Wiro Sableng – Chapter 2

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Wiro Sableng – Chapter 2

The two of them stopped their horses in front of an old man who was pulling weeds in his lawn. Not even descending from his horse, Kaligundil asked the man rudely, “Is this Ranaweleng’s house?!”

That old man stood slowly. When he finally stood up, it was clear that he was short and crooked. He lifted his head and raised the bamboo hat so that he could see the man who spoke to him. The old man did not give them the answer immediately, but he glanced at Saksoko who sat on the horse on the right side of Kaligundil.

“Stupid old man!” Kaligundil cursed. This slander man was impatient. “I asked you, is this Ranaweleng’s house?!”

“Yes!” Kaligundil answered1

“What business do you have?”

The short fatty Saksoko now opened his mouth. His voice was hoarse and unpleasant to hear. “You don’t need to ask our business, you senile old man, step aside!”

Saksoko whipped his horse reign. When the horse ran forward, that old man was kicked by the horse that Saksoko rode and knocked off to the ground.

The old man slowly rose. His eyes which blurred due to the old age shone. With his left foot, he nonchalantly kicked his bamboo hat that was lying on the ground.

That hat flew as fast as an arrow and hit the horse’s genital that Saksoko rode. The stallion neighed loudly. It raised both of his front legs high and made Saksoko bounce to the ground.

The old man secretly felt satisfied. As if nothing happened he turned around to squat and began to pull out the weeds again.

That short fatty was seeing stars in his head. For a moment everything became blurry.

“Saksoko, what the hell is wrong with you?” Kaligundil asked curiously

“I don’t know” Saksoko answered while stood up and patted his pants. He looked at the surrounding. There was no one other that the old man who was pulling weeds. And then his eyes found the bamboo hat lying on the ground not far from him. He felt suspicious, but when he looked at the crooked skinny old man his suspicion faded. He was thinking no way. There was no way that the senile old man was the one who threw that bamboo hat to his ride.

Kaligundil was also looking at the surrounding and he began to wonder. He looked at that old man, and he looked at the hat. Then he asked, “I think that skinny old man…” Kaligundil had sharp eyes and intuition. Regarding silat2, he was two level higher than Saksoko.

“No fucking way.” Saksoko said in disbelief.

“Let us see…”

Kaligundil descended from his horse. He took the hat that was lying on the ground. He observed the hat immediately. He glanced at the old man who was still pulling weeds near the fence. Kaligundil swung his hand. The hat was released from his hand and flew swiftly to the old man’s head.

That old man was still nonchalantly showing his back and moved his hand to scratch the back of his head. And what made the two Mahesa Birawa’s or Suryanyali’s men was when they saw that bamboo hat flew sideway and rolled on the ground.

Kaligundil and Saksoko looked at each other.

“What did I say, see?” Kaligundil was hissing

Seeing the reality made the short fatty Saksoko angry.

“Crazy old man!” he cursed. “Have a little skill and you dared to show off!” he bent and took sand on his hand. He threw the sand towards the old man. Even though it was just sand, but when filled with spiritual energy, it could make wound on the skin and make eyes blind.

The old man suddenly stood up crookedly. He was patting his clothes as if he was dusting of his clothes. But his movement also made the sand that flew to attack him scattered.

“You bastard!” Saksoko shouted angrily because he felt that he was challenged and played. He flew forward. In a few spear distances3 he let swung his bare-handed fists. The old man turned around and made his body bent sideway.

“what the hell?!” he asked with his shrill soft voice, “why the hell did you attack me?!” However, his previous movement let the wind from Saksoko’s fist passed by few inches from him.

Saksoko crackled his jaw.

“Crazy old man! Who the fuck are you?!”

The old man grinned showing his toothless mouth.

“I am old, don’t speak rudely!” he said while pushing the palm of his right hand to the front. A blow of fierce wind attacked Saksoko. If he didn’t dodge them in hurry, the short fatty would be heavily injured.

When he jumped sideway he soon sent a fist towards the old man. And in that exact moment, a loud bang from the door of the house was heard.

“Hold! What is going on?!”

