World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 478

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Michele and her mother finally believed that Xiao Yu could conquer Meg City. After that, two of them began to ask about Scarlett’s situation. Xiao Yu simply explained everything to them, but he did not disclose his relationship with Scarlett.

Xiao Yu still felt a little embarrassed about that incident.

Xiao Yu called the female officer to bring the dishes. Michele and her mother ate and drank joyfully. It had been a long while since they enjoyed peace.

Half drunk, Michele asked: “Young Master Xiao, how do you plan to rescue Mr Xia Shan?”

Michele was taken care of by Mr Xia Shan from an early age. Therefore, she was very concerned about how would Xiao Yu rescue Mr Xia Shan.

Xiao Yu thought for a moment and said: “I haven’t figured it out yet. I will go to Miranda for a talk tomorrow and explore his secrets. Even if I am unsuccessful, I have an army. I am not afraid of them.”

Michele nodded and just when she was about to say something, a violent explosion rang out. The whole yard trembled as if an earthquake occurred.

Xiao Yu suddenly jumped up and asked: “Illidan, what happened?”

“Xiao Yu, you are a jerk. Today, if I don’t break mince your body, I won’t be called Miranda.” At this time, a roar resounded from and this voice belonged to none other than Miranda.

Xiao Yu suddenly got up, why did Miranda come here? And after listening to his tone, he obviously knew something about his intention or origin.

What happened?

No matter what the problem was, now Xiao Yu seemed to be unable to eat and drink here so leisurely. He immediately put on the armour and glanced at the Maiev.

Maiev immediately understood Xiao Yu’s intention, her figure turned illusionary as she went out to investigate.

Xiao Yu opened the door and said while looking at the crowd outside: “Miranda, what are you doing? Don’t you want to do business?”

At this time, Miranda who was sitting on a white horse and looked at Xiao Yu. His both eyes were burning in rage. “Xiao Yu, you still dare to play games with me. You have already joined hands with Scarlett. You dared to plot against me. If I don’t kill you today, I won’t be a man.”

Xiao Yu snorted and replied: “You want to kill me? Dream on, I don’t know how you get this information. Looks like, you planted spying devices in the mansion. Let me tell you, my army has already arrived at the border of Meg city. You can’t resist the attack of my army. If you want to live, you should hand over Mr Xia Shan and others. Otherwise, don’t blame me for conquering this City as my father did.”

When Miranda heard Xiao Yu reply, anger almost blew up his lungs. He planned for a long time, thinking about how to get more benefits through Xiao Yu. He even thought about paving his way with the help of Xiao Yu.

Fortunately, he was a very cautious person, so when I sent Michele’s mother to Xiao Yu, he installed a magic spying gem here. Although it cost a lot of money, it had to be done fully understand Xiao Yu’s intention.

Unexpectedly, this time he really discovered the true colours of Xiao Yu. Since he was small, he had plotted many times. He had deceived others but never got deceived by others. So that kind of anger could be imagined.

Now, he also refused to let go of Xiao Yu. Now he wanted to put Xiao Yu to death.

Therefore, after learning the true colours of Xiao Yu, he immediately sent a group of elite soldiers to surround and ambush Xiao Yu.

After Miranda flicked his finger, the elite soldiers rushed toward Xiao Yu from all direction. Illidan also jumped from the roof and fell in the middle of the courtyard to resist ambush of these soldiers.

Just when soldiers were about to attack Xiao Yu, Illidan attacked them with his full strength.

If someone to compete with Illidan, he should be at least the sixth-order power. Otherwise, fifth-order powerhouse could not even defend against the attacks of Illidan not to mention attacking him.

When Michele and her mother saw so many people attacking Xiao Yu, they were horrified. Michele said: “Young Master, you should flee. You have already saved my sister.”

In front of such a strong enemy siege, it was indeed very difficult for Xiao Yu to break out, especially if he were to bring both of them along with him.

However, Xiao Yu looked at the elite soldiers who had rushing over and didn’t even panic. He took bombs from the space ring and directly threw them at the soldiers.

A series of explosions rang around, and in a blink of an eye, the entire mansion was engulfed by a sea of ​​fire. Those elite soldiers didn’t even have time to react before they were blown into pieces.

“Dare to attack this father?” Xiao Yu grinned and said disdainfully.

“Good, good! Kill him with magic!” Miranda became angry to the extreme. He immediately roared.

This method of magical collection was very effective when fighting against a strong opponent. According to this method, every magician had to concentrate this magic at a single point. The power of concentrated magic was very horrifying.

In order to kill Xiao Yu this time, Miranda naturally came prepared.

All concentrated magic fired at Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu waved his hand and used teleportation to teleport to another place along with Michele and her mother. The magic beam hit the place where Xiao Yu was standing.


Place where magic hit along with mansion turned into rubble.

“On the other side!” Some soldiers immediately discovered Xiao Yu, immediately shot arrows at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu took out his axe and destroyed all the arrows with a wave.

“Don’t be afraid, I can definitely take you both out.” Xiao Yu smiled at Michele and her mother, and then grabbed the two of them and unleashed heroic jump.  He jumped over the head of attackers and reached the other side.

Now, with the improvement of Xiao Yu’s strength, the distance heroic jump could cover also greatly improved. Under this, Xiao Yu flew away quickly with lightning speed, those arrows and magic fires simply did not have time to hit him.

“Catch, catch up with me.” Miranda did not expect Xiao Yu to have such a strange skill, first teleport, and then suddenly jumped so high, so far.

Ordinary soldiers simply cannot catch up with the pace of Xiao Yu, only a few powerful fighters can keep up. As a result, hundreds of fighters in the back jumped up and rushed toward Xiao Yu.

At the same time, some remote powerhouses used bows and arrows to drive, attacked Xiao Yu and intercepted Xiao Yu.

However, after Xiao Yu jumped to the ground, he did not jump any more. Instead, he unleashed blast step skill and shuttled back and forth between the private houses in Mage City to dodge attacks.

Xiao Yu knows that if he was only himself, he could flee; even a sixth-order powerhouse would find it hard to stop him.

Maiev had already gone out to call for reinforcement so once she returned with reinforcement it wouldn’t be hard to flee.

At this point, Illidan was helping Xiao Yu to block those sixth-order powerhouses to ensure that they couldn’t catch up with Xiao Yu. Otherwise, sixth-order powerhouses would still cause huge trouble to Xiao Yu.

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