Wiro Sableng – Chapter 4

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Wiro Sableng – Chapter Four

“You shameless bastard, today you will die by my hand!” Mahesa Birawa shouted as he lifted his left hand to deflect his enemy’s strike.

Two arms colliding hard, Ranaweleng was thrown backwards while Mahesa Birawa was only shifted for a few steps. He knew that his spiritual power was lower than his enemy, and for that, he used body enlightening technique at its peak. Ranaweleng was not more powerful than Jarot Karsa.

Meanwhile, from the ledge was heard the shouting from Suci to the two men who were fighting, “Suryanyali! Kakang Rana! Please, stop this fighting! Please!”

Suci never knew that Suryanyali had changed his name into Mahesa Birawa. She then shouted again. “Both of you did not have any hositily, why do you have to fight each other?”

“Suci, get back inside the house!” Ranaweleng said to his wife. At then time he needed to rolled back in the air to dodge his enemy’s strike.

As for Mahesa Birawa, he did not have any intention to stop the fight anymore. Even the shouting from Suci only made him wanted to kill Ranaweleng as quickly as possible even further.

In an instant, those two men had been fighting with eight techniques and it was clearly seen how Ranaweleng was at a great disadvantage. The bare fists from his enemy had locked his movements from every direction. By roaring loudly and speeding up his movements and relying on the body enlightening technique, Ranaweleng tried to get out from his enemy’s lock. But it was for naught. Mahesa Birawa, like a shadow, he moved very fast. And on the tenth technique, one blow from the left elbow hit Ranaweleng’s right rib hard.

Ranaweleng held his groaning. His face turned blue pale. He knew that at least two of his ribs had been broken and he got a severe internal injury. For a few seconds, he stood unsteadily and his sight was blurry.

“Ha…. Ha….” Mahesa Birawa was laughing. “Soon, Ranaweleng… very soon, your death will arrive. You better ask forgiveness before you meet your Maker!”

Ranaweleng was chanting something, his jaws was swelling, both of his hand stretched forwards. He was ready to launch a powerful unarmed strike. On the other side, Mahesa Birawa stood still like an obelisk, his feet sunk one centimeter into the ground. His spiritual energy was channeled throughout his body to face the enemy’s strike.

Suddenly a waling like the sound of tornado came out from the mouth of Ranaweleng. Both of his hand moving one after another and a wave of hot wind whirling towards Mahesa Birawa. Who was attacked, roaring and jumped three spears distances into the air. As the hot wind whirling furiously beneath his feet, it burned the trees behind, then Mahesa Birawa quickly dove like an eagle.

The Hot Wind Strike that was launched by Ranaweleng needed great concentration of mind and energy. A few second after he launched that strike, his body is still in the state of concentration of mind, so when his opponent dove from above he was late to avoid it. For the second time, Ranaweleng received the hit from his enemy. This time, his body almost slammed to the ground. It was lucky of him, that he was still able to roll on the ground, otherwise, the kick from Mahesa Birawa right foot that aimed to his lower abdomen should have ended his life.

When he got up, because he knew that he would not be able to fight his enemy empty handedly, Ranaweleng unsheathed Seven Curves Keris1 from his waist.

But Ranaweleng was surprised when he saw forward. Mahesa Birawa stood with his feet spread. His left hand stretched forward and his right hand was lifted high behind his head and that hand had become green by the poison from the Green Centipede Punch technique.

Suci who had witnessed the mighty of the Green Centipede Punch screamed out loud.

“Sura!!! Don’t!!! Stop this fight!”

Suryanyali or Mahesa Birawa showed a deadly smile. “If you have ten weapons, took them out at once, Ranaweleng!!!” He said mockingly.

Ranaweleng’s heart was shook. Cold sweat covered his body. Just like Jarot Karsa, he would not be able to face the might of the Green Centipede Punch. Nevertheless, to run away and save himself, as a man with heart of a knight, it was never exist in his mind. He better be killed covered with dirt rather than live as a coward. Besides, he knew exactly that his enemy was truly after his life. With that, Ranaweleng decided to attack first.

With the magical Keris in his hand, Ranaweleng moved forward. But it was still for nothing. At the moment his body made half a jump, Mahesa Birawa’s right hand had stroke forward.

Suci screamed. Ranaweleng was bouced of fell to the ground lifeless. His whole body even the magical Keris that was still be held in his hand became green by the poison from the Green Centipede Punch technique.

Suci screamed again and ran towards his husband’s body, but Mahesa Birawa quickly jumped forwards to block that woman. If Suci touched his husband’s body that still green then in a second, the posion in Ranaweleng’s body would flow to Suci and it was certain that the woman would die too.

“Let me go you cursed bastrad! You savage!!!” suci screamed

“if you touch that man’s body even a little, then you would be poisoned too, Suci…”

“I am not afraid! I want to die too!”

“You are still too young to die…!”

With one move from his hand, Mahesa Birawa had carried Suci on his shoulder. Because that woman still struggling, screaming and hitting his back, Mahesa Birawa quickly pinched the blood vessel on Suci’s neck; made that woman stiffened unconscious.

While walking towards his horse, Mahesa Birawa told his three underlings, “Burn that bastard’s house!”

Kaligundil, Krocoweti, and Majineng quickly obeyed that order. In a second, the big house belonged to the chief of Jatiwalu village was covered in big fire.

The big satisfied smile was blooming on Mahesa Birawa’s face. When most of the house had been burned to the ground, together with his men, he left the place.

The cries from few months old baby was heard wailing between the roaring of fire that burned the house.

“The baby! The baby…!” someone among the crowds that gathered on the yard of the chief’s house was screaming.

“Raden Rana’s baby…! How poor!”

“If not be helped quickly, it would die!”

But those people who gather there could only scream and scream. They did not dare to run and save that baby. The sound of the cry from that baby was getting smaller and hoarse while the fire starting to reach the room where the baby was lying.

When the sound of cries that made hearts broken almost gone, when many people did not know what to do anymore to save that baby, at that time, a shadow from nowhere was seen flying into the raging fire. Just as quickly as it came, that shadow came out and flew toward the east.

That body was flying so fast so that no one saw who that person was or even to make sure if that shadow was really a person, not a ghost or demon! Let alone to see its face, just to know whether that shadow was a man or woman, no one could make sure of it. It came and gone so fast, only the black clothes that could be seen by people. And in a few second after that shadow gone, Ranaweleng’s house that was burning was raze to the ground and the fire soaring high to the sky.

Whomever that shadows was whether it was a human or not, whether it was a man or woman, no one there knew for sure, but they knew that the shadow had saved Ranaweleng’s baby and brought it to the east.

When Mahesa Birawa opened his room door and lying down Suci on the bed when he accidentally saw the wall, then a scream almost let out from the man’s mouth.

On the wall made from the hard teak wood, was written a series of sentences:




No name was written on the wall. Those writing were quickly written and Mahesa Biara knew, that if not a person with high spiritual power, that person would not be able to made that writing on the wall made from hard teak wood, because those writings were made using finger.


  1. Indonesian traditional weapon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kris
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