, this kind of injury was not very serious for the doomsday messenger. He could recover them easily.

The most fatal one was Bloodhoof ‘s attack. His powerful attack broke the right arm of the Doomsday!


Everyone was looking at the Bloodhoof and the doomsday messenger with a strange look.

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