World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination 434

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“Gul’dan has reborn?” Xiao Yu was surprised. He did not expect Gul’dan’s skull to make such big announcement.

Hearing this voice, Xiao Yu naturally could no longer continue to wait here.

The skull of Gul’dan was, after all, the most important purpose of his adventure. However, now that Illidan was in coma, it seemed that it was very difficult to get Gul’dan’s skull.

Originally, with Illidan, getting skull of Gul’dan was just a matter of time but now he had to do things step by step. Gul’dan’s skull could not be allowed to fall into the hands of his enemies. Xiao Yu took his subordinates out.

Everyone outside already started to act. Instead of eyeing Lin Bixue here, it was better to take chance to see if they could get Gul’dan’s power.

After all, the skull of Gul’dan was the purpose of their trip.

Watching Xiao Yu also bring people out, these people were even happier. It seemed that Xiao Yu was also trying to get Gul’dan’s skull. If this was the case, then maybe they could fish in troubled waters and even Xiao Yu can’t do anything about it.

When Xiao Yu came out, Nicholas smiled and said “Xiao Yu, now, at this time, are we going to be allied together? We can join forces to get the skull of Gul’dan and then distribute it.”

Xiao Yu grinned and said “Gul’dan’s skull is one but we are three. How are we going to distribute it?”

Nicholas smiled a little and said “There are a lot of methods of distribution at the time. For example, we all can send a person to compare, whoever wins the duel, will get it or take out enough treasures and give them to two other partners.”

Xiao Yu said “Sigh! Apart from the alliance, there is no other good way to get the skull. Church’s Chris has his eyes on the skull. If any of us fight against him, we are definitely not his opponent. There is also Robert of the Kennedy family, now he and the church’s people have teamed up. It is even more dangerous for us.”

Nicholas nodded and said: “What you said is correct. In fact, there are many forces cooperating with each other, but they are not as expressive as we are, but hidden in the dark. They pretended not to know each other, and when the final moment arrives, they will work together to capture the skull of Gul’dan.”

In the eyes of Nicholas, there was a glimmer of light, and the forces on the mainland were constantly being calculated.

His goal was not just as simple as getting Gul’dan’s skull. Forces from all over the world were coming here; he came here not only for the skull of Gul’dan but actually to understand the situation of the major forces so that he could better understand their forces.

Xiao Yu nodded and looked at the people. He was also on alert. In fact, when forces were fighting for the inheritance of Aegwynn, it was already reflected.

In peacetime, there would not be so many people coming out, but at this time, the chaos was going to come. At such time, the desire for power was stronger than usual, especially at this time, when all kinds of strange phenomena had appeared.

This era was an era of chaos. If anyone succeeded, he would become the ruler of this era and become a character like those ancient heroes.

If failed, they would just disappear into the dust.

Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo discussed it a bit and then began to tread forward to find the skull of Gul’dan.

From beginning to end, Leonardo did not say anything. To Xiao Yu, he didn’t want to say anything. The only thing he wanted to do was to smash Xiao Yu, but for now, he couldn’t.

The three forces gathered together and it was quite spectacular. Now, anyone who dared to have an idea about Lin Bixue before had to drop it. They could only secretly peak at it, but dare not to get closer because they knew that Xiao Yu would not let them off.

“Xiao Yu, how do you know about Aegwynn?” As everyone walked forward, Nicholas suddenly asked Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu’s eyes turned sharp as he said: “This is my biggest secret which shouldn’t disclose, but I’m very impressed with you so I decided to tell you.”

Nikola suddenly rolled his eyes.

Xiao Yu looked up at the top of the main hall and said in an extremely deep tone: “You must know that there are many remnants left of the ancient war.”

Nicholas nodded and said: “Yes, I know this.”

Xiao Yu continued: “My father, Xiao Zhantian, was very adventurous when he was young. He liked to go to all corners of the mainland to find the history and ruins of the ancient times. In fact, this hobby is known to many people.”

Nicholas nodded quickly and said: “Yes, I also like to investigate the remains and history of the ancient times. Do you mean that your father found something?”

Xiao Yu said with a solemn look “Of course, don’t you think I have developed from a small lord into a powerful lord in very little time?”

Listening to Xiao Yu, Nikola’s eyes flashed with a light and then he said “What you said is correct. Your rise is indeed too abrupt. There is no sign at all, so suddenly you got so many ethnic forces.”

