World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 391

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[NOTE: original names are used from now on]


The space barrier has finally broken!

Augustus is very distressed to see the baby that he worked so hard to get being destroyed.

With Augustus’s strength, in fact, he can call back barrier of the Ring before it is broken, but he does not do so because he needed time to cast his most powerful magic spell.

The most powerful magic spell?

What is the most powerful spell of the Warlock? Naturally, it is summoning technique, the powerful demon that is summoned out is not something that an ordinary people can resist.

Moreover, just as the space barrier was successfully broken, the preparations of Augustus were also over.

“In my name, the Thou (demon’s name), the doomsday messenger, come out!”

Augustus’s voice is low but full of quaint vicissitudes, making people feel like that they are in the ancient era, watching a super powerhouse displaying his powerful spells.

“Not good! He wants to summon the doomsday messenger! Stop him, Tyrande!” Xiao Yu screamed, he was like a cat whose tail has been stepped on.

When the attack of Tyrande and others reached the front of Augustus, three huge vortexes had formed slowly behind him.

Four? Four doomsday messengers!

Xiao Yu’s jaw dropped to the ground. Isn’t this warlock too overpowered? Can he summon four doomsday messengers in one go? If doomsday messenger’s level is too high then they can only retreat and look for a chance to come back.

“Human world! I am back!” the first vortex on the left trembled, a huge figure slowly came out.

First! The first doomsday messenger has already appeared and he can think (main body).

“Fast! Focus on the last two!” Xiao Yu figured out that it was impossible to stop the doomsday messenger who had successfully climbed out. For now, they can only prevent other doomsday messengers that have yet to come out.

In an instant, a large number of attacks madly poured over the last two vortexes.

After a while, a doomsday messenger also came out from the second vortex!

The same looks, the same strength, the only difference is that the second doomsday’s face is somewhat sluggish and he does not speak. Naturally, he can’t think (he is a avatar).

Seeing this, Xiao Yu is somewhat relieved. Fortunately, there is only one main doomsday messenger. If all summoned doomsday messengers can fight independently, then they are really finished.

Large numbers of attacks madly poured over last vortex (forth vortex) and finally, the last vortex could not withstand attacks and crashed.

“Good! Keep it up!” Xiao Yu praised and clapped.

But Augustus can’t let them destroy the third vortex because he can’t summon them again. With a load roar, first, two summoned messengers came in front of the third vortex and resisted the attacks.

Xiao Yu sighed and realized that it was impossible to get rid of a vortex again.

After a while, the last doomsday messenger (avatar) finally appeared.

The three doomsday messengers lined up and stood beside Augustus.

“Hehe…., I told you, you can’t change your destiny. To achieve seventh-order, today I will break your body and then absorb your soul!” Augustus said loudly with the arrogant look.

“Don’t daydream, haven’t we defeated you once? We will do the same again!” Leonardo also said disdainfully.

“Oh? What can you do, little shrimps?” The first doomsday messenger who was summoned said coldly and his eyes were showed disdain.

After all, he is the doomsday messenger. Will he care about these weak humans?

“Hey, Doomsday messenger, if you have appeared with only main body instead of dividing your power into avatars then I will really be afraid. But unfortunately, you have missed your only chance to kill us!” Xiao Yu said with a smile. He had already discovered the problem.

The power of the Doomsday messengers is simply not right because they should be stronger! If they appear, they will definitely be the top presence in the world.

Then why is their current strength is just sixth-order?

The sixth order powerhouse is not that horrible, because they have already killed the Gorloc leader who has raised his strength to the peak of sixth-order. Does he still care about the doomsday messengers?

Of course, this is just contempt for the enemy on the battlefield. Naturally, Doomsday messengers can’t be regarded as paper tigers. The three sixth-order powerhouses are still very scary.

“Xiao Yu, Leonardo, we will focus on attacking the main body! The other avatars will be handled by others! As long as we can kill him, the other two will be finished too!” Nicholas said coldly.

As Xiao Yu said, the Doomsday Messenger has lost his chance to win.

“Go! Quickly kill them all!” Augustus said coldly, and after he finished speaking, he began to release his soul attack.

Originally he wanted to keep a doomsday messenger on his side for his safety.

But now it seems that his plan has gone waste.

“Kill!” The Doomsday messenger did not know whether he said it to himself or to the other two avatars. After he finished speaking, he quickly moved.

Looking at the three behemoths rushing toward them, the hearts of the people are screaming.

In any case, the battle has already started, and everyone has raised their speed to the extreme, rushing toward the three behemoths.

Augustus did not move but released the soul attacks from the same place. He felt that if three doomsday messengers could not defeat them then he had no chance to win.

The power of the doomsday messengers is unquestionable. Even if they have just entered the sixth order, their powerful flesh and metamorphosis skills make the humans jealous.

Scorched earth!

After taking a few steps, this doomsday messenger showed his skill. This metamorphosis skill can cover the earth with flames. The scorched earth will cause damage to the enemy units as long as they touch the earth.

“Everyone be careful! Don’t be contaminated by scorched earth, shorten the contact time as much as possible!” Xiao Yu shouted loudly. He understands the skills of these heroes.

The power of the scorched earth is indeed not small. Except for orc soldiers, ordinary soldiers screamed and run away when they were exposed to it even if they wear shoes. So in desperation, a group of ordinary soldiers have left the battlefield.

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