Wiro Sableng – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Both of Mahesa Birawa’s or Suryanyali’s eyes that were closed while he was drowsing suddenly were opened wide when his ears caught the sound of the horse’s galloping. He woke up and quickly walked towards the front door, his eyes that were wide opened now became even wider in surprise as if they would fall to the ground in any moment.

“What did happen to you?!” Mahesa Birawa asked. He was almost shouting.

The two horses stopped. Their riders, Kaligundil and Saksoko descended slowly from the horses. Their clothes were dirtied by the blood and dust. Their faces were white pale. Seeing this, Mahesa Birawa knew that both of his men received severe internal injuries.

Kaligundil stood crookedly while messaging his chest. His sight was still blurry. Saksoko, while he put his feet on the ground, he immediately fell, vomiting blood then passed out.

Mahesa Birawa Jumped and quickly caught Saksoko. From inside his belt, he took out a pill and put it inside Saksoko’s mouth. He then gave another pill to Kaligundil.

“Quickly swallow it!” he said. “When you are done, control your breathing and blood flow!”

Kaligundil swallowed the pill that was given to him then he quickly sat down cross-legged on the ground to control his breathing and blood flows. He did not forget to direct his spiritual energy towards the parts where he was hit.

One hour later, Kaligundil’s condition could be said as conscious even though he still lying on the bed.

“Now!” Mahesa Birawa said, he really was could wait to hit the table. “Tell me, what the fuck happened, Kaligundil!”

Kaligundil took a deep breath. He give message to his chest then he started to tell what happened. After Mahesa Birawa heard the whole story, his blood was boiled, his face darkened like steel, and his moustache shaking. His eyes that were widened from the start now they were looked like as if they would popped out.

“Kaligundil! Ready my horse! Call Majineng and Krocoweti. Three of you, follow me to the asshole’s place! Hurry…!”

Without wasting word, Kaligundil left the place. Soo the four horsemen were seen galloping as if they were flying. Dirt was flown, sand scattered, Mahesa Birawa spurred his horses in front of the rest.

The old man named Jarot rubbed his chin. Without turning around towards Ranaweleng who stood beside him with his sharp eyes he looked forward and said, “Our guess was right, Raden, they are coming. It seemed the one who was at their front was Mahesa Birawa….”

Ranaweleng also looked forward. He sighed in his heart. This is the first time since he became the village chief to meet with this kind of difficulty and violence! He didn’t even finish his talking with Suci when Jarot Karsa called him, telling him the arrival of the four horsemen. When Mahesa Birawa arrived at the front yard, Suci had already been standing behind her husband.

Mahesa Birawa stopped his horse. His stare that was as ferocious as hungry beast directed towards Ranaweleng. Behind him, Kaligundil was whispering something.

“That old man who is standing near the post is the bastard who gave me and Saksoko injuries. Be careful of him, sir1, his martial arts level is high…”

“Shut up you bullfrog! Don’t you dare giving me advice!” Mahesa Birawa shouted at him.

Kaligundil was silenced. He bit his lips. At that time, his grudge and hatred towards the two men who were standing on the house’s ledge, especially Jarot Karsa, was indescribable.

Mahesa Birawa took a glance at Suci who was standing behind her husband. His unreachable, or at least not yet, desire made his anger even more raging. His chest felt as if it would explode. Even though she already had a husband and a child, but in his eyes, Suci was even more beautiful and younger than she ever was.

Mahesa Birawa’s eyeballs were moving towards Jarot Karsa after he gave a ferocious glance towards Ranaweleng.

“You, old dog who is standing on the ledge, get down here and meet your maker!”

Mahesa Birawa’s voice was so loud and shook the surrounding because it was strengthened by his spiritual power that has reached the pinnacle of perfection.

Jarot Karsa only gave out a wry smile. He moved his both feet then in a half second later, he already stood on the ground, few spear distance in front of Mahesa Birawa’s horse. His movement when he jumped was so light; a mocking smile for once again shown on his face.

“So, this is the one who was called Mahesa Birawa? The one who is longing for another person’s wife? He is either crazy or mad! Didn’t your monkey there told you to find some shamans to heal you crazy brains?!”

Mahesa Birawa’s body was shaking, from the head to toe.

“Fucking shameless old dog! You will give your fucking life to me!”

Mahesa Birawa jumped from his horse. While he was floating, he thrust his hands forward. Two winds as ferocious as storm blew attacking the crooked old man. Sand and dirt were scattered.

Jarot Karsa jumped high upwards around 3 spear distances. The fierce wind from the punch slipped below his feet. When he tried to make a counter attack, Ranaweleng shouted.

“Karsa, step aside, let me face this trouble maker!”

“Ah, Raden….” Jarot Karsa said while floating in the air. “let this old man give him a lesson! There’s no need for Raden to break your sweat. In one or two movements, I will sweep his body outside the courtyard!”

Mahesa Birawa gritted his teeth. His two punches moved one after another. The strong wind blew towards Jarot Karsa. The old man has already has finished measuring his enemy spiritual energy level, he sent counter with his bare hands.

Loud bang as loud as cannon was heard when the two spiritual energies collided in the air. The eardrums felt as if the would be blown and deafened. Mahesa Birawa’s body stood as if his losing balance for a few seconds, while Jarot Karsa fell sitting on the ground, covered in cold sweat.

