World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 386

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[NOTE: From now on Reilas= Regus  and Maiev= Ma Wei (Male) and Carine Bloodhof= Old ox ]


In desperation, all the strong powerhouses were sent to deal with the Gorloc leader. As for the ordinary soldiers, they have left aside. This level of fighting is not something they can participate in.

Even if they fight, they can only be used as the cannon fodder. Only Xiao Yu’s Orc infantry who are holding Ballista can play some role by shooting arrows.

The mysterious warlock who was abandoned slightly tilted his face, revealing an intriguing smile.

The little dragons, the old ox and the blood lion once again rushed toward Gorloc leader, but this time it was different from the past before they can even touch the body of the crocodile leader, the three people are directly pushed out by the big claws of Gorloc leader!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three fell on the ground and could not get up for a long time. Now, the strength of the Gorloc leader seems to have increased by several times and they are simply not his match.

As little dragon get up, he cursed Gorloc leader under his breath and said: “Uther, you old man! Give some support!”

Uther’s blessing cannot be applied to the orcs, but it can be applied to the dragon. Even Xiao Yu feels very strange about this point

“Blessing of the King!” With the voice of Uther, his strongest auxiliary magic is successfully displayed!

Not only their own people, but even the Gorloc leader and mysterious warlock are covered. After a burst of sound, the strength of the human being’s side has doubled.

“Hey! Old Wu (Uther), you are really awesome! Good! Good! Come, everyone together, let’s kill this old fool!” little dragon felt the change of his body so he screamed and rushed up.

The other powerhouses are also very excited. It feels great when the whole body is full of strength.

Gorloc leader is still constantly absorbing the energy of the heavens and the earth from the sky to enhance his own strength.

Now, the strength of the Gorloc leader has been reached the middle of the sixth stage! And it is still rising.

Looking at the Gorloc leader’s bulging blood vessels and veins. Xiao Yu felt that this mysterious warlock doesn’t care about the life and death of the Gorloc leader. He should have other plans. It caused Xiao Yu to feel unease

The strength of the fourth-order powerhouse has doubled, and it has almost reached the middle of the fifth-order. As for the fifth-order powerhouse, most of them have reached the peak of the fifth-order, and some have entered the sixth-order.

The blood elf patriarch, Regus, who was originally a sixth-order powerhouse, is even more powerful and has surpassed the sixth-order mid-term!

Once again, the little dragon has become the main melee attacker. Coping with Gorloc leader is not easy because of the large difference between their strength.

The blood lion’s size becomes larger than before by about 1 time and he attacked the gorloc leader.

In the sky, Kyle’s used phoenix dances constantly, and used the fire attacks, again and again, as long as the opportunity showed itself, Kyle would not hesitate to grasp it. Anyway, this Phoenix can be called again, as long as the magic energy is enough.

Magic potion is a big trump card for Xiao Yu.

Tyrande is still holding a dragon bursting arrow, pointing the arrow at the Gorloc leader, waiting for the right opportunity to attack!

The Giorloc leader fears Tyrande’s dragon bursting arrows so naturally, he would not give Tyrande a chance to shot the arrow, so Tyrande was aiming but did not rush to attack.

As for the sickle powerhouse, Grom, Lei and Mu duo is circling around the crocodile leader, as if it were an annoying fly.

The old blade also joined the battle and attacked fiercely along with the shield-wielding swordsman who kept attacking the weakness of the Gorloc leader.

Everyone is battling except Leonardo!

Leonardo’s main force consists of magicians, and now he is also busy with other magicians to carry out some actions.

“Magicians pay attention, form the three bell array!” Leonardo waved his hand and yelled at the magicians.

And with the voice of Leonardo, the magicians cleverly composed a strange magical array. The magical array is triangular, with a large vacant space in the middle. The fifth-order mid-level magician is standing in the middle of a triangle with three people at its corners.

Another group of magicians also formed a similar triangle with three magicians at its corners surrounding the previous one.

Thus, the interaction of an inner triangle and an outer triangle is formed.

“Get ready to attack!”Leonardo screamed while his right hand is pointing directly at the Gorloc leader who was attacked by the others.

After the array started, magic energy flowed into the fifth-order mid-term magician, and then attacked the target through the high-level magic wand in his hand.

A large, dazzling silver beam emerges from the magic wand and aimed at the Gorloc leader who was fighting.

Little Dragon and the old ox who were fighting suddenly broke out in cold sweat and felt that there is a huge danger nearby. As they saw a big silver beam, they quickly ran away leaving behind the Gorloc leader.

Gorloc leader screamed and used his arms to block the silver beam while golden light suddenly broke out from his body and formed a light curtain to help him defend.

It is a large magic performed by all magicians together so naturally, it is not something that ordinary people can resist. Even the defensive light curtain of the Gorloc leader cannot resist.

After the load sound, the light curtain defence broke, and silver beam hit the Grloc leader.

The Gorloc leader felt that he had been hit by a big mountain, and his body flies out.

Blood gushed out from his mouth. The Gorloc leader was shocked. He never thought that just a single array which brought together the magical energy of so many people can achieve such destructive power.

Don’t forget, strength gap between the Gorloc leader and the magician is very big, even then it can seriously hurt Gorloc leader. If there is a powerful magician? Wouldn’t it be possible to kill the Gorloc leader directly?

After some time, the Gorloc leader who had taken three or forty feet to stablish himself, spurt out the blood from his mouth, and the huge tail flexibly attacked the Lei and Mu duo who was behind him. Two men flew out a long distance before they landed on the ground. They struggled for a long time but did not get up!

If not for Uther’s blessing, those two must have died.

Gorloc leader can’t control his rage and the directly used his most powerful attack which is currently available.

It’s a pity that attacking power of magic array is good, but it does not cause enough damage to the Gorloc leader. Of course, it is all caused by the spell of the Warlock Augustus. If not for it Gorloc leader may die already.

The next time it is impossible to cause such a big injury to the Gorloc leader by array again, after all, he will pay more attention from now on.

The mysterious warlock, Augustus, when saw that the crocodile leader was still so miserable, he couldn’t help but shook his head, smiled slightly, and shot out black evil energy (light) toward the Gorloc leader.

As the sulfuric acid in the water, the golden light of the Gorloc leader’s body began to boil and mix with black light. After a while, it turned into a pale grey light.

After this change, a large amount of heaven and earth energy rushed into the body of the Gorloc leader in a short period of time. Within a few breaths, his strength promoted to the late sixth stage, followed by the sixth-order peak!

Everyone was shocked. They looked at the Gorloc leader whose strength is constantly improving. Gorloc leader’s body and muscles swelled to the limit! And his strength is still improving.

“Is this old fogy’s strength going to reach seventh order? If he reached seventh order, then we are finished!” Xiao Yu could not help but say because the strength of the Gorloc leader is too horrible.

“His body may not be able to withstand it! Let’s take a look!” Nicholas said cautiously. Now, they have no choice. Everything depends on the Gorloc leader.

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  1. Please do not change Hero names, there is no point in reading a World. Of Warcraft novel without them. Thank you for translating.

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