Wiro Sableng – Chapter 6

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Wiro Sableng – Chapter Six

While staying on the top of Mount Gede with his teacher, no matter how crazy his teacher’s brain was, it was the first time Wiro Saksana saw and heard Eyang Sinto Gendeng singing. The words from the song, somehow made Wiro throbbing. What was the meaning behind those words? What kind of feeling that wanted to be conveyed by the teacher, because Wiro witnessed the old hag pouring her feeling into the song, while staring far to the horizon. Seventeen years made the old me became older. Those words were clearly meant to the teacher herself. But to whom was the words seventeen years had made a baby became a fine young man? Was it meant for him? Wiro Saksana’s heart was throbbing. Then the words seventeen years is the time to say goodbye also seventeen years is the time for revenge… what were those words mean?

When Wiro Saksana was looking upward, suddenly Eyang Sinto Gendeng was also looking downward, and the sharp eyes of Wiro Saksana, even though it was for a second, but he could still saw the expression and the eyes from his teacher that was unsual. The expression and those eyes were hiding sadness. What kind of feeling that filled the heart of the teacher, really?

Suddenly, Eyang Sinto Gendeng roaring loudly and made Wiro Saksana surprised like his soul flew from his body.

“What are you waiting, IDIOT?! I have been thirst since ages ago, and you just stood there like a stupid stone! I am going to piss your empty head later! Hurry, throw that scoop!”

And Wiro Saksana hurriedly threw the scoop made from coconut that filled with water. That scoop flew to the air without spilling even a drop of water.

“Nice Wiro… Very nice!” Sinto Gendeng was praising and with her left hand he caught the scoop. One second later, her wrinkled thin throat was seen moving up and down drinking the water from the scoop. She drank the water until nothing left.

“Take this scoop back, Wiro!”

That scoop flew downward. Wiro Saksana stretched his hand to catch it but in that second from above the tree his teacher was seen moving her right hand. A heavy wind pushed the scoop and made the scoop that was about to be caught by Wiro Saksana turned sideways and attacked his chest.

“You are insane!” the young man was shouting. He quickly crossed his arms in front of his chest, the scoop and the hands were colliding. The scoop broken and fell to the ground, the handle was broke in to two.

In that moment, Sinto Gendeng descended to the ground. Both of her feet stepped on the ground silently and without leaving and footprint, even though the branch of guava tree where she jumped was almost four spear distances high. One could imagine the level of Body Enlightening technique of that powerful woman.

Both of them, the teacher and the student, were standing face to face. Wiro Saksana could feel how unusual the gaze from both Sinto Gendeng’s eyes to him, the expression that he could not understand. That old hag took a few steps back. Bot of her feet were opened while her hands were stretching forward. Her mouth was moving. Second after second both of her feet pierced three centimeters into the ground while her whole body was shaking. Her wrinkled dark face was covered with sweat.

Suddenly Wiro Saksana was surprised when he saw both of his teacher hand became so white while the ten fingers of that woman emitting a blinding light.

“Eyang!” Wiro Saksana shouted. “Do you want me to die a ridiculous death with the Sun Strike Punch?!”

Sinto Gendeng did not answer. Her mouth still chanting mantra, her jaws closed and her eyes and look became really scary.

Wiro Saksana’s nape hairs stood. This is the first time he saw her teacher let out that kind of spiritual power. Without waiting any longer, not waiting those closed fist hitting his face, the young man stretched his feet and folded his hands to his chest. His eyes were closed, he chanting something. Both of his feet pierced two centimeters into the ground. His body did not move an inch, like a mighty mountain, he was standing still.


The roar from Sinto Gendeng pierced the sky. Both of her hands were swung forward. Two blinding white light which its temperature could burn and melt anything were aimed forward, towards Wiro Saksana’s body.

In the exact same time, Wiro Saksana also roared.


