World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 381

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[NOTE: From now on Reilas= Regus  and Maiev= Ma Wei (Male) and Carine Bloodhoof= Old ox ]


“Good! Good! Sixth-level magician! A rare elf magician that can avoid my attack at the same time injure me. You are the first one.” Gorloc leaders said in cold voice.

“Hmmm! There are many people who can hurt you! You are just a frog at the bottom of the well.” Regus said coldly. He said so but in fact, he was also very uncomfortable.

Because of casting powerful magic “the reversal of magical elements”, he was also enduring tremendous pain because of the backlash of using an endless supply of mana from water from the sun.

The Gorloc leader did not say anything but stared at the blood elf patriarch Regus, no one knew what he was thinking.

The blood elf patriarch Regus’s eyes narrowed slightly, observing the situation for some time, he said: “Since you want to stall for time, then only I can begin first!”

The voice just fell, the Regus began to cast a spell, and his both hands waved, again and again, the energy in the body quickly mobilized. The blood lion in front of him suddenly roared.

“Snot! Even if you begin, it is useless!” The Gorloc leader calmly looked at the blood lion in front of the Regus but did not rush to attack.

“Unfortunately for you, I am not alone!” Regus snorted, his eyes narrowed, indicating others to shot the arrows. Arrows shot from every direction. The current battle was completely dominated by Regus.

The Gorloc leader wanted to dodge but was surprised to find that his body could not move, even his finger could not move.

Magic imprisonment!

While this magic was in effect, Regus immediately controlled his blood lion to rush forward to attack. Other long-range attackers which locked him early, also began to release their own attacks.

“I finally got the chance after this much wait “ little dragon smirked and swung his huge wings.

The gorloc leader was greatly surprised because magic which could imprison him were not many. Then, he immediately began to struggle wildly and the large-scale attack began to fall on him. The owners of these attacks might not be very powerful, but their collectively attack power was very strong, even if the sixth-order strong Gorloc leader did not die but he would definitely be serious injured.

The magician who casted imprisonment magic was excited at this moment. Whenever he cast magic, It’s failure because the strength of other party was always higher than his own.

But today, his imprisonment magic actually played a role. Although it is only a moment, it can make a huge difference.

The Garloc leader struggled for two seconds before he got rid of the magical imprisonment, but it was already late.

The blood lion and the little dragon rushed to the sides- of the Gorloc leader at the same time. They were attacking from both left and right. Size of both was similar to the Gorloc leader. At this time Gorloc leader is in a dangerous position.

In addition, the shield-wielding swordsman and Grom waited from starting for the opportunity. Now when the opportunity showed itself, they seized it and rushed directly from the rear toward the head of the Gorloc leader to attack his head.

Tyrande and Kyle also released their attacks. They did not stop even if they were unable to kill the Gorloc leader because they only want to divert the attention of other party.

The Gorloc leader who broke away from the imprisonment roared and the whole body was wrapped up in a layer of the green glow as if wearing a pale green armour.

The blood lion’s mouth, little dragon’s nunchaku almost hit the crocodile leader at the same time, the powerful impact made Gorloc leader lose balance and it took two or three steps to be stable.

But the second attack of blood lion and dragon had not displayed within enough time so Gorloc used his claws to defend.

Gorloc leader no longer hid his strength of sixth level powerhouse so naturally, dragon and Regus were not his matches.

Gorloc did not try to stop Tyrande and Kyle’s attacks who wanted to divert Gorloc’s attention. Firstly because in his opinion their attacks are not a big threat and secondly he did not have much time because in his back there is an anomaly.

This anomaly was naturally shield wielding swordsman who wants to attack Gorloc from behind and distance between both is very sort.

Shield-wielding swordsman maliciously pierced back of Gorloc leader with his sword simultaneously lifted his shield with hand to defend against the giant tail of Gorloc leader.


But because of the shockwave shield-wielding swordsman got smashed into the ground.

Shield-wielding swordsman immediately vomited blood and got seriously injured but he succeeded in injuring the Gorloc leader.

When Xiao Yu saw this, his eyes widened. After a long time, he took a deep breath and said: “Things are getting interesting.”

However, this was not finished yet, Grom began to attack the head of Gorloc leader again.

Grom directly applied the whirlwind in the air, and formidable strength caused the air to be distorted.

This caused chill run down on the spine of Gorloc leader because there was no way to escape.

The shield wielding swordsman also not left behind. He chopped three times in succession with his sword in the air which formed huge sword in the air and attacked the same point where Grom is attacking!

As both attacks overlapped, the power released is not as simple as one plus one. Thick scales on the head of Gorloc leader ruptured, flesh and blood spurted out.

Pain caused Gorloc leader to scream as he attacked on both in frenzy who have already consumed their energy in the previous attacks.

Like two baseballs that were hit, Grom and the shield-wielding swordsman were sent flying because of attack.

Xiao Yu looked nervously at the direction in which Grom was sent flying and thought “If anything happened to Grom then what should I do?”

When he saw Grom crawling up from the water, and spitting out stinky water, his heart was finally in peace. Grom smiled at Xiao Yu but didn’t speak. He took out a healing potion and poured it into his mouth. In a short while, he was healed.

The crocodile leader stood in the same place, roared, again and again, he was really angry, even if they are opponents, he should not be treated like this. What the hell is this?

Because of rage Gorloc leader’s mind was in chaos, and he did not noticed that two faint shadows had already appeared behind him!

The awl was aiming at the middle of the spine. The hammer was lifted up high targeting the awl on spine and want to force awl into the spine of the Gorloc leader.

The angry Gorloc leader did not notice that there were still people attacking him from behind! until the awl was attached to his scales.

“Shout!” the Gorloc person leader used his tail to attack in order to solve danger behind him ahead of time.

The attack range of the Gorloc leader’s tail is clear and fluent. The current position was just right but it was a pity that his tail was still a bit short, and unable to reach the Lei Shen and Mu. At the limit of this attack range, the Gorloc leader was not sure whether his tail would hit the other party!

The crisp sound resounded because of the fierce collision of the hammer and the awl. Gorloc leader screamed in intense pain as awl pierced his spine.

This blow was very powerful, and the awl entered the body of the Gorloc leader and penetrated into his spine.

The intense pain made the Gorloc leader’s reaction somewhat dull. The tail was lifted in the air but he forgot to swing it. He could not get rid of the Lei and Mu duo right away because of pain.

Unfortunately, he was wrong because the attack of these two people is not just a single attack. It was a series of attacks. If you couldn’t stop them fast then you would be attacked repeatedly!

Continuously attack!




After getting hit three times by hammer, the Gorloc leader finally made the right choice by rolling on the spot and jumping behind twice.

Earlier it was not a big wound but It has become very big now. Blood is continuously gushing out from it.

Both of them were coated with poisons that slowed the healing of wounds. It was not a short matter of time to heal.

The angry Gorloc leader groaned and finally laughed hysterically, a sly smile appeared on his face, which caused everyone’s heart tight. No knows what tricks this guy has.

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