Saksoko retracted his fist and turned. A young man with sturdy built came to his view from the house and stood on the ledge stairs. He then looked at Kaligundil and gave him signal to come closer. Even though his heart still filled with rage towards the old man, but when he saw the signal from his friend, he obediently came. Both of them took steps towards the ledge.

“Are you Ranaweleng?” Kaligundil shouted

Since he became the village chief in Jatiwalu, this was the firs time Ranaweleng was shouted at rudely by strangers no less. From the looks and attitude of his two guests, Ranaweleng knew that they came bearing no goodwill. Even then, with soft voice he answered.

“Yes, that’s true, I am Ranaweleng.” And then he asked, “where did you come from and what business do you have?”

Kaligundil took the scroll from under his clothes.

“Here!! Read this!” he said

The scroll of letter was thrown at Ranaweleng. Because that throw was filled with spiritual energy, that letter flew with hissing voice and the edge of the wooden stick where the letter was pinched stuck on the ledge’s post.

Ranaweleng was surprised, but his suppressed the feeling and took the letter from where it stuck and read it. Kaligundil and Saksoko watched him with their arms akimbo.

Ranaweleng bastard!

I give you one day to leave Jatiwalu! Take your child with you but leave your wife behind! This is an order! If you do not obey my order, do not think that you can see tomorrow’s sunset! This is an Order!

Ranaweleng’s body was shaking. His chest filled with raging anger. He never knew who Mahesa Birawa was, he never even heard the name or knew the history of that man before.

His eyes were staring at the two guests. “Who is this Mahesa Birawa?” Ranaweleng asked.

Kaligundil spat before he answered. “The man whose lover you took and now became your wife!”

Ranaweleng was greatly surprised. Before he could speak, Saksoko said. “Mahesa Birawa wanted your answer today, Ranaweleng!”

Kaligundil continued, “It’s better for you… whatever was written on that letter, you better follow it.”

“If I don’t?” asked Ranaweleng who was filled with anger

Kaligundil laughed sneering, showing his big darkish brown teeth.

Ranaweleng no longer could hold his anger. He squeezed the letter and broke the woods that pinched it and threw them to Kaligundil’s head, right at the sneering laughing mouth.

“Lowly bastard!” Kaligundil shouted angrily. He jumped forward. “You dare to disrespect me, huh?!”

“Don’t you dare bluff here, asshole!” Ranaweleng shouted back at him. “You fucking crazy slaves, return to your owner! Tell that man named Mahesa Birawa to quickly find some shaman to heal his crazy brains!”

“You fucking shameless dog!” Saksoko shouted. He was already angry since before because of the old men who played and half challenged him. With one swing he let out a kick preceded by fierce wind blew towards the lower abdomen of Ranaweleng.

Seeing the enemies who were after his life, Ranaweleng growled and crackled his jaw. He dodged sideway and swung his elbow to the enemy’s ribs. Saksoko wasn’t a man who just learned about silat yesterday. He jumped upward bent his knees and pushed them towards his enemy. Ranaweleng bent and jumped sideway. Before he turned around to send fist to his enemy’s back who hasn’t touched the ledge suddenly a voice was heard.

“Ah, Raden Ranaweleng… Why do you dirty your hand for these lost apes?! Let me, the old men Jarot Karsa who gave a lesson of manner towards him!”

The owner of that voice was the skinny old man who was pulling weeds in the lawn who was the servant of the Jatiwalu Village chief.

Hearing himself was mocked as lost apes, Saksoko became even angrier. He turned around and attack that old man now with long range fist which caused a violent wind. The windy fist attacked the Jarot Karsa’s chest right on the heart. With that, Saksoko intended to take the old man’s life in an instant.

Jarot Karsa only laughed

Once he swung his skinny right hand, a fierce wind blew to deflect the attack from the short fatty Saksoko. Saksoko’s windy fist was returned and attacked Saksoko himself. Added with the wind from the punch of the old man, the power of that attack was not something to be laughed at.

Saksoko was thrown out three spear distances4 from the ledge and rolled on the ground. He tried to get up, but he quickly fell again after Saksoko vomited fresh blood from his mouth.

