World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 390

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Xiao Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief, but at this time, he heard scream of little dragon.

“It’s bad! How do I forget about the little dragon!” Xiao Yu slaps his head and said annoyingly.

This is not good, the little dragon is affected by the soul attack and he is losing control of his body.

Then, little dragon squatted down while trembling and screaming toward Xiao Yu, as if struggling with something.

Little dragon’s eyes became blood red as if blood was going to drip out. He slapped his own chest and roared again and again. He is  Xiao Yu’s baby partner. Does he have to fight with Xiao Yu?

“Little Dragon! Wake up!” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but shout anxiously.

Little dragon seems to have heard the voice of Xiao Yu. He felt that Xiao Yu’s voice is very familiar, but he can’t control his body anymore. Gradually, with inhaling more black smoke, the more the reason has disappeared.

With a roar, he rushed toward Xiao Yu.

Looking at the little dragon whose strength has almost doubled, Xiao Yu became nervous, this time he really did not know what to do, after all, little dragon is his friend so he can’t harm him.

“Xiao Yu! take this, it is a good detoxification agent. This soul attack may be a poison. You can try this!” Nicholas said suddenly and then passed a black bottle to Xiou Yu.

Xiao Yu don’t know if this thing will work or not but there is one thing that he is very sure of, this antidote is obtained by Nicholas after a great deal of research, so maybe there is still a bit of hope.

“Grom, entangle him but don’t hurt him! Tyrande, shoot arrow into his mouth!” Xiao Yu immediately issued an order.

Grom nodded and his body stepped forward to intercept little dragon, and the angry dragon did not think too much and directly slammed his claw against Grom.

What makes Xiao Yu a little helpless is that the little dragon after the soul attack did not utilise any skill and fought purely with his body.

In fact, Xiao Yu should be thankful, otherwise, if the dragon who used to be the king of close combat fought with his full skills then Grom really didn’t know if he could stop him.

Tyrande found a good opportunity to shoot out the arrow that contains pills into the little dragon’s mouth.

Little Dragon was swallowed the pill, his body shook and he looked at Tyrande in disgust. He was very angry at the woman who shoot the arrow into his mouth.

He did not pay attention to Grom who was pestering him and the flew directly toward the  Tyrande.

When Tyrande saw it, she was ready (eager) to fight.

Seeing this, Xiao Yu immediately said: ” Tyrande, stop! Stop! You must not hurt him! wait!”

Looking at Tyrande’s unwillingness, Xiao Yu is also helpless. He can only say this much.

Little Dragon was more than 100 meters away from the people who have already withdrawn but when he was just 17 steps away, his speed began to slow down, and the blood red colour in his eyes gradually receded.

When he arrived in front of Xiao Yu, he was basically completely awake.

“Little Dragon! Are you okay?” Xiao Yu asked worriedly, because of fear that he will attack him.

“Hey, why did you shoot me?” little dragon didn’t look at Xiao Yu but stared at Tyrande.

Tyrande looked at the dragon who has restored to normal and said: “It is the master who asked me to do it. If you have trouble, find him! I saved your life, you owe me a favour!”

Tyrande’s words shocked little dragon. He spit out the arrow that had been broken into several pieces from the mouth, and stared at Xiao Yu as if waiting for his reply.

“Good! good! This father saved you a moment ago and you are being unreasonable here! And  looking for the trouble with this father!”Xiao Yu shouted.

Little dragon heard Xiao Yu. He smiled and said nothing.

“Xiao Yu, you owe me a favour, this thing is very expensive, there are not much left in the whole world, and it can not be produced again because many ingredients have already disappeared,” Nicholas said.

“Hehe…, Nicholas, you can rest assured about it. Although I may not be good in other matters but my character is definitely best. As long as it does not violate my interests, as long as I can do it, I will try my best to fulfil your demand!” Xiao Yu felt a bitter in his heart, but he could not do anything about it.

Xiao Yu touched his chin and thought about the way to get rid of this smoke.

“Magicians use wind magic, blow this smoke  away!” Leonardo was the first to think of a way. He issued the order directly.

Xiao Yu patted his head and secretly thought that how stupid he has become recently. He waved his hand and let the druids come over here to release the wind hurricane. As long as the black smoke was blown away, everything would be fine.

Black smoke started to disperse because of wind.

Augustus, who is still hiding inside the smoke, is naturally clear. He wants to find some way to deal with these people, but what can he do? Even if he is strong, he is just a single person. Besides, if it is not for some reason, he has fled.

The wind was really effective, and the black smoke of outermost side was blown away, revealing Augustus who was wrapped in thickest smoke.

“Hey! Do you really think that you can blow away my smoke with your wind?” Augustus licked his lips and said disdainfully. This is his own attack so how would he not thought about it.

The black smoke forcibly resisted the wind although it started to sway but there was no sign of dispersing.

“Well! What should I do? What can I do?” Xiao Yu thought hard to find a suitable way to solve this trouble.

Tyrande who was beside him suddenly said, “Oh, use water! Stupid!”


Xiao Yu was about to get angry right away, but the inside of his head suddenly remembered a phenomenon when the wind blew the black smoke seemed to be soluble in water!

“Haha! You are so smart! Smart! Hey, over there, let your magician splash the smoke with water, it should be useful!” Xiao Yu gave Tyrande a thumbs up, then said to the Leonardo.

Leonardo snorted and eventually ordered his magician to cast water magic.

Leonardo looked at Xiao Yu and said, “Remember, my name is Leonardo!”

Xiao Yu smiled and didn’t care at all.

A group of magicians have been deployed, and the water from the swamps mobilized and rushed toward the black smoke.

These magicians are really cool. Xiao Yu can’t help but think that it’s still necessary to find a way to get more human magicians out. Although his magicians are best in quality but there quantity is still too small.

Seeing that the black smoke was dissolved in the water, everyone’s face gradually revealed a hint of hope, a hope that this smoke can dissipate so that they can fight.

That Augustus can’t watch his smoke being dissipate in front of his eyes because he has spent a lot of time refining this black smoke.

In desperation, Augustus can only absorb it back, and soon, the entire space barrier is restored to a state of emptiness.

“Haha! Let’s go! Let’s fight!” Xiao Yu laughed and shouted at the crowd who is unable to wait anymore.

The little dragon was even more impatient, he roared and charged toward Augustus. His huge body hit the space barrier.

The rest of the people are attacking, this hateful Augustus has forced them to drink urine indirectly!

Just this single reason is enough to mad them mad!

After the series of crazy attacks, the space barrier finally broke down!

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