World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 382

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[NOTE: From now on Reilas= Regus  and Maiev= Ma Wei (Male) and Carine Bloodhof= Old ox ]


The Gorloc leader was injured and because of anger his eyes gradually become blood red as if blood is going to flow out, the burly body shivered slightly.

Although he calculated a lot and prepared the best possible plan even then other side succeeded in hurting him again and again which make him unbearable.

“Good! Since you dare to be so bold, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!” The Gorloc leader’s face distorted and became sinister due to anger which made him look even crueller.

Everyone’s expression became solemn. Everyone knew that this Gorloc leader must have some trick or else he will not be so calm.

After the words are finished, sudden changes occurred!

The huge claws of the crocodile leader slowly lifted up, and the thick black gas in the mouth quickly scattered and instantly surrounded the surrounding area.

“Everyone is careful!” Nicholas hurriedly reminded everyone and at almost the same time, all the melee attacking swordsman retreated to deal with the upcoming changes.

“Oh, oh,” suddenly strange sounds came from the Gorloc leader’s mouth like a mysterious and strange ritual in ancient times.

Everyone feels that this voice seems to have a magical power, making their souls uncomfortable as if pulling their souls out of the flesh.

“Soul class?” Xiao Yu’s heart started to beat fast. He is very clear about the attack method of the soul class. This is a mysterious but powerful class that only appears in some very old races. Now, this Gorloc leader is using a similar method.

The movements of the Gorloc leader did not change and the strange blacks gases quickly surrounded all the people. However, there were magicians among the three parties. They casted a magical barrier surrounding themselves. Thus, black gas naturally has no way to easily rush in.

Everyone has escaped this catastrophe but the Gorloc people who grew up in the swamps of the sunset have suffered catastrophe. They got surrounded by black gas and did not know how to hide. Some even opened their mouths and sucked the black gas.

The black gas quickly entered their bodies then the Gorloc’s body began to painful twist, and the entire sunset swamp filled with the agitation.

“What evil technique is this? Is there such a great power? you don’t even let off your own people?” Leonardo frowned and whispered to himself.

At this moment, Gorloc people who have been covered by black gas no matter how strong they are, all became extremely horrible and distorted dead bodies, and expression of fear on their face is unforgettable.

The most astonishing thing is that the whole body’s blood seems to have been absorbed, and there was no soul fluctuation in their body.

“Is this the legendary Heaven Devouring Technique? can it absorbs the blood and soul essence  of another person’s body to improve own strength?” Nicholas learned a lot about techniques and coupled with knowledge of the elders in his family, he knows a lot about the secrets of this worlds.

The body of the Gorloc leader swelled little. It seems like some unknown thing is crawling under the skin of Gorloc leader like earthworms crawls in the mud.

Hearing the words of Nicholas, the Gorloc leader said with a smile: “Oh? This little doll is very knowledgeable. You are right, this is indeed the legendary Heaven Devouring Technique! Today, your luck is very good and you are fortunate to be the first person to have seen it in thousands of years, but your days are now over!”

“Hehe….., it turned out to be a hypocrite who relies on the energy of the outside world to improve his strength!” Xiao Yu boasted shamelessly and laughed while looking at the Gorloc leader who is quickly absorbing and adjusting his strength.

“Snort! Ignorant humanity, do you really think that you are very strong? you will never be able to achieve your purpose!” The Gorloc leader was angered by Xiao Yu’s words, and could not bear it anymore. Perhaps absorbing so much energy, blood and soul has heightened his emotions even he himself is not aware of slip of his tongue.

Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo in the blink of an eye, grabbed the loophole in his language and tried to anger him further.

“Oh, how do you know the purpose of our trip?” Nikolay smiled and said one word at a time.

“Kid, don’t think about using your words to anger me, your are way too naive! Come on! Let me show you the true power of the Heaven Devouring Technique method!” The Gorloc leader coldly said.

The Heaven Devouring Technique had lost long ago. This is a kind of sorcerer. It is usually used by evil wizards or warlocks. But no one knows how it ended up in the hands Gorloc leader.

At that time, A warlock with help of Heaven Devouring Technique swallowed up blood and soul essence of whole eight sixth-order powerhouses. That raised the strength of warlock to an unprecedented stage until he could not control his body. At that time, it was discovered by others that the weakness of Heaven Devouring Technique is that once it is activated unless all the living creatures around it are swallowed up, there is no way to stop it!

Grasping this weakness, people continue to sacrifice their own lives by letting Heaven Devouring Technique swallow their blood and soul essence. It caused the Warlock’s strength to reach unprecedented stage but in the end, he can’t withstand the pressure of energy and exploded!

But this is just a legend. Although it is very possible, there is no way to use it now.

“Full defence! There has to be a time limit. If you can stick to it, then we will definitely win! Everyone work hard.” Nicholas ordered.

“Yes! we will definitely  win!” Everyone said, hoping to use this to enhance their courage, after all, what they are about to face is a horrible existence.

Xiao Yu and other people are far from the Gorloc leader so Xiao Yu’s men are no threat to the Gorloc leader.

Therefore, the swordsman of Nicholas camp who attacked Gorloc leader from behind of the became Gorloc leader’s first goal.

What’s more interesting is that knowing that with his current strength he is not the opponent of the Gorloc leader, shield-wielding swordsman still maintained his defensive posture and rushed over to Gorloc leader even before Gorloc leader attached him!

It should be known that the body of the Gorloc leader who absorbed a large amount of blood and soul essence has formed a layer of blood-coloured armour, and the claws of the limbs were also increased in size by half a meter.

The muscles are bulging out. Every muscle is filled with boundless energy. You can feel an amazing power just by looking at them.

Seeing that the shield-wielding swordsman who had just injured him from the back had the courage to rush to find trouble, the Gorloc leader became even more angry and punched toward shield wielding swordsman with extremely fast speed.

With a slamming sound, it is like the sound of a bat hitting a baseball. The shield wielding swordsman like a baseball flew out instantly. The blood flowed from his mouth.

After falling on the ground, the shield-wielding swordsman did not climb up as usual but struggled on the ground to stand up again because of his serious injuries.

“Oh, you really are a stubborn donkey!” Nikolay couldn’t help but sigh and shook his head again and again. This person is good at everything but he is a stubborn man. Once the enemy is identified, he will never stop attacking until the enemy is killed.

One person immediately went to the shield-wielding swordsman and gave him a healing pill.

“Hehe…! Ignorant human! Now you knew that I am amazing! Come here! Come on! Come on!” The Gorloc leader laughed and said.

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