World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 410

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Xiao Yu’s troops watched new cannon fodders crossing the river, but they did not rush to cross the river.

“Seniors! We have crossed the river, its safe here! Please ask others to come over!” The brawny man shouted, for fear that others did not know that they had successfully crossed the river.

“Hey, should we go now?” Xiao Yu asked with some doubts. His institution was telling him that something was amiss.

Nicholas looked at Xiao Yu and said: “Xiao Yu, do you really want to die? If you want to go, then go!”

“Someone wants to die, isn’t it a good thing? Nicholas, you shouldn’t stop him!” Leonardo interrupted Nicholas in his tracks.

Xiao Yu was surprised for a moment. What did you mean? What about dying?

Xiao Yu was just going to ask, but before that, he thought of a possibility. He turned around his head and then unleashed his Vision technique, and explored the situation on the other side of the river.

It didn’t matter where he looked, Xiao Yu was shocked.

It turned out that the terrain on the opposite side was very strange. There was a valley with hills on both sides. It was covered with dense forests. It was a very good place to hide the body. If anyone wanted to ambush them, it was definitely the best place to choose!

Xiao Yu said with a smile: “Hey, it’s really interesting. I really want to know who is so courageous and come to us for trouble? Don’t forget, we are now still a team?”

Nicholas smiled silently. The words of Xiao Yu were really right. They were a team, but some people still dare to trouble them. What did this mean? This shows that the strength of the other party would only be stronger and no weaker than theirs!

“Who is it?” Xiao Yu touched his head and still couldn’t figure out who would dare to come to trouble them.

However, soon a force crossed Xiao Yu’s mind. This force was not only powerful, but more importantly, they were very arrogant, and also have a hostile relationship with Xiao Yu!

“How can it not be them? Xiao Yu, you really have bad luck! I think you should also pay something valuable to us? Otherwise, I don’t mind helping them to catch you!” said Leonardo.

Naked threat! This was a naked threat!

“Hey, if you have the ability then you can try! I will finish you off! If you don’t believe then you can try! I still have some fire dragon bursting arrow, and Theodore’s sixth-order magic scroll that he left for me.” Xiao Yu was not afraid of Leonardo so gave a strong counterattack.

Leonardo smiled disdainfully, no longer paying heed to Xiao Yu, a madman. With such a madman, it would be useless to say more.

“Xiao Yu, we will not interfere in this matter. We really don’t want to fight with the church’s people, let alone when we have some connection with the church! I think you should understand!” Nicholas said with furrowed brows.

Some connection? The Church was spread to every corner of this continent!

Xiao Yu nodded. This is the fact that he did not want to admit. Xiao Yu also admired the strong penetration power of the church. If he had such penetration power (hidden connections), plus the Uther, its effect would be anything but normal. It could be even said that Xiao Yu could even establish another church to face the current Church!

Uther, the hero that existed in the legends, the true god of the bright church! Now he was right beside Xiao Yu. Then what would be the result?

Quite simply, all the believers of the current church would want to come to Xiao Yu’s side to see Uther himself and see if the true God of the bright church really exists. Was it the one that they prayed day and night?

Once they proved that their Uther was the real Uther, what would happen? It was no exaggeration to say that all believers would fall under Uther’s feet, kiss the feet of the true God, and pray for the protection of the true God!

Unfortunately, the current strength of Xiao Yu was not big enough, at least not enough to compete with the current church! So now the Bright Church would send people to find troubles with Xiao Yu for various reasons. They wanted to find a suitable opportunity to remove Uther and continue to use the power of the Church’s faith to exploit those blind believers.

“Oh, understand it! But if I died, what will happen to two of you. Do you think that you have the capital to compete with the church? Oh, if they don’t force you to follow them as cannon fodders, then you will be lucky. “Xiao Yu said.

Nicholas had no choice but to smile. He was also afraid of this, and this Xiao Yu often grasped their weaknesses and chooses to attack them at the appropriate time.

Yes, as Xiao Yu said, they had no way other way. Although the target of the church was Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo were not stupid. At this time, the threat of the church was relatively much greater than that of Xiao Yu.

At present, Xiao Yu was at most a lord who controlled the land of the northwest, but the church was different. The church was the faith of the entire continent and was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Now, the church began to reorganize the Scarlet Crusade which had already shown its willingness to join this battle.

Once this fanatical power of faith erupted, power would be absolutely unimaginable.

In the future, the world would be dominated by the church. The church was a force that they absolutely could not circumvent. If you didn’t start to suppress the church, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Now, Xiao Yu’s hand had trump card named Uther. To some extent, it could contain the church. This may be a favourable aspect for them.

“No more nonsense!” said Leonardo while looking at the situation on the other side of the river.

Xiao Yu didn’t care about Leonardo’s opinions. Anyway, Nicholas and Leonardo would not fight with him unless they didn’t want Gul’dan’s skull.

“Let’s wait here! Well, anyway, we are not in a hurry to find the skull of Gul’dan. On the contrary, people of the Church of Light should be very interested in getting the skull of Gul’dan!” said Xiao Yu while touching his chin.

If someone familiar with Xiao Yu saw him like this, he would think that this guy was definitely up to something.

“And then what? Should we rest here? Are you not afraid of someone getting ahead of us?” Nicholas asked with a smile. He always felt that Xiao Yu was careless and didn’t know what to do but in reality Xiao Yu was probably the most astute person!

This was natural because Xiao Yu’s brain development level was comparable to that of Xiao Yu’s past life. What’s more, he was already familiar with the world’s intrigues

“Wait? When are we waiting? Didn’t you see someone clearing the road for us? Actually, it’s very simple, we will just let our precious cannon fodder make way for us?” Xiao Yu said with a smile. How could he let off such good cannon fodder?

When Xiao Yu saw the appearance of Nicholas and Leonardo, he knew what they were thinking in their mind.

If they didn’t have these cannon fodders, then they would have to send someone to explore the swamp. And who was going to do it? Naturally, Xiao Yu’s Air Force. The Air Force was the best choice for investigation in the swamp.

As for the reasons, there was no need to say it. The most importantly they want to consume the strength of Xiao Yu!

Nicholas praised Xiao Yu for cleverness in the heart. He ordered his soldier: “Tell the leader of the other side (cannon fodders) to go and explore the area in hills over there. If there is any danger, tell them to retreat and wait for our rescue!”

This order made soldier worried, when did his master become so kind? Others didn’t know, but he knew a little bit. This Nikola was a real black belly master.

“Well? What? You didn’t hear what I said?” Nicholas furrowed his brows and looked at the soldier.

“Yes! Commander!” After the soldier finished, he left immediately. He didn’t want to stay for a minute.

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