World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 383

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[NOTE: From now on Reilas= Regus  and Maiev= Ma Wei (Male) and Carine Bloodhof= Old ox ]


Knowing that much time is not left, the Gorloc leader launched a surprise attack.

Gorloc leader’s body, like a cannonball launched from a mortar, shot toward Nicholas’s team. There was some distance between both and Nicholas’s men are ready to defend against the attack but at this time, Gorloc leader suddenly changed his direction and rushed directly toward Leonardo’s team.

No one thought that Gorloc leader will play such a trick. Who said that beast does not have wisdom?

The Gorloc leader did not stop and his speed reached the extreme. Gorloc leader like a scarlet ray rushed into the Leonardo team from the front and pierced out from the other side!

The time taken in entry and exit is very short, that is a blink of an eye. In such a short time, he divided Leonardo’s team into two parts. There are more than a dozen people who are seriously injured or directly killed.

After all, the sixth-order powerhouse, especially the sixth-order powerhouse who is using Heavenly Devouring Technique, is not ordinarily powerful.

Xiao Yu was shocked. It was very likely that the next moment Gorloc leader’s goal would be himself. If he is attacked by Gorloc leader then he will turn into the meat paste. So he immediately organized the army team and set up a person who is good at defending in both front and rear directions.

The Gorloc leader is naturally intelligent. He has lived for so many years, and he has become smart and refined long ago

He decisively gave up the attacking Leonardo again, did not interfere with Xiao Yu also but stayed in the same place, not moving.

What kind of new trick he is playing this time?

Everyone has doubts in their hearts. They can’t understand why this Gorloc leader is not attacking.

No one knows that the Gorloc leader is not playing any trick rather there is no way to attack. Some of the previously absorbed energies are not completely absorbed and refined so they were disturbed by the soul strength when he was attacking. Now, the energy inside his body is moving wildly. If he doesn’t calm them, it’s going to be bad.

“Hey, how are you feeling? Uncomfortable?” The Gorloc leader said coldly and nonchalantly like killing people is the very small thing for him.

“Why don’t you continue? Snort! are you facing a backlash from unabsorbed energy? Now everyone pays attention, attack with all strength! Kill him!” said Leonardo, although he is angry due to the loss of the people, it doesn’t effect his clever mind, he noticed the difference between the Gorloc leader’s attitude and issued an order directly.

Hearing the words of Leonardo, Nicholas and Xiao Yu do not hesitate any more, and their waved hands, and the strong men behind them rushed up.

After experiencing the scene just now, the three leaders already understood that the Gorloc leader’s strength will definitely be stronger than his previous strength if he overcomes his backlash. if he is not killed now they can only wait for the whole army to be wiped out.

Leonardo’s machete powerhouse old blade, double knife assassin, and magicians targeted the Gorloc leader to seize current opportunity and kill the Gorloc leader. Whether the other party the counter attacked them doesn’t matter. As long as their masters commanded to attack, they will not hesitate and try to kill the enemy in the shortest time!

Nikolay also showed no weakness. He dispatched the strong swordsman, the Lei and Mu duo, and the blood elf patriarch Regus.

Watching people working so hard, Xiao Yu also calculated a little. He wants to take advantage of the current opportunity to seize the opportunity and kill the Gorloc leader so that his people can get a lot of experience, will a large degree of level improvement

Therefore, he did not hesitate to send out the blood hoof, Grom, Tyrande, Kyle, little dragon, and Uther!

Uther had already achieved such great results in the past. Uther, who has now erupted, has directly applied all kinds of positive blessings to everyone, and the strength of the people has almost doubled!

The strength of the combined attack is enough to give the Gorloc leader serious injuries. Now his injuries are directly doubled and become worse.

The cooperation between melee and long-range attackers is very good. The melee-fighters have begun to limit the movement of the Gorloc leader, attracting the attention of the Gorloc leader which allowed the magician and other remote attackers to have time to launch enough offensive power.

