World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 392

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The scorched earth skill of the Doomsday messenger is really strong, and it has made everyone stunned, but it has not caused any harm to the heroes of Xiao Yu and other powerful fighters.

Seeing everyone jumping, Leonardo finally couldn’t stand it anymore so he shouted.

Hearing the shout of Leonardo, magicians started to cast water magic.

With a loud noise, the sunset swamp was once again drowned by water, and the originally hot land quickly became steamy, and the temperature decreased.

“Kill!” The people called out and everyone started to fight, the doomsday messenger, then what? Let’s fight!

Because of the successful killing of the Gorloc leader, everyone’s self-confidence increased. Even the big guys like the Gorloc leader was killed, then who is afraid of you?

When doomsday messenger saw that his scorched-earth skill of was so easily settled, he felt like someone has slapped his face. In rage, the doomsday messenger stamped and the ground started to shake.

“Don’t stop! Fight him! Don’t let him continue!” Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up, he naturally understands what this guy wants to do.

Don’t forget, here is the swamp, what is the most in the swamp? Water!

How can the doomsday messengers who are good at fire magic fight in such a disadvantageous environment? So what he has to do now is to get rid of the water and then give himself a piece of land that can be advantageous.

The movements of the three doomsday messengers are getting faster and faster. After a load sound, the ground in a few miles became bumpy.

Looking closely, it turned out that some soil and rocks came out.

“How can they be so fast?” Xiao Yu said very uncomfortably. He did not remember that these doomsday messengers could use such move in the game. It seems that there are some differences between reality and game.

Now in this sunset swamp, there is a piece of land with almost no water. It is full of dark crack as if it has been burned by fire.

“Scorched earth!” The doomsday messenger said.

This time scorched earth skill of the three Doomsday messengers was used at the same time.

A heat wave emerged and hit the soldiers.

“Use water magic!” Leonardo’s face was gloomy and distorted. He still can’t believe that with so many magicians he can’t face scorched earth skill of the Doomsday messenger!

The magician can extract the moisture in the air and mobilize the surrounding water. He just noticed that the doomsday messenger only let the water enter the cracks of the uplifted land and had not actually drained it.

The magician immediately acted again. They are also very smart. They knew that their responsibility was not fighting, but for assisting in cooling

The temperature once again lowered but the doomsday messenger is unwilling to fighting with the heroes and powerhouses without the effect of scorched earth skill.

The little dragon and the old ox transformed, rushed to fight along with blood lion. The three of them have to deal with a doomsday messenger. The goal of the little dragon is to fight the most challenging doomsday messenger.

“Oh, yeah! Look at my nunchaku! Hahaha!” little dragon used nunchaku while resisting the attack of the Doomsday Messenger.

There was a hint of surprise in the eyes of the last messenger. He didn’t expect to see the dragon at this time. More importantly, he didn’t even think that dragons will through away their pride and use tricks.

The dragon that uses weapons is indeed a headache for anyone.

The nunchaku is going to hit the doomsday messenger in his head but it diverted from his path and headed down below. Doomsday messenger found out that its real goal is actually his little brother!

Well, this place must be guarded. When Doomsday messenger was prepared to withstand the attack, the direction of nunchakus changed once again, now they are going heading toward his brain!

With a slamming sound, the Doomsday messenger became dizzy because of impact.

“You damn bug! Now you have truly angered me!” The doomsday messenger said and roared, every roar spurted out flame along with it.

“Your sister, you spurted fire! Then I will do the same!” little dragon stepped back, then inhaled a large amount of air and spurted out the flame from the mouth.

Don’t forget, he is a dragon and the magic is the dragon’s speciality.

The doomsday messenger waved his arm and used a strange method to puts out the fire.

“Haha, how? F#ck, your nose is so ugly!” The little dragon laughed.

The doomsday messenger became angry, and his right hand started trembling because of anger.

Doomsday messenger whispered something then raised his right hand and pointed at little dragon, and said: “Then Die!”

Little dragon thought to himself “This guy is sick!”

Xiao Yu who saw this scene was surprised than he quickly shouted: “Little dragon! Dough it! Don’t give him time to attack you!”

It is the death skill of the doomsday messenger. It causes certain damage to the target as well as stun effect.

This skill is often used by the Doomsday Messenger in combat. Not only it can effectively harm the opponent, but it can also produce a stun effect, giving the opportunity to make a second or even a third attack.

Coupled with the continuous damage of scorched earth, it can deal with the enemy in one fell swoop.

Little dragon believes in Xiao Yu’s words. When he is about to avoid the skill, he finds that his body is somewhat rigid and he can’t control his feet properly.

The little dragon was shocked and he started struggling with full strength. At this time, he saw a red light shining from the right-hand index finger of the Doomsday Messenger. The goal of it was his own head!

He wanted to escape but there was no way to move his body!

Little Dragon and Xiao Yu were sweating. If Little Dragon was hit then they didn’t even know how much damage he will have.

Little Dragon was struggling hard. He just tried to tilt his head to the side. He couldn’t let the light beam hit his head directly.

Red light rubbed the little dragon’s head and passed by. Although it didn’t completely hit the dragon but the blood still gushed out. At the same time, little dragon felt dizzy.

At this time, Doomsday sergeant launched his large fist and its goal is the brain of little dragon.

“Fast! Save him!” Xiao Yu shouted to the heroes. If the little dragon was hurt, then there was no way to stay in this sunset swamp.

After hearing Xiao Yu’s scream, Grom’s figure has appeared in front of little dragon’s body, and his sword chopped down with great force.

Then he used omnislash (series of attacks) which finally ended the attack of the doomsday messenger.

Little Dragon was safe, Xiao Yu heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly shouted: “Little Dragon! Come here! Tyrande! help Grom!”

Little dragon who has just woken up glanced at Grom who was fighting with the doomsday messenger, then Illidan and Maiev, who had just arrived.

Tyrande and Kyle attacked one by one. The attack power of the two fifth-order powerhouses was horrible that forced the doomsday messengers to repeatedly retreat.

“Damn! Damn flies!” The doomsday messenger was very annoyed by this three-people who were fighting him.

Little dragon returned to the side of Xiao Yu and did not speak. He went straight to the ground waiting for Xiao Yu’s healing potion.

“You are a fool! Didn’t I tell you to be safe?” Xiao Yu came up toward little dragon and gave him a healing potion. Little dragon felt wronged but he did not explain it.

“Have a good rest for a while, little dragon.” Xiao Yu said and looked at the three men who were jumping left and right of the Doomsday Messenger.

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  1. I though original name from the game is used from last chapter on? the name is still wrong though? I think Kyle is Kael’thas.

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