World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 417

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Xiao Yu’s eyes were on Nicholas’s movements, but he did not say anything when he saw it. How could he not understand Nicholas’s plan?

Nicholas was helping orc soldiers to get the orcs’ approval so that they would join him. Nicholas had this idea for a long time.

But it’s a pity; Nicholas’s plan was incapable of recruiting these orcs that were summoned even if he used his all means! They would always be loyal to Xiao Yu!

“be careful everyone!” Xiao Yu stared at the ground, for fear of ambush.

As if verifying what Xiao Yu said, the land beneath him suddenly split open!

When Xiao Yu saw it, he immediately jumped toward another side, and the next moment the land around his original position collapsed!

Then a vine shot out from it toward Xiao Yu.

“This? F#ck, it still not give up?” Xiao Yu could not help but scream, this guy did not want to let him off!

“Come! Everyone come together! And f#ck this thing up! I, this father still don’t believe it, I must uproot this thing!” Xiao Yu shouted loudly. This damn vine actually knew who the most important person was. If he was allowed to kill himself, wouldn’t everything be finished?

When everyone heard Xiao Yu’s words, they swarmed and attacked the vines that were coming out!

After a while, ground once again calmed down.

“Nima, this thing wants to play hide and seek! Hit! Continue to fight! Hey!” said Xiao Yu. This thing likely had high IQ.

Today they might not have good sleep. During rest at night, the vines might drill out from the ground, and quietly harvest their life during sleep.

“Don’t be careless! Don’t let this happen again!” shouted Xiao Yu. He couldn’t let his heroes and soldiers get hurt!

They were the foundation of Xiao Yu’s dominance here!

After some exploration, the people did not find vines again.

Nicholas and Leonardo on the side looked from the side, just watching, not saying a word.

“What are you looking at? Don’t stay here!” Xiao Yu was very depressed, but he could only swear in his heart, after all, they were his partners.

“Basically dead! But…” The bloodhoof was a man of few words. He was not good at talking.

“But what? bloodhoof! Is there something, you can’t do it?” Xiao Yu said in agitation. What the hell was this, how did the bloodhoof seem to be getting stupid?

The bloodhoof said with a frown “But I didn’t find the main body of the vine! I don’t know where it went and when it will come out to trouble us!”

When Xiao Yu heard it, he began to walk toward the hole and wanted to see what was going on.

Before reaching the big pit, Xiao Yu stretched his neck and looked inside. When he just wanted to take a closer look at the vines, suddenly a vine in the ground moved.

Xiao Yu stunned, and then ran away!

Good guy, there was still a hidden vine hidden underneath! When it saw Xiao Yu coming, of course, it seized the opportunity and attacked!

The anger was still burning in Xiao Yu’s heart. Bloodhoof unleashed mortal strike skill on the pit! The tyrannical force hit the vines.

Unexpectedly, the vines did not die and were still swaying in the air as if they were laughing at this Xiao Yu.

“Hey! I dare you to laugh at this father!!” said Xiao Yu, just when he was about to act, the ground began to tremble violently.

This time, vines hidden under the ground were really angry!

Speaking of this vine, they don’t know how many years have been hidden in this place. No one had ever come to him to find trouble.

The raging vines stretched out all of their countless branches, constantly attacking the people around them, no matter what race, no matter what strength!

Indiscriminate attack!

Nicholas and Leonardo were shaking their heads silently. About this Xiao Yu, they really had nothing to say, he was just too unlucky!

In desperation, the two could only organize their soldiers to kill these things and move on. They were on outskirts of the city. There were more dangers waiting deeper inside.

“Fast! Fight! Go inside the ground (Tunnel made by vines)! Don’t stay behind! Kael’thas, burn them down!” Xiao Yu commanded Kael’Thas. The plants feared fire most, and the fire could burn them into ashes!

Kael’thas unleashed magic, and soon places around Xiao Yu were burned!

Even a lot of flames began to seep through the ground to find the roots of the vines.

The situation of Nicholas and Leonardo was also not very good. Many people had been caught by vines all of sudden.

“Everyone be careful! Cut off the vines first, and then find a way!” Nicholas shouted loudly. This was their only choice now.

Everyone soon took the initiative to attack. They were caught by a surprise before. Now they had finally reacted, and their powerful combat power erupted.

“Ah!” A shrill, non-human voice rang, and the ground trembled with it as if something was going to erupt out.

Xiao Yu immediately commanded everyone to retreat and everyone began to retreat to a safe area.


A behemoth appeared in front of everyone. This guy looks very strange, green colour like a tree, but not a tree, it seems to have a big flower on the top of its head. Around his body, there were countless vines that continue to stretch and squirm.

“This… this, How is it so big? it knows that this father is small in size! You are deliberately bullying me?” Xiao Yu felt wronged. Who could think that this thing has such a huge body?

“Humans! Run! Leave!!” This monster was obviously not very proficient in the human language, and it was not clear what he said.

However, this did not prevent everyone from understanding what he meant.

“There is no way! We have already arrived! How can we just leave this place?” Xiao Yu shook his head and said with a look of regret as if he did not want to come here.

“That! Go to hell!” What surprised Xiao Yu was that the bad temper of this big guy because it attacked already!

“Kill your sister! I will not fight with you!” Xiao Yu said very uncomfortably, his body retreated backwards to evade the attack. The Bloodhoof rushed forward and stand in front of Xiao Yu.

“Hey! Kill!” The Bloodhoof screamed and rushed forward with his big axe.

The vine monster saw that the Bloodhoof dared to challenge him, and immediately waved his vines to rushed up and smash the Bloodhoof.

Bloodhoof slash down his big axe, cutting all the vines, and soon a large amount of green liquid smeared the ground.

“Nicholas, Leonardo, what’s wrong? Are you not going to help?” Xiao Yu shouted, his mood was not very good. This was because these two had already taken advantage twice.

“Oh, okay! Go! Let’s fight!” Nicholas said with a smile and waved at his own people to go up. Leonardo did not say anything and waved at magicians to fight.

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