World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 387

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The situation of the Gorloc leader is actually not good. His body has been invaded by such a huge amount of heaven and earth energy. Now it is forcibly enhanced by Augustus. So it becomes even more painful.

The Gorloc leader felt like that this is not his own body. Although the attack power is stronger than before and the strength is also approaching the seventh order, but than again, his body is almost unable to bear this much energy, and his soul has a tremor (His soul is cracking).

The soul is the foundation of life. If any problem occurs in the soul like tremor or a crack then the rest of his life will be basically finished.

The sharp claws gave advantage over humans. Like a big boxer, two big fists (claws) punched at the little dragon and the old ox.

Bang! Bang!

After the two bangs, the little dragon and the old ox flew out and vomited blood.

The little dragon and the old ox are shocked. Their physical strength was not weaker than that of the Gorloc leader. But now they directly vomited by single punch!

Wiping off the blood at the corners of his mouth, Xiaolong’s face becomes gloomy. The old ox screamed and looked with hatred at Gorloc leader as if he wants to break every bone of Gorloc leader.

It is a pity that both of them dare not to rash. The reason is very simple because Gorloc leader is now approaching complete madness, and if they act rashly, they will end up with even more injuries.

They quickly swallowed a large number of healing potions and stabilized their wounds. Uther even cast the Holy Light on both of them to heal them.

In this short period of time, the Gorloc leader blocked the attack of the shield-wielding swordsman who had once attacked him from the back so shield-wielding swordsman could only escape from there.

“Damn! Damn flies! Go to hell!” The body of the Gorloc leader suddenly appeared behind the sickle powerhouse and Grom. Actually, they were standing behind the Gorloc leader, but in an instant, Gorloc leader appeared even behind them.

Two big fists, with a piercing sound, slammed into the backs of the two.

Bang! Bang!

After two crisp crashes, both the Scythe and the Grom were smashed into the swamp.

“Ah! Grom! Fast! Save them! Tyrande shot an arrow at him!” Xiao Yu was shocked, seeing the little dragon and the old ox injured made him worried already, now that Grom has injured so badly, he doesn’t care about arrows anymore.

What about five dragon bursting arrows? Even if they all got used, it’s worth it to save others from more injuries.

Tyrande did not hesitate to shoot the dragon bursting arrow but the target had been changed from the head of the Gorloc leader to his chest. As long as Gorloc leader got injured seriously, it’s worth it!


The violent explosion occurred, and the Gorloc leader appeared from the smoke and dust, and his chest was seriously injured with blood flowing from it.

The Gorloc leader was fortunate because he has timely blocked the arrow, if not then his good days would be over so it is normal to be seriously injured.

But when he wanted to take a breath, Nicholas and Leonardo did not hesitate to use the magic scroll, the magic items were used nonstop, anyway, as long as they can kill this horrible big man, it is fine.

After all this, the appearance of the Gorloc leader was even more miserable. One eye was half-opened and half-closed, and there were many wounds on the body.

These magic scrolls are all fifth order or more because they know that the fourth-order magic scroll is useless for the crocodile leader at this time.

The Gorloc leader’s body trembled because of anger. With the tyrannical energy of the heaven and the earth, the injuries of the Gorloc leader were quickly recovering. In a short while, the horrible wounds were not bleeding anymore. Although it is still painful, it is always better than bleeding.

“Hey! It seems that it is not enough! If things go on like this, I may be injured even more! Seventh order! I still need to enter the seventh order!” The Gorloc leader thought.

Although families of Nicholas and Leonardo are big. it is still impossible to use too many magical scrolls. The price of this thing is too high. It can only be used for life-saving, not for waste!

As for Xiao Yu, he is also very miserable. He has to deal with the Gorloc leader, and he also wants to save some dragon bursting arrow to deal with the mysterious warlock Augustus. After all, he is also a big threat.

The Gorloc leader who is in desperate need of strength begin to take the initiative to accept this tyrannical energy of the heaven and the earth

The Gorloc leader screamed in pain, and his whole body trembled. In the end, he falls directly on the ground and began to roll because of pain.

Gradually, the voice of the Gorloc leader weakened, and in the end, no one can not hear his voice.


Everyone thought in their heart. If he is really dead, how good it be?

When everyone saw the Gorloc leader is crawling on the ground, the stone in my heart finally began to fall. This guy must have been unable to withstand this huge pain and died.

Nicholas and Leonardo and Xiao Yu’s face are even more gloomy, they know that this thing is not dead yet!

“Not good! Everyone be careful!” Xiao Yu suddenly noticed that the energies within the Gorloc leader had soared. It was like a giant bomb that was about to explode.

The next moment, the Gorloc leader suddenly stand up, and his body was much smaller than before!

Is he really entered the seventh order?

Everyone can’t help but think that if the Gorloc leader really entered the seventh-order, then how can they fight him?

“This is the feeling of the seventh order! Hahaha! Well, you are going to die now! I must kill all of you!” said the Gorloc leader, who has now completely changed. A blood-red body without a trace of excess muscle, the whole body looks perfect.

The best fighting shape?

Just when everyone was worried, the mysterious warlock Augustus was become dignified and moved toward the rear, seemingly afraid of something.

Nicholas, Leonardo and Xiao Yu also noticed this small detail. While frowning, they stared at the Gorloc leader, fearing that he suddenly launched the attack.

“All retreat! Keep the distance!” Nicholas finally said the current situation is already very unfavourable to them, even if they continued to fight, it will only cause soldiers to lose their life.

All the people returned to the front of the three people, staring nervously at the seventh-order Gorloc leader. They have the courage to compete with the sixth-order powerhouse, do they have the courage to fight seven-order? That’s right, they have the courage, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have a brain.

“Now, you all can die!” The Gorloc leader’s low-pitched voice was heard. The voice was filled with energy which caused some people to feel dizzy.

The Gorloc leader took a simple step, but he felt like his body is very heavy, as if carrying an unbearable mountain.

Gorloc leader was shocked. He couldn’t believe it. He clearly entered the seventh stage. How could this kind of physical disharmony happen?

Biting his teeth, enduring severe pain, the Gorloc leader once again took a step, his right foot was trembling on the ground, shaking the entire swamp.

Seeing this, Xiao Yu’s heart relaxed. This guy seems to have no way to use his strength. The extreme disharmony between the body and the strength caused the Gorloc leader to have no way to use it.

After understanding what is going on, the Gorloc leader screamed, forcibly mobilizes the violent heaven and earth energy inside the body, and wants to use this energy to help him recover his body’s free movement.

The first step, not enough!

The second step, insufficient!


Ninth step, insufficient!

The body of the Gorloc leader suddenly appeared outside the 50 feet on the left side.

The face of the Gorloc leader was very ugly because all the power can be mobilized but his body could not support it so there is no way to fight!

His current situation is like a dynamite barrel filled with explosives. All that is needed is an internal force or a large enough external force. Then the dynamite barrel can burst out of powerful force and blow it up. Into pieces.

“No! No! I must kill all the people!” The Gorloc leader becomes crazy, and now he has no other ideas besides killing everyone.

As a result, the Gorloc leader forced himself to once again boost his power and absorbed the energy that was outside the body, and his slimmed body expanded again.

This expansion is not correct, the Gorloc leader found that he simply could not stop!

Like a balloon, the body of the Gorloc leader swelled, finally reaching a certain limit.


The body of the Gorloc leader finally could not withstand the power of violent explosion and exploded.

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