World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 384

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[NOTE: From now on Reilas= Regus  and Maiev= Ma Wei (Male) and Carine Bloodhof= Old ox ]


Gorloc leader never thought he will end up like this. He will be kicked by little dragon.

The angry Gorloc leader roared and returned to his original state. He didn’t want to be kicked again by others as a ball.

He becomes scrupulous about the little dragon. After all, dragons are famous for their strong body and strength, especially this little dragon is wonderful, dare to beat people with nunchakus.

When the little dragon saw that his foot had such god-like power. Immediately, regardless of pain in his ankle, he ran straight and wanted to play football again.

Currently, the little dragon’s body is slightly stronger than the Gorloc leader. Although little dragon is not an opponent of Gorloc leader still he can take few hits, but others cannot resist at all.

The crocodile leader’s face was unrelenting. He was very angry at this guy who dared to kick him as a ball. His huge tail hit the little dragon and little dragon swept toward the blood hoof.

The old ox was fast enough to catch the dragon but he was smashed to the ground with little dragon because of force behind the attack. After that, the old ox looked at the little dragon with contempt.

“Hey, old ox, we all know each other for so long, I am desperate to take revenge, will you not help me?” when the little dragon saw that he was despised, he immediately said. The little Dragon is now covered in blood.

Little Dragon has a special relationship with Bloodhoof and Grom. In the past, they were not forced to be together by Xiao Yu. It can be said that they are friends.

The old ox heard little dragon. He nodded, and followed the dragon, he rushed up to attack Gorloc leader.

When Gorloc leader saw old ox’s attack, he was naturally unafraid. He avoided the violent attacks of old ox while rushing toward the little dragon. He directly ignored the old ox.

The old ox is simple and honest, but it does not mean that he has no temper. how can he be ignored by others? Isn’t this too shameful?

Old ox screamed and its body has undergone tremendous changes, a ray of light flashed, an old and simple atmosphere radiated from his body, gradually the body of the old ox has become taller and stronger.

Titan missile ox!

After the old cow completed his transformation of the Titan missile ox, his figure changed drastically and became similar to the dragon. He raised his head proudly.

When the Gorloc leader saw the old ox’s transformation, he re-examined the current situation.

Little dragon cooperates with the old ox who turned into Titan missile ox and both collided with Gorloc leader from either side. The collision between the bodies made the Gorloc leader unable to exert all his strength so he can only use his flesh to withstand the wild attacks from the long-range attackers.

As a result, the scars on little dragon and old ox become more and more due to caught in attacks, but they were not seriously injured, so they persisted.

Not long after, blood lion roared indicating that the injuries of the blood elves patriarch Regus were healed. Little Dragon and Titan missile ox cannot restrict the movements of Gorloc leader anymore so Regus along with blood lion also joined the battle.

Three of them relied on the physical strength to confront the Gorloc leader, but they soon discovered that the Gorloc leader’s defence was really horrible, and the three of them did not have advantage.

“Tyland! shot Dragon bursting arrow! Hit his eyes! Now!” Xiao Yu finally can’t bear it, he really can’t see his own people getting injured. Otherwise, he will never use remaining six dragon bursting arrows. This kind of treasure can be found by chance but not seak.

Tyrande took out a dragon fire bursting arrow from the space ring and aimed at the eyes of the crocodile leader.

However, Tyrande did not shoot directly because Gorloc leader was constantly moving, plus there were many people there, if the arrow missed the target then consequences will disastrous.

“Nicholas! Leonardo! don’t protect me! Go fight!” Xiao Yu shouted loudly.

Nicholas did not say a word. He took out a magic sceptre along with blood red gem which is releasing powerful magic fluctuation from the space ring.

The blood elf patriarch was already attracted when the magic wand was just taken out, and he shouted: “The blood sceptre!?”

“Regus! You use it first then give it back to me! This is what I secretly brought out! It will be yours sooner or later!” Nicholas said very seriously, this blood sceptre is not an ordinary thing. It is an inheritance treasure of the blood elves, and his family put a lot of effort to get it.

Hearing Nicholas that Nicholas would return the blood sceptre to himself, he got extremely excited. After receiving the blood sceptre, the Regus roared, the whole body began to release blood mist. The blood clouds spread from his body, and their target is the Gorloc leader!

The blood cloud like tentacles covered the Gorloc leader. Regus’s eyes flickered, and the blood sceptre in his hand released blood like waves which hit the body of the Gorloc leader.

The Gorloc leader screamed while armour of his body cracked! This armour is made of his flesh. If the armour is cracked, it means that his body is also cracked.

When the armour is cracked, it indicates that the defensive power has dropped drastically. Little dragon seized the opportunity, and attacked with his nunchakus again and again, and displayed a set of attacks that he had just thought of. It cracked the armour even more.

“Haha! Look at my 18 fish attack!” Xiaolong laughed and screamed, constantly attacking with strange moves.

The old cow also did not show any weakness. The attacks of little dragon made the Gorloc leader a little bit dizzy, but this is not over yet. The barbaric collision with old ox is even more terrifying than little dragon’s attacks. The Gorloc leader was almost knocked out.

Coupled with a ground crack, the gorgeous attack of the old ox came to an end, and the armour used by the Gorloc leader to resist the attack had fallen a lot.

Gorloc leader retreated form attacks but the blood lion was happened to be there. Blood lion opened its mouth and bite on the neck of Gorloc leader. Gorloc leader is constantly struggling At the same time, he is feeling tremendous pain.

“Good!” Xiao Yu clapped his hands and applaud. This series of attacks is really seamless. It seems like the battle is really the best classroom (for training).

At this time, Tyrande seized the opportunity, and dragon fire bursting arrow instantly shot out and like a meteor rushed toward the head of the Gorloc leader.

Looking at the dragon fire bursting arrow that is constantly magnifying in his own eyes, the Gorloc leader is really scared. This arrow is really life-threatening.

He was struggling hard but the blood lion bite his neck from behind, and blood lion is not letting his neck go.

The dragon and the bloodhoof also rushed toward the Gorloc leader before Tyrande’s dragon fire bursting arrow hit Gorloc leader. They grabbed both hands of his so that arrow did not miss its target.

Good Opportunity!

A group of people immediately rushed toward Gorloc leader with fast speed regardless of their own safety.

Even Ma Wei, who was next to Xiao Yu, couldn’t help but rushed out. After the flash, he appeared beside Gorloc leader and attacked him with full force. Illidan also waved his pair of knives from the side to kill him.

But it is a pity that the strength of Ma Wei and Illidan is not strong enough. After all, it is a little less than the 40th level. However, these two people have slaughtered Gorlocs which improved this experience vastly.

The people of Xiao Yu also moved. The Thunder Mu on the side of Nicholas reached on top of the Gorloc leader and attacked with a perfect combination of awl and hammer as dragon fire bursting arrow hit Gorloc leader.

The Scythe powerhouse, shield-wielding swordsman and Grom rushed to the front of the Gorloc leader, intending to add two deep marks to his chest.

The face of the Gorloc leader showed panic.

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  1. I know the novel has been fully translated but this level of translation is just horrendous. I feel like i’m reading a machine translation, and the translator actually has the gall to ask for $20 for an extra chapter? He’s more shameless than Xiao Yu. He says up there that he changed the unreasonable changing of names on later chapters, how is it that hard to change the earlier ones? Disappointed because i actually really wanted to finish this novel. Tsk.

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