World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 389

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What should I do? If we don’t break the space barrier of Augustus, then we can’t even a threat to him.

Xiao Yu’s eyes are fixed on Augustus, and the Arc of Vision technique is fully exerted, trying to see through evil warlock.

After watching him for a while, Xiao Yu saw nothing but madness and strong strength. He did not find any abnormality. He insisted for a while. When Xiao Yu wanted to give up, he suddenly found a very small detail.

Augustus will touch the ring on his right hand every time when his hands are free.

The ring is very thick, and the top is inlaid with huge black gem made of unknown material. If Xiao Yu has not paid attention, there is no way to detect it.

“The black ring in his right hand should be magical equipment. You also look at it. He may be using space magic with the help of that ring.” Xiao Yu immediately shared his discovery with other two.

Nicholas and Leonardo immediately looked at the ring and almost cried at the same time: “The ring of the barrier!”

The ring of barriers? What is this thing? Why hasn’t he heard of it?

Xiao Yu’s heart flashed through a series of questions. He really didn’t think that both of them actually knew about it.

“The ring of the barriers is made of very rare space spar. The specific manufacturing process is unknown and the power is also unknown. But it is said that the space barrier released by ring can block all tangible substances from entering. It’s power depend on the owner’s power. it is a very strange magical treasure. I really didn’t expect it to exist in this world.” Nicholas said with amazement.

“I don’t care about this. I just want to know how to get rid of this space barrier! Hurry! It won’t be good for us if you delay!” Xiao Yu said very uncomfortably.

Nicholas looked at Leonardo and found that the other party did not want to speak. He said: “The space barrier needs the support of spiritual strength. As long as we can consume the spiritual strength of Augustus, we can break the space barrier but…”

“But what?” Xiao Yu asked.

Leonardo couldn’t understand why both are silent, so he directly said: “Just let the barriers be scrapped! Become a pile of powder!”

“What are you waiting for? Continue, continue to attack!” Xiao Yu screamed, and the troops began to work hard.

Nicholas and Leonardo also started to give orders.

Looking at the various attacks in front of him, Xiao Yu sighed again and again. It’s really a bad time. He hasn’t even entered the interior of the sunset swamp. He has already received such a serious loss.

Augustus naturally heard the comments of Xiao Yu and others. He was surprised that someone can recognize the ring of barrier. After all, this is something that has disappeared for a long time. He also got it by chance.

Otherwise, he did not dare to stay here and fled when the Gorloc leader was killed.

The melee attacks and long-range attacks made Augustus very shocked. It is really hard to believe that these people can have such a terrifying attacking power. If He really let them fight like this, the space barrier will collapse eventually.

Augustus smiled and threw out several bursting balls and acid corrosion balls in a row. The stun effect of the bursting ball made these strong people have no chance to escape, and then the acid corrosion ball corroded their body and armour.

Not to mention, Augustus’s attack is really effective. After the attack, the melee attackers can’t focus on the fight and their defence has also dropped. If not for Uther’s assistance, they would have defeated long ago.

Warlock’s spells, many of which are curses or venoms, are extremely disgusting and hateful.

Getting injured twice by Augustus, all the people paid more attention to his attacks and also changed their fighting styles. They left their original position and began to spread apart. Every person has a different place which is some distance away from other person’s position, as long as Augustus’s attack arrives, they will quickly retreat or avoid it.

Augustus saw that his attacks were no longer effective. He showed a bad smile on his lips. He coldly said: ” Good! Good! Good! Today I will let you try my power!”

Augustus opened his mouth which was full of yellow teeth and strong odour. The black dense gas released from his mouth.

The size of black gas is around a human head, and its shape is constantly changing. It seems that there is something that wants to be released from the shackles.

Augustus grabbed the black gas with his hand and threw it out. Black gas flew out and stopped in front of the little dragon.

Little dragon looked at the strange black gas that was bursting in front of him. He smelled the strange odour from it and his face became strange and distorted.

“Everyone be careful! This thing can make you fall into a state of madness!” Xiao Yu reminded everyone but the little dragon has already been affected.

This soul attack was not used to deal with the enemy, but to deal with the pets caught by the warlocks, making them crazier thus improving their combat power.

After listening to this, everyone began to retreat, and Augustus looked at Xiao Yu with an ugly look. He did not think that someone in the present era would know about the attack methods of warlocks.

Since this black gas has released so there is no reason to withdraw it, and the purpose must be achieved.

Augustus smiled coldly, his hands began to shake quickly and a storm formed gradually in front of him.

The black gas was also blown by the wind to the human side.

The intent of Augustus is very obvious, that is, to let humans smell the black gas.

“Xiao Yu! What should we do?” Nicholas asked. After he heard Xiao Yu’s reminder, he began to think about how to deal with it, but can’t find any way.

“I don’t know, let’s try urine! Maybe it will have some effect!” Xiao Yu said very uncomfortably. He thought that urine could block the odour of black gas.

Of course, these are seen of the movie. As to whether it is really effective, that is the other matter.

What Xiao Yu said is pure nonsense.

As a result, soldiers took out their “ Buddies” directly and started to urinate.


What greeted them are the screams of the women. How did these guys forget women?

Can these women, like men, urinate directly?

Directly commanding an orc warrior who had already drunk his urine, Xiao Yu asked him to smell the black gas and there was no change in him!

“Hey! It’s really effective! Fast! Everyone comes together and use urine!” Xiao Yu couldn’t believe it and immediately screamed.

However, this method can be used by the men not by the women. Xiao Yu will not let Lin Yixue use this method to avoid this soul attack.

“Lion Vulture Knight, bring all the women to the sky.” At this time, Xiao Yu used another method. Originally, this method was to be used when he had to escape.

Thus, Tyrande, Osielia, Lin Bixue, etc. were all caught by the Lion Vulture Knights and flew to the sky, so that the soul attack could not reach them.

Some women along with Nicholas and Leonardo were not so lucky, they can only use this urine to resist this odour

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    1. cambio todo nombre que te sorprende kaelthas es kal , maiev tan facil de escribir se comvirtio en hombre , cairne es un bufalo? , por el amor de dios lin b a la diosa lin yuxue , por cierto quien es osielia? y que son los buitres leon acaso insulta a los hipogrifos? porque dracoleones no hay y los gryphos estan ocupados con enanos

  1. Tyrande, Osielia, Lin Bixue. Who is this? Is this machine translation? how can have different name character with the old tranlation and the game character?

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