Wiro Sableng – Chapter 5

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Wiro Sableng – Chapter Five

It could hardly be believed that that the Mount Gede that should have been empty, with no human inhibited it, on a burning hot day was heard a loud voice of someone’s laugh. Sometimes that high pitched voiced disappeared and changed into a voice of anger that was sometimes accompanied by other laughter. It was clear that there were two people on the top Mount Gede at that very moment and the two of them seemed to be fighting with everything they had. Fighting while laughing, who the hell were they?

The one with tall and skinny body and dressed in black was an old hag with a very dark complexion and wrinkled skin. The dark and wrinkled skin was no more than a thin skin that covered the bones. Her haggard face went through the eyes and made them looked scary. In contrast with her all black colored clothes, her hair and eyebrows were white and those white hairs was so thin that almost made her head bald. The funny thing was, on the top of the almost gone bald head, that old hag wore five hairpins on her head, and strangely enough, those five hairpins were not put on the hair which of course would be impossible to be wore on those sparse hairs. Those five hairpins were stabbed right into the head of that old hag.

Who was this old hag? She was the one who was called Eyang1 Sinto Gendeng, a powerful woman who had been resigned from the world of martial arts since twenty years ago. In the last ten years when she was still active in the world of martial arts, Sinto Gendeng had conquered the world of martial arts in the West Java region even the Central Java. In that span of time, she had wiped out and cleared all kind of bad guys. When facing bad guys, there was only one resolve for Sinto Gendeng to do, which was to kill them! So it was no wonder that her name became famous. The real name of that woman was Sinto Weni. But because of her funny and strange behavior that was like a mentally disorder man, slowly the world of martial arts bestowed the new name to her which was Sinto Gendeng or Sinto Gila2.

Then who was the second person who was on the top of Mount Gede that was fighting with Sinto Gendeng at that moment? He was a youngster that looked like to enter his seventeen. His body was sturdy and he has clean yellow complexion almost like a girl skin. His hair was over the shoulder long and messy so that his handsome face looked childish.

The truth was that they were not in the middle of fight, because the seventeen years old teenager was Eyang Sinto Gendeng’s student. Just like how the teacher acted, so that the student followed, laughing, smirking, and shouting. Even though the two of them were training martial arts, but every movements and techniques that they did were deadly, if not careful, it could bring harm to oneself. The dirt and sand were flying, leaves fell from the trees, and the bushes were blown by the wind of the strike and movements from their bodies that were like shadows.

In the right hand of Sinto Gendeng there was a dried branch while her student held a seven curved keris.

“Come one Wiro! Hit me with Madman Hitting Flies technique! Quick, attack me, otherwise I will fart your face!”

Wiro Saksana, the student, was laughing hard and scratching his head, made his long hair became even messier. Suddenly that laughing became louder and shook the ground, made the leaves fell from the trees.

“Ciaat…!!!”3 The roar could be heard from the entire universe4 came out from Wiro Saksana’s mouth. His body disappeared. The keris that was held in his right hand swoop here and there with the speed that could hardly be seen with eyes. This was the technique that was called: Madman Hitting Flies. The movement of sweeping with the Keris was amazingly fast but it looked disorganized and random. Wiro Saksana’s body moved here and there, but this movement had cornered the powerful old hag Eyang Sinto Gendeng.

But that old hag was still giggling. She was still playing around with the dried branch on her hand. If only the person that were faced by Wiro Saksana at that time was not his own teacher, a powerful woman like Sinto Gendeng, but another person, that person’s body would be scattered in pieces or at least sliced by the blade of the Keris that was sweeping like a storm.

Sinto Gendeng was giggling.

“Wiro you idiot! It was still not fast enough, still not enough!” Sinto Gendeng said.

The student was cursing in his heart.

“Eeeee…. Are you cursing me?!” Shinto Gendeng scolded. “Look at the branch!” that old hag shouted.

Shinto Gendeng’s body flashed. Her right hand that was holding the branch moved. “Watch out your right armpits, Wiro!”

Even though he had been warned, even though he had dodged with amazing speed but still the edge of that branch came faster to Wiro Saksana’s right armpit.


Wiro Saksana’s white clothes war ripped on the right armpit side

“Darn…! Thankfully it was just the armpit!” that young man said. As he gritted his teeth he flew forward. “Eyang!” he said. “Take this Monkey Throwing Fruits technique”

“Ah, it is just and an idiotic technique, who would be scared” The teacher answered

Wiro Saksana threw his right hand punch forward. When his hand stretched straight forward, suddenly his fingers opened and a wave of wind as hard as stone was blown toward the neck of Eyang Sinto Gendeng.

That old hag was still giggling. She spat. Even though it was just a spit of saliva that was spat lightly, but because it was filled with spiritual energy, that saliva was really dangerous for the skin and eyes. Wiro Saksana dodged sideways. While dodging, he waved his left hand to added power to the previous empty hand strike which was Monkey Throwing Fruit that was slowed down a bit because of the spit from Sinto Gendeng.