After all, powerful long-range attacks are the best choice because of the huge size of the Gorloc leader and the powerful defensive armour of his body!

They showed the best coordination between melee and distant war.

When Nikola and Leonardo saw this, they were shocked. This scene is really spectacular. The strength of all people has doubled. This is not as simple as one plus one equals to two. The combined strength of so many people definitely increased the attack power by multiple times.

Originally, even the fifth-order powerhouse will be slapped to death by Gorloc Leader without any resistance. But with the blessing of Uther, attacking and defending power of everyone has upgraded to another level, so the situation of the battle has become completely different.

However, after the Gorloc leader absorbed so many souls (Soul essence), his strength has reached an incredible point. Now, Xiao Yu seems to understand why the Gorloc leader watched the four powerful Gorlocs die and didn’t try to save them.

He seems to have planning of absorbing the souls of those Gorlocs from starting.

Although in the legends if Heavenly Devouring Technique practitioner absorbs too many souls, he will explode and die. However, it is undeniable that once these souls are swallowed up, his physical strength has indeed reached anomaly situation.

After a series of fierce attacks, the strength gap between the two sides gradually appeared again. After the Gorloc leader received the injury at the beginning, he has slowly absorbed the energy inside the body so he no longer has any concerns!

At this time, these melee fighters, whether they are the scythe fighters or the powerhouse like old blade, although have Uther’s blessing, it is still difficult for them to stop the Gorloc leader.

The long-range attackers are also depressed because the speed of the Gorloc leader is too fast. After their attack has just been aimed, Gorloc leader has already moved to another place.

These long-range attackers are afraid to release the attack at will, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to their own people.

“Hey, there is no need to fight this way! fight fiercely! Put this big guy to the death! Don’t worry about getting injured, as long as you don’t die, This father will cure all diseases! Hurry up!” said Xiao Yu to encourage the army.

Xiao Yu’s troops naturally would not doubt his words, and immediately launched fierce attacks. Even if they hit their own people, they would not bat an eye. What are they afraid of? Isn’t it just hurting someone? Wouldn’t it be enough to come over and drink some potions?

But the other two troops are afraid to do this. After all, they don’t have such precious life potions. Even if there are, they are extremely rare.

“Don’t you hear this Father, fight fiercely! Don’t worry about getting injured, This father will provide potions. Now fight!” said Xiao Yu once again.

Looking at the army who are looking them with questioning eyes, Nicholas and Leonardo nodded to indicate, anyway, Xiao Yu is here, what are you afraid of?

Therefore, this battle became more and more fierce filled with craziness.

In this way, it is the Gorloc leader who is distressed. His original plan is to solve these melee-range fighters as soon as possible by using the other party’s fear of accidental injury and then kill all those fragile long-range attackers.

The Gorloc leader finally couldn’t bear it anymore. No matter how he avoided the attacks, he would be injured by the other party’s attack.

The Gorloc leader opened his huge mouth and madly sucked the air. When the limit was reached, the Gorloc leader exhaled it, and the tyrannical air current suddenly burst out and pushed away everyone from Gorloc leader.

The long-range attackers have also affected and the attacking rhythm messed up completely.

“See there! He is running! stop him!” Xiao Yu shouted loudly while pointing his fingers toward escaping Gorloc leader.

The people with lighter injuries immediately jumped up and continued to chase and intercepted the Gorloc leader. They used all sorts of methods to entangle the Gorloc leader, which made them very uncomfortable!

“Damn humans! You are getting too far! Ah! Ah! Ah!” The Gorloc leader roared and his body shrank, turned into a round meat ball, rolling wildly on this swamp.

Long range attackers are also very helpless. The size of the Gorloc leader has shrunk, and it has become a sphere which is rolling around with surprisingly fast speed. How can they fight?

The Gorloc leader did not give them any time to think and began to hit everyone. Anyone who was hit by him was not injured but directly became a meat paste, and lost the ability to fight again.

Little dragon got tired of this guy, he ran up and kicked at the meatball. With a bang, the meat ball was kicked out by little dragon.

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