World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 394

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Maiev who had just escaped the dangerous area looked at the two guys who were jumping left and right. Two guys shook their heads helplessly, and then their body gradually disappeared. The next time when they appeared, they were within the range of the End of the day skill (AOE skill)!

Xiao Yu was shocked. What were they doing? They just came out of the tiger’s den, how could they jump in again?

When he was about to yell, Xiao Yu suddenly thought about something and kept silent. They were one of their best warriors. If the tacit understanding was not developed between his heroes then it is a very tragic thing. At least for him as their leader, it is a shameful thing.

If you can’t even manage your own soldiers then how can you fight?

If a hero is in danger and the other heroes do not know how to take initiative to rescue him then it is also terrible! If they only wait until Xiao Yu ordered them to save then things are going to be problematic.

Therefore, Xiao Yu must develop the tacit understanding between them so that they do not always rely on his command. If a hero is attacked and cannot escape then other heroes must go to help him.

As the situation between Illidan and Maiev.

In the past, Xiao Yu used to command them himself because of fear that they would do something wrong and cause damage. But now, their level has reached 40, and their intelligence is getting higher and higher along with their levels. It is time to let them fight on their own. Only when the child leaves the arms of his parents can he really grow up.

After Maiev joined the battle, she immediately rushed toward the Doomsday messenger and started to harass him that made Doomsday messenger very upset.

Finally, the effect of the end of the day skill is over!

“Hey!” Grom bellowed and slashed down his treasured sword randomly, making it difficult for the Doomsday messenger to adapt.

After all, he was fighting this Grom first time and on the top of that, it’s omnislash skill making it even more difficult to handle. Doomsday messenger simply couldn’t find any way to stop it.

Illidan is constantly absorbing the mana of the Doomsday messenger which troubled Doomsday messenger.

And at this time, Maiev’s shadow strike hit the chin of the Doomsday messenger, causing him to scream in pain.

Grabbing this opportunity, Grom sprinted toward the chest of the Doomsday messenger and the sword in his hand instantly stabbed Doomsday messenger in his chin.

Critical hit!

Then next was the whirlwind skill, and the Grom’s body spun along with his sword. The tyrannical piercing force made Doomsday messenger feel dread. Doomsday messenger has no way to defend against it.

The doomsday messenger finally couldn’t resist it. He didn’t pay attention to other two heroes and grabbed Grom with his both hands and exerted his full strength!

Although Grom’s reaction was very fast and wanted to escape from his grip but he is one step late!

Grom wanted to use the sword strike to force the Doomsday messenger to lose his grip, but he still looked down on the determination of the Doomsday Messenger to kill him.

Grom’s eyes widened gradually. His body quickly retreated toward the rear while the giant palm of the Doomsday was approaching him rapidly.


Maiev growled. And at next moment she appeared at Grom’s side, saving Grom as before!

Grom’s eyes lit up. He laughed a little, and then he rushed forward.

Keep fighting!

Illidan’s grey eyes also lit up, and he continued to attract the attention of the Doomsday Messenger while absorbing the mana, creating an opportunity for Maiev and Grom.

After a series of attack, they created several small wounds on the body of Doomsday Messenger and each attack hit at a random place.

But no matter where the attack was hit, as long as it was a successful hit, then the unfortunate one can only be the doomsday messenger.

Even if the Doomsday messenger was powerful, there was no way to resist so many attacks.

If this continued, the end of the doomsday messenger was not far away.

The battle here was deadlocked but the battle over the bloodhoof’s side was getting more and more intense.

The fighting power of the old blade could not be underestimated, plus there is a fifth-order ice magician who is constantly casting ice magic.

In the battle with the three doomsday messengers, perhaps only the Bloodhoof’s side was most relaxed. The fifth-order magician was casting ice magic which was accompanied by the effect of freezing and delaying the attack speed of the doomsday messenger. In addition, the strength of Bloodhoof was unquestionable.

Seizing the opportunity, Bloodhoof’s body collided with doomsday messenger’s body which made Doomsday messenger feel dizzy and caused him to lose his fighting abilities for a moment.

Seeing this, Bloodhoof attacked him once again causing doomsday messenger to scream, after all, the power of the Bloodhoof was not something that an average person could compare.

Just Bloodhoof alone gave doomsday messenger a headache, not to mention the old blade!

Doomsday messenger was wounded heavily and blood was constantly flowing from them. Moreover, machete’s edge of the old blade was smeared with poison which caused wounds to heal slowly.

In addition, the sickle powerhouse was using the strange skill again and again. This guy’s sickle could easily cut things especially fleshy existence like the doomsday messenger.

Every time he attacks, his sickle cut a piece of meat from the body of the Doomsday messenger. If you look closely at it, you will find that each piece of meat was covered with armour!

The Armor of the Doomsday messenger was cut by them!

Xiao Yu was watching this scene with his tongues tied.

If sickle powerhouse was cultivated well, he will definitely become a hero after ten years. Unfortunately, he is not with Xiao Yu.

The battle was still going on. No one thought that the old cow will erupt once again.

In fact, what everyone didn’t know is that the Bloodhoof’s transformation time was limited and it was not long. He just want to end the battle as soon as possible and then go back to help little dragon. After all, little dragon beaten by main body of doomsday messenger and he could not see that happen.

His brother was beaten; will he not go to take revenge? Besides, if the main body of the doomsday messenger was directly killed by those three guys, then he will not be able to take revenge.

“Ahaa…” a loud scream resounded which drawn almost all the attention.

“What was this guy doing!?” Xiao Yu became shocked

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