“Yes.” Xiao Yu patted Nicholas’s shoulder and then said: “My father just found a very important thing and then left it for me. It is the reason for everything I have now.”

“Oh? What is it?” When he heard what Xiao Yu said, Nicholas immediately concentrated his attention.

Even Leonardo, this time immediately turned his eyes and cocked his ears to listen.

Xiao Yu looked at their rapt look and began to laugh in his heart, but he replied in an extremely solemn tone “My father got a book, a book called ‘Azeroth General History’.”

“Azeroth General History?” When they heard Xiao Yu say these words, Nicholas and Leonardo couldn’t help but speak out. This thing, if it was real, was indeed too important.

No wonder, Xiao Yu knew so much about history and could summon the heroes of the ancient times. It turns out that he had such a book. In this book, there must be a huge secret that could summon those ancient heroes.

“Yes, it is the general history of Azeroth. You should also know that in the past, this continent was called Azeroth. In the beginning, there were two continents, and the other one was called Kalimdor. In the middle of two continents, there is a huge whirlpool of energy. Now, the mainland for god knows what reason, merged into one. This book is divided into many volumes, some of them are incomplete, and the first three volumes describe the formation of this continent. How is this world formed, that is, the story of the Titans that I told you about, the stories of the Eternal Well and Devil Soul, “The Earth and the Earth,” and then the “Dragon’s Day”, “The King of the Clan”, “The Last Guardian”, “Blood and Glory”, “The Wheel of Hate”, “The Gate of Darkness” “Alsace: The Rise of the Lich King”, “The Rise of the Horde”, etc., and later “The Tide of the Dark”, “The Night of the Dragon” etc. ”

When Nicholas and Leonardo heard about the books contains, they were shocked. They never heard about these before and these were extremely important to the history of the mainland.

“There is such a book. What else is there in the book,?” Nicholas asked in a solemn voice.

For the first time, he felt where he was behind Xiao Yu.

Holding such a book in the hand, naturally taking advantage of it, it was no wonder that Xiao Yu could get so many racial forces.

Xiao Yu smiled and said: “In addition to these historical records, this book also describes some ancient spells and prophecies, and incantation to summon back ancient heroes.”

“How do you summon those ancient heroes? Is it possible?” Nicholas and Leonardo’s pupils shrank.

“Yeah, my father had travelled a lot for this and finally found the place in the Ankara Mountains which was able to summon these heroes.”

“It turned out to be the reason for your deep understanding of history.” Nicholas was sighing in his heart. This Xiao Yu was indeed his biggest competitor.

After finding a suitable opportunity, he must kill Xiao Yu. Otherwise, if these heroes of Xiao Yu grow up in the future, it would be a huge threat.

Although he was also collecting soldiers of other races, he couldn’t compare with Xiao Yu.

Not far away, Chris was still thinking about the words of Xiao Yu just now. In fact, he naturally had a treasure that could track and spy on people.

Therefore, what Xiao Yu said just now, was heard by him.

It turned out that Xiao Yu found a way to summon Uther, and if what he said was true, then Uther might be true.

Especially Aegwynn’s words about Uther after entering Lin Bixue’s body since Aegwynn had no reason to lie, it would not be wrong.

Moreover, Aegwynn also said that heroes around Xiao Yu were all ancient heroes, so according to Xiao Yu’s words, everything should be true.

“What… what should I do? What should I do?”

Chris was caught in a deep dilemma, on one side was his loyalty to the church and on the other was their god. Which one should he choose?

“About this matter, the Pope may not know right now but he still tried to kill Uther which shows that he has given upon Uther, our god. He wants to be next god. I can’t bring Uther back. Otherwise, the Pope will definitely kill Uther to become next god.”

Thinking of this, Chris suddenly thought of everything thoroughly and also made the decision to protect Uther from Pope.

However, at this time, the sound of crushing rang in his mind. His mind seemed to have lost something. His spirit, his soul, at this moment, seemed to be destroyed.

The next moment, in his eyes, a bloodthirsty light flashed.

“Kill Uther, kill Uther regardless of price,” Chris muttered, his eyes were bloodshot.

In the Vatican, thousands of miles away, the Pope looked at a black crystal ball in his hand with turbid eyes filled with a lament and pity.

“Chris, your biggest weakness is that you are too upright.”

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