Kaligundil was really surprised. His face darkened. This man jumped forward. That jumping was preceded by hard pounding that made thunderous voice and made the ledge shaking.

Jarot Karsa quickly bent. This movement quickly followed by Kaligundil. A violent and cold wind attacked the blood flow inside the old man’s body. Sand and dust from the surrounding scattered and flew around.

Jarot Karsa quickly pushed his right hand to the front. Two windy fists met in the air and made a loud bang like a cannon. Jarot’s body looked as if it was dancing while Kaligundil threw to the ground but he quickly stood up.

Cold sweat broke out from Mahesa Birawa’s subordinate’s forehead. He became frightened. He never thought that the old man was so skilled. He never expected that his level of spiritual power was way behind Jarot Karsa.

But this man was blinded and dulled by rage and hatred, he could not care anymore that he was not an equal enemy for the old man.

He pushed his hands forward, and they began to shake. Jarot Karsa and also Ranaweleng paid close attention that man’s movement. It’s now seen that Kaligundil’s arms were blackened even through his fingers.

“Ha… ha…” Jarot Karsa was laughing, “You wanted to show off your steel arms technique?”

Kaligundil was surprised. He was so surprised because his enemy knew his trump card even before he announced it. But he did not care about it anymore, he even mocking. “Good, it seems your eyes are still good, huh! But do you know how powerful the punch from this steel arms technique?”

“You talked too much, Kaligundil, come at me!” Jarot Karsa issued a challenged

Kaligundil growled. He was coincidentally standing near the house’s ledge. With one swing of his arms, suddenly – Brak!! The ledge post that was as big as an adult thigh was broken, it made the roof tilted.

The fact is Jarot Karsa admired the enemy’s power. But as a man who had many experiences in the world of martial arts, he didn’t flinch to see that level of power.

“Come lost apes… come and face me!” he said while crooked

Both of Kaligundil feet stomped the ground with quite a force. His body flew forwards, a little bit tilted. His right and left feet send chain attack first then followed by pair of arms which has been blackened by steel arms technique. The wind that created by the attack of those arms were really strong and fierce. His left arms was swung towards Jarot’s waist, and if it hit him, that old man’s waist would definitely be broke into two. His right hand was swung from above to hit Jarot Karsa’s head. One could imagine how the old man’s head will be squashed in an instant.

A very loud shrieking voice as if it came from a blood thirsty wolf was heard, making your nape hair stood. Kaligundil was circling on the ground. His breath was heavy; his tongue was sticking out like a strangled man his eyes widened. His body was moving for some time before he vomited blood from his mouth, and then that body stopped moving. Kaligundil passed out just like his friend was previously.

Ranaweleng sighed heavily. He stared at those men who are lying on the ground, and then he looked at the old man. “Jarot Karsa5, do you know the man named Mahesa Birawa?”

Jarot Karsa shook his head.

“Whoever they were, that was not important. The more pushing matter is that we must be on our guard, because sooner or later, that man will come and will make reckoning to us.”

Ranaweleng nodded

“I don’t want to see these two men in front of my house any longer, threw them away quickly, Jarot.”

The old man was laughing.

“Don’t worry… don’t worry… I will sweep away from here, Raden.”

The two skinny legs kick those bodies which mere lying. Kaligundil’s and Saksoko bodies were bouncing like a ball and they landed outside the fence.


  1. It is not a typo; this was written in the raw…
  2. Southeastern Asian’s martial arts https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silat
  3. 1 spear (tombak/tumbak) distance is around 3.75 meters (don’t ask me in yards, and I don’t know where it came from too, but you can see it here: http://www.forumsains.com/sastra-dan-budaya/satuan-ukur-ala-nusantara/ it is said that to measure the surface area, 1 spear = 3.75 m x 3.75 m = 14 m2)
  4. 3 spear distance = 3 x 3.75 m = 11.25 m
  5. Actually the raw said “Pak Karsa”, but Karsa was Ranaweleng’s servant, so it should be translated as Sir or Mister, but I think it is strange in English to call one servant with mister (I never read a novel where one master call the servant even though the servant is older as mister), so I don’t use it. But if you want me to use it, just say it…
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