World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 388

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The Gorloc leader exploded, and such strong powerhouse had fallen just like this, but when he died, he did not forget to give some harm to the human beings who had caused his end.

The shockwave of the explosion has caused a tremendous impact on the human beings who are not far away. Apart from those powerful masters, the weak soldiers have received various injuries.

What’s more, a few guys who are too close to each other have very bad luck, and they are directly blown into pieces of minced meat.

Even those elites who are used to the scenes of killing and dying, when they saw this scene, couldn’t help but feel nausea, and they vomited.

Since Nicholas was close to the Gorloc leader, his hairs became messy and the clothes on his body become ragged. His strength might be very strong, but Gorloc leader exploded too suddenly giving no time to react. Taking out clothes from the space ring to put on, Nicholas’s face looked as gloomy as black pot.

Leonardo and Xiao Yu didn’t have any problems except for the messy clothes. Looking at Nicholas’s look, Xiao Yu wanted to laugh but could only endure it.

What makes Xiao Yu more excited is that with the death of the Gorloc leader, His heroes have entered level 40! Both Ma and Illidan were involved in the battle directly or indirectly. Originally they are not far from the 40th level, now after killing such big boss, the upgrade is only matter of course.

The two heroes have entered the 40th level. In this way, except for the Ka, all the Xiao Yu’s heroes have entered the 40th level, and their combat power has greatly improved.

As for ka, because he has always picked up a bargain to earning experience everywhere, now he has already reached the 36th level. Xiao Yu has the confidence that ka’s strength will also reach 40 till sunset.

At that time, his all heroes will be fifth-order powerhouses! With a group of fifth-order powerhouses, he will show off.

However, Xiao Yu started to think differently, now he has fifth-order powerhouses, but how about a group of sixth-order powerhouses? even the seventh-order powerhouses? Although there is still no seventh order powerhouse in the world but these heroes are all ancient heroes. If they reach the 60th level, then it is considered the seventh order. It is not impossible.

“This idiot! can’t you die sometime later?” The mysterious warlock Augustus said in a disdainful cold voice, the voice is very low, but the strong powerhouses can still hear him.

“We have surrounded. Do you want us to kill you too?!” Nicholas said with a sullen face, wanted to see if he could take advantage of this opportunity to pressure Augustus.

Augustus said: “Hey, Do you think you are very powerful? Let me tell you, you do not worth even a shit in the eyes of this old man.”

“Hey, old guy, don’t be arrogant. As long as you don’t reach the seventh order, we have a way to deal with you! Don’t believe, then you can try it!” Leonardo said coldly.

After killing the Gorloc leade, they are more confident. Is this orc warlock more powerful than the Gorloc leader?

What a pity, Augustus is old and he fears nothing. So he said disdainfully: “The juniors, you are really naive, so what if I have not reached the seventh order? I can still get rid of you! Hehe….., but do not worry, wait for me to get rid of you after that I will be able to achieve my ambition! your strength is good! very nice! Hehehe…….. ”

Augustus’s mad laughter echoed in the air.

Yes, this Augustus is still able to stand here so calmly. Does he have no hidden cards? Besides, if he is afraid that he will be in a disadvantageous situation, will he still watch the Gorloc leader die?

Don’t forget, the spell was released by this mysterious warlock. does he not know the consequences?

So, all of this is a conspiracy!

“Let’s fight! kill him to get the treasure! Kill!” Xiao Yu looked at the Augustus with indescribable disgust.

The old ox and the little dragon who had just recovered immediately went ahead. Grom and Ma were not willing, the Illidan rushed over to kill this evil warlock.

Tyrande and Kyle are ready to attack, and the magicians at Leonardo’s side once again formed a magical array, trying to use the powerful magic array to deal with the Augustus.

Nicholas was very angry and looking for a place to vent his anger, waving his hand, and the strong powerhouses besides him are rushing up.

Looking at the figures and the various attacks in the sky, the eyes of Augustus flashed with seriousness.

With a wave of his hands, the colour of the space barrier that is in front of him deepened, and there are some black light flashing within it. But no one knows what has changed.

Bang! Bang!

A series of sounds resounded, and the people who rushed up directly hit the black space barrier, even those long-range attacks could not penetrate it.

The first wave of attacks failed.

The old ox, little dragon and others have tried to get rid of this magical space barrier with their bodies.

“This can’t go on like this, Nicholas, do you know any way to kill warlock?” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but ask, he has never heard of something like this.

Nicholas shook his head helplessly. These warlocks have not appeared for a long time. What can he know?

“Cut! Cut it with full force!” Xiao Yu screamed since there is no way then they can only use the most direct method, using absolute power to reach the limit of the space barrier then break it. If there is no space barrier, they can get rid of Augustus.

After a slashing and smashing, there is still no change in the space barrier. Augustus sneered: “Hey, are you done? Hehehe… can never destroy my space barrier. Let me show you something new.”

Augustus suddenly stretched out his right hand’s finger, and a head-sized ball rushed over toward everyone with strong momentum.


The area around a mile is affected. Everyone suffer different degrees of damage because of their own defence, but the situation is not bad. However, after being hit, there is a brief period of dizziness.

“Blasting ball?” Xiao Yu’s eyes widened and he said in amazement.

This is not over yet, Augustus has seen that the defensive power of these powerhouses is quite good and his own bursting ball did not cause too much damage to them. He cannot help but lick his mouth. He snorts two times and begins to cast a new spell. He threw out a green, spherical ball.

“Acid corrosive ball? Run! The most annoying thing is the sorcerer’s disgusting skill.” Xiao Yuqi gnashed his teeth.

With a bang, the acid-corrosive ball burst open, and the strong impact of the explosion caused the green liquid to fly, and almost everyone’s body was contaminated with it.

The little dragons and the old ox and the blood lion are contaminated with more green acidic liquids.

“Aaaa…, it hurts, how can it be so corrosive? I want to kill you!” little dragon was injured, his hard scale has different degrees of corrosion, and the decline of defence is naturally inevitable.

If it weren’t for Uther’s blessing helped them to dispel many negative effects, the situation would be even worse.

“Hey, Are you feeling comfortable? This old man wants to kill all of you! Let you be the stepping stone for me to step into the seventh-order powerhouse! You should be very honoured!” Augustus said with a mad smile.

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