World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 395

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[NOTE: Maiev (male) will be changed to Maiev (female)]



The roar of the Bloodhoof stimulated everyone’s fighting desires. Even the ordinary soldiers who did not participate in the battle felt their blood boiling. They could not help but want to go to fight doomsday messenger.

At the same time, the doomsday messenger was very depressed because of an Bloodhoof .

“Damn! Go to hell! Damn low life!” The last messenger said angrily, and once he finished speaking, he pointed his finger at the Bloodhoof and used death skill.

The Bloodhoof ’s eyes dilated. His soul trembled to make him dizzy. Bloodhoof ’s eyes reddened showing his madness.


The scarlet light hit the Bloodhoof who didn’t plan to escape!

But the next scene shocked Xiao Yu. The Bloodhoof used his bare hands to block scarlet light.

What happened? Xiao Yu could not understand it and even the doomsday messenger didn’t know.

Maybe, since skill was not used by the main body of doomsday messenger so its power dropped. This is indeed possible.

While doomsday messenger was stunned, the Bloodhoof launched his huge fists and their target was the eyes of the Doomsday Messenger!

With a “Bang” sound, the body of the last day’s messenger staggered back.

Because of embarrassment and anger, doomsday messenger used death skill once again. Unfortunately, there was no way to hit the Bloodhoof because he was too close. Next, the Bloodhoof started to attack doomsday messenger barbarically with his bare hands. Bloodhoof smashed his hands against the chest of the Doomsday messenger like hammers.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” three consecutive attacks!

Oh, great! Even with his strong body, Doomsday messenger can’t withstand it. After several attacks, there was a clear dent on his chest, and the blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth.

“Damn! Damn! Damn! The end of the day (skill)! Die for me!” When did the doomsday messenger receive such a huge humiliation? Because of anger, he did not hesitate to use his ultimate skill.

Looking at the burning meteors descending from the sky, the Bloodhoof did not show even slightest fear but instead roared causing shockwaves. The ground was shaken by its powerful force.

“Good!” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but clap his hands. This guy was really using “Eruption” skill. Xiao Yu had to admire powerful aura released by the Bloodhoof.

Seeing falling meteors, the sickle powerhouse and old blade looked at each other and squatted down beside doomsday messenger.

Great move! They want to use the body of the Doomsday messenger as their shield.

“Intelligent!” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but scream even Leonardo and Nicholas think so. The richness of the two people’s combat experience and the ability to adapt situation had a reached alarming level.

Looking at the two people hiding behind him, the Doomsday Messenger ran forward trying to force them in open.

Unfortunately, he forgot about the “erupted” Bloodhoof. The most feared enemy in the battle is the one which uses his mind. Bloodhoof grabbed the opportunity which presented itself and slapped the doomsday messenger’s face which caused doomsday messenger to fall on the ground.

But, he forgot about the other two other guys who were hiding beside doomsday messenger? Looking at the two angry guys (because now they didn’t have any place to hide from “End of the day” skill), the Bloodhoof grinned in embarrassment.

Bloodhoof trampled doomsday messenger under his foot, and the doomsday messenger had no way to climb up.

The doomsday messenger who was trampled puked blood, and then stretched out his hands to block the incoming attack of Bloodhoof. After that, he rolled away from the Bloodhoof and escaped but because of his injury, there was no way to maintain his ultimate skill.

This time, the doomsday messenger was in even more passive situation.

The old blade and sickle powerhouse rushed toward doomsday messenger and seized the opportunity. The machete and the sickle charged at the neck of the doomsday messenger, trying to create a dangerous attack.

Finally, there was a glimmer of fear in the eyes of the Doomsday messenger which was something they had never seen before.

Looking at the rapidly approaching sickle and machete, the body of the Doomsday messenger rolled again. He stood up just in time and avoided the attack.

Dangerous! Really dangerous!

“Oh! Good! Good! Good! You dare to treat me like this! You are despicable!” The face of the doomsday messenger was gloomy and terrible. If there is a way to kill all these people, he will not have hesitated even slightest to implement it immediately.

“Ultimate scorched earth!” The doomsday messenger said coldly and then roared. Along with his roar, temperature of the ground began to rise.

“What? Ultimate scorched earth?” Xiao Yu was even more surprised, he did not expect this guy to have enhanced version of scorched earth skill. This skill was indeed formidable. Xiao Yu could feel the heat even from such long distance.

“Bloodhoof! You can do it! Use ‘Mortal strike’ skill” Xiao Yu couldn’t control himself and he shouted.

The Bloodhoof only snorted and jumped toward doomsday messenger, and then attacked the doomsday messenger with even more mortal strike (skill).

Sure enough, doomsday messenger decided to face Bloodhoof’s skill head-on and then pushed scorched earth to the limit.

It seems that he wanted to use the extremely high temperature to make the Bloodhoof hesitant. But the Bloodhoof simply ignored it, and fiercely attacked the doomsday messenger.

It is a pity that this group had an abnormality known as Illidan who can absorb the magic of the demon, making it even harder to fight.

The old blade and sickle powerhouse were waiting for an opportunity to ease the pressure of the old bull.

As for the fifth-order magician, he was casting ice magic in order to decrease the temperature. But he did not know that his good intention caused old blade and the sickle powerhouse to suffer hell because of sudden changes in temperature.

“You can cool down the doomsday messenger! But you don’t have to cool down me!” Finally, the sickle powerhouse couldn’t take it anymore so he shouted at the fifth-order magician.

The fifth-order magician glimpsed and instantly understood the situation of the two men. His face became red due to embarrassment and he immediately changed the direction of attack toward doomsday messenger.

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