World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 393

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The main body doomsday messenger is occupied by Grom, Illidan and Maiev along with Tyrande and Kyle so the situation is not that dangerous.

The among other two doomsday messengers, one is the entangled by the old blade and the sickle powerhouse with the help of fifth-order magician Leonardo, coupled with the tyrannical attack of the bloodhoof, there will not be any outcome for a while.

The other doomsday messenger is fighting with the sword-wielding powerhouse. Reilas is controlling the blood lion to attack him.

“Illidan, Maiev, fight well, move hands fast, increase your combat experience!” Xiao Yu thought for a long time then said, the Grom’s combat experience was very rich because he was following Xiao Yu from the beginning and he had experienced a lot of battles.

But Illidan and Maiev were lot worse. After all, they were the heroes who had been recruited later. They did not have many opportunities to follow Xiao Yu alone so they have not learned the essence of the battle. Isn’t it just a good opportunity to practice?

According to Xiao Yu’s thoughts, only by fighting and surviving in battle could they continue to mature and comprehend the essence of the battle.

Only constant fighting and growth could make these heroes true heroes. Maybe soon, they would once again become heroes who are as admired as before.

As a demon hunter, Illidan was powerful and his power could even surpass many other heroes.

His most famous weapon was the double-edged Essinos. This was a very powerful artefact. Although this artefact had not reached its prime, Xiao Yu believes that the return of this artefact is only a matter of time.

Because this artefact can upgrade along with Illidan!

In the hands of Illidan, Essinos continually moved and cut scars on the body of the doomsday messenger. Unfortunately, there was no way to cause too much damage, because, under the effect of scorched earth, the restoration ability of doomsday messenger was quite horrible.

These flames were nemesis for others but for the Doomsday Messenger itself, these burning flames were good medicines to nourish the body. demons in hell generally like flames.

With a grim look, Illidan’s eyes flashed with coldness, and then he shot a magical missile (also knows as Mana Burn) which can absorb mana of the enemy for himself!

Mana Burn was the signature attacking skill of the demon Hunters. It could absorb opponents’ magic while causing the same amount of physical damage to them.

The mana burn skill of Illidan who was successfully promoted to level 40 is no longer weak. Because of the explosion, the body of the doomsday messenger trembled slightly and he felt that his mana is missing although the amount is not much.

“Are you a Demon Hunter? Hehe…., I never thought that your damn night elves would appear here!” The doomsday messenger said in a cold voice, this skill is really familiar to him because he had confronted demon hunter many times in the past.

“You talk too much nonsense!” Illidan said coldly and Essinos (strange weapon) in his hand waved three times in a row, and six deep wounds appeared on the body of the doomsday messenger.

The doomsday messenger naturally will not let Illidan continue attacking, so he whispered something and used death skill again. Even with his great agility, Illidan has no way to avoid it!

Illidan could perceive the scarlet light shot out from Doomsday messenger’s finger but there was no way to avoid it.

At this crucial moment, Maiev’s figure suddenly appeared on the side of Illidan!

Illidan nodded slightly, and then the two men stretched out their weapons at the same time, hitting them together. They cleverly avoided the death skills with the help of the rebound.

The scarlet light hit the ground, Maiev and Illidan rolled on the ground and stood up.

The two men nodded and then continued the joint attack.

As for Grom, no matter what, he only cared about slashing with his sword. Anyway, his fighting style was like this and coordinating with other people was not suitable for his fighting style.

Xiao Yu looked at Ma and Illidan who are battling. He is very pleased. Because when his heroes are able to throw away each other’s past and join hands to deal with the enemies, it will be his most successful time.

He has to admit that Illidan is indeed the demon’s biggest enemy as a demon hunter. His ability to constantly absorb the other’s magic makes him able to fight for a long time, especially after he promoted to the 40th level. This ability is even more vivid.

Illidan and Maiev were fighting with Doomsday messenger, one was constantly absorbing magic and the other is constantly using poison dart. Once they succeed in poisoning doomsday messenger, he will be greatly restricted. Along with causing continuous damage, it can also reduce his moving speed.

The most irritating thing for the doomsday messenger is not the physical damage. The most depressing thing is that he can’t beat Maiev at all because, at the 40th level, Maiev has become a lot more flexible.

No one can stand it for a long time, not to mention doomsday messenger who has a bad temper.

The Doomsday messenger can’t use death skills because every time he was ready and locked in the position of Maiev, he found out that this guy was gone!

He doesn’t even know where he will appear and where he will attack!

This situation is the most annoying, especially for the guy who is huge in size.

Finally, the Doomsday messenger was angered to the extreme and can’t take it anymore.

“You! Just go die for me! The end of the day (skill name)!” The doomsday messenger suddenly screamed and the temperature began to increase.

“What! The end of the day!” Xiao Yu never thought that this guy would choose to use such a skill at this time.

Who is his target?

Is he going to use such attacks to deal with the three people who are pestering him?

Doomsday messenger does not have any other way. He can only use this method to cause substantial harm to the three and then create an opportunity for himself.

After the end of the day skill is used, a red cloud appeared in the sky looking as if it was burning. After that burning meteorites appeared in everyone’s vision.


Finally, these huge burning meteorites descended from the sky and its targets were the heroes who were pestering the Doomsday Messenger!

“Run away quickly!” Xiao Yu shouted nervously. Although he knew that it was a little late to run but he couldn’t control himself.

Grom, Illidan and Maiev increased their speed to the limit to get out of the scope of the meteorites. The size of the meteorite is equal to a water tank if it is really hit their body. Even if their strong bodies, they can’t withstand it. In the end, Grom and Illidan could not escape.

The Doomsday messenger can control the meteorite’s direction so he deliberately increased the attack density of those places which contains the enemies. It can be said that if the burning meteorites are going to fall on the heads of the Doomsday messengers, they will deviate from their path and go up toward Illidan and Grom.

Illidan and Grom who were surrounded by the meteorites it found hard to escape. Finally, at a certain moment, the two men were smashed by a huge meteorite.

Even when they were smashed and got injured, the two of them did not have a little bit of time to breathe, or they would be attacked by more meteorites.

The two of them avoided meteorites coming from every direction, and finally, they reached the safe area.

At this time, both of them received different degrees of damage.

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  1. “His most famous weapon was the double-edged Essinos.” another weird translation, lilidan weapon name is The Twin Blades of Azzinoth.

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