No only Jarot Karsa, but also Ranaweleng was surprised. Suci who was standing behind her husband and watched it all almost let out a scream because she thought that the old man was in grave danger. It turned out that Mahesa Birawa’s spiritual energy was so high, even higher than Jarot Karsa’s spiritual energy.

When he knew that his enemy possessed higher spiritual level than him, Jarot Karsa quickly jumped and attacked. His hands moved so quickly almost became invisible, sweeping around and occasionally thrusting forward ferociously.

Almost two of Mahesa Birawa’s technique were sealed by the strokes that their wind irritated the eyes. Mahesa Birawa or Suryanyali also quickened his movements. His body now looked like a shadow. When he used one technique, Jarot Karsa started to feel pressure from the attacks and made him cautious.

Three techniques had been used. The bodies of those to people almost became invisible because the add speed to their movements, added with dirt and sand that were blown to the air, surrounding the both of them.

Suddenly accompanied by a shrieking that shook the surrounding, with one movement that was difficult to be seen by Jarot Karsa, and relying on his body enlightening technique that was a little bit higher that his enemy, he thrust his elbow forward. He saw his enemy dodged to the side he quickly anticipated the dodging movement from Mahesa Birawa.


Mahesa Birawa fell two spear distances backwards. His lips frowned holding the pain from Jarot Karsa’s right hand that landed on his left chest. He quickly directed his spiritual energy towards his left chest where it was hit. Jarot Karsa laughed mockingly.

“If you don’t leave this place at one and bring your monkeys with you, don’t blame me if I make your face black and blue like a rotten mango!”

Mahesa Birawa’s face blackened. He spread his legs. His left hand was extended forward. His right hand was pulled as high as possible behind his head. His temple moved. Mahesa Birawa’s right hand then became green and shaking.

“You old fart bastard!” Mahesa Birawa shouted. “Look at my right hand! You recognize this punch that I will release soon…!”

Jarot Karsa frowned. His eyes stared closely towards Mahesa Birawa’s right hand that became greener. Even though he had been living for almost seventy years, even though his experience in martial arts was as high as the sky and as deep as the ocean, but now his heart was shaking to see his enemy’s hand, furthermore he had no idea what kind of technique that would be used by his enemy.

But Ranaweleng, when he saw Mahesa Birawa’s hand that had become green, was surprised. He quickly whispered to Jarot Karsa with “Voice Insinuating” technique.

“Jarot, be careful, the technique that will be released by him is Green Centipede Punch, it is so powerful and venomous….”

Jarot Karsa was so surprised. Green Centipede Punch…he said inside his heart. He could hardly believe it if he didn’t witness it himself. He knew well in this world of martial arts, there was only one man who owned that powerful arts, he was a Resi2, his named was Tapak Gajah3 who lived on the slope of Mount Lawu. But now, there is another man who has that technique, was this Mahesa Birawa the student of Tapak Gajah?

The wrinkling on Jarot Karsa’s face relaxed for a little. He tried to show a mocking face.

“Just Green Centipede Punch, what it is to be afraid of…!” said the crooked old man.

Secretly Mahesa Birawa surprised to know that the old man knew about this technique, he quickly shouted.

“If you already knew, then why don’t you kneel, you old dog?”

“Only a crazy monkey will kneel in front of you, Mahesa Birawa. Take this…!” with his hand, Jarot Karsa let out a powerful bare handed blow first.

A half spear distance before the wind that brought death landed on Mahesa Birawa’s body and head, that man thrust his right hand forward.

A wind like a raging storm and emitting a green light flew forward. The wind from Jarot Karsa’s punch was pushed back and attacked the old man himself.

Jarot Karsa jumped sideways but he didn’t make it. The green light from Green Centipede Punch landed on his waist. Suci screamed and covered her eyes with both hands. The old man was shrieking. His body was rolling on the ground. His skin became green. He was groaning and shaking for a while, a moment later he breathed his last, then his body coiled lifeless.

“You fucking savage!” Ranaweleng shouted. “My people has no hostility towards you, why did you kill him?!”

Mahesa Birawa or Suryanyali laughed mockingly.

“You will soon die too, Ranaweleng! But I still give you a chance for you to turn your tail and run. If you insist, know that only death awaits you!” Mahesa Birawa laughed mockingly again.

“Today, I will fight to the death with you, Devil!” Ranaweleng shouted, then the chief of Jatiwalu attacked.



  1. Here, Kaligundil called Mahesa Birawa with name, but I think it is strange, so I change it into sir.
  2. Resi means teacher or someone with high spiritual power and profound knowledge. In the first chapter I used wise man for my translation; it seemed I was right, because mostly Resi is known for his wisdom and power.
  3. Tapak Gajah is the name of the Resi (Mahesa Birawa’s teacher). In english is Elephant Feet.
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  1. Wouldn’t “What happened to you?” Sound better than “What did happen to you?”, or is it actually correct the way it is?

    1. I chose to use that because I think it’s more appropriate in that situation. You know, like how typical bandits talk, they don’t care much about grammar, right? And since Mahesa Birawa gave me a feeling of bandit boss and he said that sentence in anger, so yea, i decided to use “what happened” instead using the proper grammar..

    2. Ummmm~ Sorry, i thought i used “what happened” .. Seems that i unconsciously used the other one instead.. *tehee* 😜

  2. Kaligundil stood crookedly while messaging his chest.
    The word ‘messaging’ does not sound right. Is it massaging? I think it is better to use ‘rub, instead

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