World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 385

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[NOTE: From now on Reilas= Regus  and Maiev= Ma Wei (Male) and Carine Bloodhof= Old ox ]


Unfortunately, all the attacks do not fall on the body of the Gorloc leader.

After splendid attacks, group of people still continued to attack, and various attacks emerged endlessly, because of that the Gorloc leader caught in brief dizziness.

Everyone knows that the key moment is coming. Although little dragon and old ox can temporarily hold the Gorloc leader but they can’t resist it for too long.

Therefore, this time is the best time to pour firepower.

Gorloc leader screamed endlessly so his voice becomes rigid.

The whole body is in a state of choice, and his left and right arms are exerting force at the same time to get rid of little dragon and old ox, and his huge tail is sweeping continuously which forced few guys who want to take advantage of the situation to give up attacking.

“Damn human! Damn human!” The Gorloc leader was furious, and this is the biggest injury he has suffered in so many years.

“Our goals are different but you just appeared at the wrong place at the wrong time! Well, let us end this battle!” Nicholas said coldly.

The Gorloc leader stared coldly at Nicholas for a while he didn’t even know what to say, but he kept gasping for air in the same place.

The air looked dull and gloomy. Surrounded by the dead bodies of Gorlocs, Gorloc leader stood alone silently.

He never thought that he, sixth-order powerhouse, who was going to soar in the sky, would end up like this. If anyone heard it, wouldn’t he be laughed at by everyone?

The Gorloc leader calmed himself down and tried to find reasons why he end up like this? First, he underestimated his enemy too much. Secondly, the fighting power of these three human beings was unique. When they coordinate with each other then they displayed tremendous destructive power.

Among others, a few really have strong lethality. Needless to say, Regus is definitely the best attacker. The magic of the blood elves fully displayed its lethality. Especially now when Regus has the blood sceptre, his strength is greatly improved.

In addition, Tyrande’s dragon bursting arrows, their power is second only to this Regus. The dragon bursting arrow displayed his real potential in the hands of Tyrande.

In addition, the magician on Leonardo’s side formed a strange array (six-pointed star array) compromised of six magicians. It can combine the magic power of six magicians to send out a powerful magic like fireball and rolling thunder etc which can even cause great damage to the Gorloc leader who is a sixth-order powerhouse.

In addition, some special potions, things that can increase people’s strength instantly with no side effects.

There was a hint of indifference in his eyes when Gorloc leader suddenly said, “Why are you hiding? Do you think you have the ability to kill them after I die?”

The crocodile leader’s voice is not loud, but everyone who is present can hear it clearly.

Who is he talking to?

Xiao Yu sighed with a sigh of relief. He finally knew why he was a feeling uneasiness before. This feeling was very light almost non-existent.

There is no reason for Gorloc leader to lie, there is another strong presence here!

His visionary technique has a special feeling toward unknown dangers, so sometimes it can foresight them.

After the Gorloc leader finished speaking, a light voice resounded.

“Hey, don’t talk like this, I’ve been waiting for right time to save you! You can’t you blame me for it” The voice was light and clear but no one saw where it came from.

The Gorloc leader snorted and didn’t say anything more. The whole scene immediately calmed down.

The face of the human side is not very good-looking. Everyone understands very well. This person’s voice came out, but no one saw his true body. What does this mean? This shows that the strength of this person is definitely not under the Gorloc leader!

Sixth order powerhouse! one more Sixth order powerhouse! From this voice, everyone can judge it. Especially the peak fifth-order powerhouses on the scene were more sensitive toward this voice.

The silence continued between the two sides. Nicholas and others looked at the Gorloc leader whose injuries were recovering quickly. Nicholas ordered the army to fight again.

“Oh, don’t worry! At least wait for me to come out then get started. This old man is old, his legs and feet are not so good!” The voice suddenly came out after Nikolay’s order was finished, and then Everyone felt that the space beside Gorloc leader was fluctuating, and the next moment a person appeared there!

To be exact, it is a person with a human body but has a very strange face. This face looked like an Orc.

Orc clan?