His hands that were folded at the same time were thrust forward; of course, both of his hands were stretched straight. This was called Typhoon Castle Engulfing Ocean. This technique was not only used to attack, but as the name indicated, it could be a might shied or castle that would protect Wiro from the attack from his teacher.

When the whirlwind from those strikes met, the thunderous sound that deafening ears was heard and the sand was blown, the leaves were falling from the trees; even dried branch was broken and falling. The peak of Mount Gede was shaking. The sky was like divided by that thunderous sound.

When the sand and dirt fell back to the ground, the situation around there were bright again, then Wiro Saksana could see both of his teacher feet had pierced ten centimeters into the ground. That woman’s face was covered with sweat and her eyes narrowed. But when he checked his situation closely, he found out that both of his feet had been buried deep until his calf. Meanwhile, his body was covered with cold sweat and was still shaking after the previous colliding of enormous spiritual power.

“Nice Wiro… very nice!” Eyang Sinto Gendeng was praising, but her face did not show a happy expression at all, instead, the wrinkled face emitting terror. “Now, take this Icy Wind strike, Wiro!”

After finished saying that, Sinto Gendeng lifted both of her hand high with the palm of her hands were opened towards the student. Her eyes were closed again. Wiro was waiting with his body did not move an inch.

The air suddenly became cool. When Sinto Gendeng rotated her hands, that coolness suddenly turned into cold air that could pierced into the bones. Wiro Saksana gritted his teeth, withstanding the freezing air. His skin was frozen as if covered with snow. The ground where he stood felt like ice. If it was let to be happened for one more minute, the young man body would be frozen solid. This was the power of the technique call Icy Wind!

With his body shaking while withstanding the cold, Wiro Saksana roaring loudly. Along with that, both of his hand was rotated into the air like a storm raging to every corner of the earth. The peak of that mountain was rumbling. The leaves that were frozen by the coldness of the air now were seen moving, faster and faster. The cold air that was piercing the bones now was dispersed by the Whirlwind technique that was released by Wiro Saksana.

The faster the rotation of the young man, the greater the storm was raging, the more the coldness was dispersed. The leaves that were previously moving now were falling along with the branches. One by one smaller tree were falling, the bigger trees could hold their ground but their leaves were falling. Eyang Sinto Gendeng was seen swaying. Her black clothes were waving.

“Crazy… really crazy!!!” that woman was shouting. Her mouth let out a shattering wailing then she jumped nine spears distances from that place and he took out a hairpin then threw it at Wiro.

The student quickly stopped his hands rotation and jumped sideways. The hairpins that brought deadly wind flew to a tree, and that tree fell and its trunk was shattered to pieces.

The cold air vanished. The raging wind was also vanished and the situation returned to as it was. When Wiro looked forward, he saw his teacher was holding a strange shaped axe. Before he saw the detail of that thing, Eyang Sinto Gendeng asked a question. “Do you the weapon in my hand, Wiro? You see…?!”

The student nodded and his eyes were glued to the strange axe in his teacher hand.

“This time, you will not be able to avoid my strike, Wiro!”

“Eyang Sinto… have you finally gone mad and want to kill your own student…?!”

That woman was giggling. “I had gone mad ages ago, Wiro! If not, my name is not Sinto Gendeng! You are really stupid; don’t even know the meaning of Gendeng (Crazy)!”

Wiro stared cautiously. His eyes were inspecting the strange axe in his teacher hand. That axe was double-edged with the size of a brick. The handle was clean, perhaps was made from ivory, according to Wiro’s assessment. On the handle of axe that was big almost as big as an arm was seen six small holes. On the edge of the handle was a head of a dragon with its mouth open.

“Wiro!” said Eyang Sinto. “I will use three techniques with this axe in a row to attack you! If you can withstand them, you will survive. Otherwise, be ready to die a stupid death!”

Wiro Saksana gritted his teeth. He wanted to answer the teacher’s words. But, before he could open his mouth, Eyang Sinto Gendeng had shouted:

“This is the first technique, Wiro!”

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