Seeing the strike was still ferociously coming towards her neck, Sinto Gendeng was laughing again. This one person really had a strange attitude, even every technique she created was named with strange and funny names. It was not strange that the world of martial arts changed her name into Sinto Gendeng.

The laughter from the old hag disappeared, change into ear shattering wailing. Her body was seen rolling and flashed as if she was flying to a branch of guava tree. While doing that, she had deflected the wind from Monkey Throwing Fruit technique. The wind stroke a tree across her and that tree fell to the ground.

The sound of laughter was heard again.

Wiro Saksana was staring above exasperatedly. He saw his teacher was sitting as if nothing happened in the branch of the guava tree while eating guava.

“Really crazy…” Wiro was grumbling upset because his attack only hit a tree.

“My name is Sinto Gendeng, indeed.” The teacher said, and then she asked. “You want some, Wiro?”

Before Wiro Saksana could answer, his teacher has spat the seed of the guava to him. Twenty one seeds of guava attacked almost whole Wiro Saksana’s blood flow.

“Who the hell want just the seed, huh” Wiro Saksana answered. He jumped to the air and waving his both hands. The twenty one guava seed fell to the ground even seven of them was returned to attack Sinto Gendeng. Alas, with a little movement from her right foot, the old hag scattered those seven seeds.

“If you don’t want guava seed, then take this dried branch!” Sinto Gendeng said, and the dried branch that was on her left hand was thrown downwards, whizzing like an arrow towards the head of her student. Sinto Gendeng was really a strange woman. In training her student, every attack launched was really deadly or at least could cause a serious injury if the student was not careful. Every technique she created was as strange as its name.

Seeing the attack of the dried branch, Wiro laughed. He moved his right hand that was holding Keris, and then the branch was split into two, right in the middle of it and fell.

“You better come down Eyang.” Wiro Saksana said. “If not….”

“If not then what?” Eyang Sinto Gendeng cut in the middle.

“Accept this keris, Eyang…! Accept with your forehead and be ridiculous!”

After saying it, Wiro Saksana was laughing out loud and threw the Seven Curved Keris that was in his right hand. The weapon flew almost invisible because it was too fast. Four seconds later, the giggling from Eyang Sinto Gendeng was heard, and suddenly when Wiro looked up, he saw the keris that he threw was pinched between her teacher’s index and middle finger.

Wiro Saksana was grumbling.

Suddenly. “This is payment for your old keris, Wiro!” Sinto Gendeng took out two of her hairpins from her head that with scarce white hair. Along with the ferocious wind, the two hairpins flew towards Wiro Saksana. One of them was aimed to head; the other one was aimed to stomach.

Wiro Saksana knew the power of the hairpins did not want deflect those weapons by waving his hands filled with spiritual energy. Preceded by a loud roar, the young man stepped hard on the earth, throwing his body into the air. The two hairpins passed him from his right and left side, kept flying and finally stuck deep on the ground.

Eyang Sinto Gendeng was laughing her ass off.

“Good… Good… You did not deflect my attack with the spiritual power! None of spiritual power level that could stand against that haripins, Wiro! Eeee…. I am thirsty! Hik….6 bring me water, Wiro! Hurry!”

“If you are, just lick your own sweat!” the student that was as funny and as crazy as the teacher said.

And the strange Eyang Sinto Gendeng was not angry at all hearing outrageous joke from her student, she was laughing instead.

Suddenly her laughter was gone. “Water, Wiro! Hurry!” the old hag shouted

The student then went from that place. He walked toward a small hut. Behind the hut, there was a Gentong7 filled with cold water. Wiro took one scoop of water from it.

When he walked back to that place to give the water to his teacher, he suddenly heard the voice of Eyang Sinto Gendeng singing. The voice was not sweet at all, but the words that were arranged in the song made Wiro wonder inside his heart.

Pitulas taun wus katilar,

Pucuking Gunung Gede isih panggah kaya biyen mulo,

Langit isih tetep biru,

Wulan lan suryo isih tetep mandeng lan kangen,


Pitulas taun agawe kang tua tambah tua.

Pitulas taun ndadekake bayi abang dadi pemuda kang gagah,

Pitulas taun wektu perjanjian,

Pitulas taun wiwitane perpisahan,

Pitulas taun wekdaling pamales….8



  1. Grandmother or grandma, but yes, I will use Eyang instead.
  2. Gila is crazy, but because it is a name, I will use it. nope I will not translate any name into English
  3. This is Indonesian onomatopoeia for when the warrior want to make a move or attack, like “hyaa”
  4. Hyperbole of course
  5. Onomatopoeia when the clothes was ripped
  6. Onomatopoeia when someone having a hiccup
  7. I don’t know what it was called in English other than container, but the shape was unique so I use Gentong instead.
  8. Translation for the lyrics:

The peak of Mount Gede is just like what it was,

The sky is still blue,

The Moon and the Sun still staring from afar, missing each other

Seventeen years turned this old hag older

Seventeen years turned a baby into a fine youngman

Seventeen years of the promised time

Seventeen years is the time to say goodbye

Seventeen years is the time for revenge

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