Everyone was startled

“I don’t know who your excellency is?” Xiao Yu suddenly asked, and Nicholas and Leonardo were surprised. Is there any need to ask? It’s okay to fight directly, and nonsense can only give them time to breathe.

“You can call me Augustus! I am a warlock, the orc warlock.” The guy who claimed to be an orc warlock cocked his chin slightly and looked at Xiao Yu and others with a scornful attitude.

Orc warlock?

Xiao Yu was shocked and this guy turned out to be an orc warlock. So which clan this guy belongs to?

“Warlock? It is said that in a few clans but there is no warlock, can you tell me which clan you are from?” Nicholas couldn’t help but ask.

“Hey, you should know that since I appeared here, which clan should it be? Under the call of the master, our reappearance is also a historical necessity!” Augustus said with a smile. In the eyes of others, it is the evil smile.

“Stormreaver clan (work under Gul’dan)!” Xiao Yu has understood that Gul’dan’s command is to pillage the clan (others), if so then there is nothing strange about warlocks who rushed here to rob them. Moreover, Gul’danis an evil warlock himself.

“Your master? Hey! do your master even exist? you are kidding!” Nicholas said with a sneer. However, this sentence made Nicholas scared. The warlock said that their masters have called them again. Is Gul’dan reborn?

“Ha ha ha! Human juniors! You don’t know too much about the things in this world! Well, don’t talk nonsense, start now! I should also let you know the power of the warlocks! I haven’t seen this world for so long, I’m afraid everyone has forgotten the power of the slashing clan warlock!” Augustus said with a big laugh.

“fight!” Nicholas shouted.

Everyone divided into two groups, one group rushed toward the Gorloc leader, and the other rushed toward the mysterious warlock who had just appeared.

Xiao Yu ordered his troops to rush toward the Gorloc leader who was closest to them. As for the mysterious warlock, he left him for others, he is not willing to let his baby heroes suffer any harm. In addition, the strength of this mysterious warlock will definitely be stronger than that of the Gorloc leader.

Sure enough, the soldiers who were rushing toward warlock were suddenly stopped by a transparent space barrier! Stopped a little farther away from the mysterious warlock, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t get close!

What’s even more amazing is that their attacks can’t hit mysterious warlocks no matter how they fight. This strange space barrier can block their bodies, but there is no way to stop their attacks.

After the attack entered the space barrier, it was obviously a short distance, but there was no way to hit the warlock! These attacks seem to be gently guided by an invisible big hand, always passing by the side of the warlock.

At this time, the preparation work of the mysterious warlock seemed to be completed, and the right hand with a faint golden light pointed to the Gorloc leader who was being besieged.

The body of the Gorloc leader flashed, and the energy between the heavens and the earth began to rush toward his body. The fierce pain caused the Gorloc leader to scream.

The strength and speed of the Gorloc leader seem to have suddenly increased a lot, and those who want to attack him are all counter-attacked by him.

But everyone’s luck is good, and there is nothing wrong with them except for a slight injury.

“What is going on here? It can increase strength!” Xiao Yu’s eyes widened and he whispered to himself. He never heard about such trick.

With just one finger, can you improve your strength? if I learned this trick, wouldn’t I be invincible?

As time passed, the golden light of the Gorloc leader became brighter and brighter, and the heaven and earth energy were rushing toward his body. The body was swollen too much as if it was going to explode.

Nicholas’s eyes flashed a hint of enlightenment. This kind of spell that can forcibly infuse the power of heaven and earth into the flesh is very evil, but it is also extraordinary.

“Nicholas, do you know about this spell?” Xiao Yu asked.

“I don’t know much about it, but it is definitely a spell that can forcibly infuse the power of heaven and earth into the flesh. If the crocodile leader finally can’t hold it, I am afraid he will burst and die! We are still attacking him and trying to kill him as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be dangerous!” Nicholas said with a solemn face,  situation has reached the point where he cannot control it.

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  1. I’m genuinely considering dropping this the grammar is just to horrible and I don’t understand why the change of names, plus I feel its very unreasonable to wake up and change the gender of maiv, an actual character from the game for no reason what so ever. This is just disappointing, and I really miss wanted to finish this

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