Wiro Sableng – Chapter 1

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Wiro Sableng

Four Beards from Sanggreng Cave

Chapter 1

“Here!” said the mustached man with rough voice. “Give this to her! I must receive the answer on this very day, Kaligundil!! You hear!?” a man named Kaligundil nodded. He took the handed letter.

“if she talks too much…” added the mustached man, “Finish her! Go now! Bring Saksoko if you have to!” Kaligundil stood and left the room.

Just as Kaligundil disappeared behind the door, Suryanyali, the man with the bushy moustache grumbled.

“Cursed woman! Damned whore!” He tightened his right hand fist and hit the teakwood table in front of him.


The table’s plank shattered, the four legs of that table sunk three centimeters into the tile floor and made the tiles shattered. And then he stood. His body was shaking in an uncontrollable anger. And then he opened his mouth again, cursing alone in that room.

“Fucking Bitch! I left her for just one year and then she suddenly got married! Got pregnant and have a child! Bastard!” Suryanyali stood and breathed heavily in front of the window and then he walked to another table in that room. From inside a jug, he drank cold water. But after gulping twice, the content of that jug was gone.

“Bastard!” Suryanyali cursed again. He threw that jug to the floor and broke it to pieces. A middle-aged woman peeked from the door but seeing Suryanyali still in rage she quickly disappeared from there.

Finally Suryanyali felt tired after cursing and angry like that. He threw his body on to a chair. He felt how fatigue spread throughout his body.

“Ludjeng!” Suryanyali shouted.

That middle aged woman who peeked from before quickly opened the door and entered.

“Yes, Denmas1 Sura…”

“You fucking bastard!” Suryanyali shouted angrily at her. His saliva sprayed all over Wilujeng and she did not dare to wipe it out from her face.

“How many times did I tell you not to call me with that name! Have you gone crazy so that you forget all the time? You are crazy, yes, hah?!!” Wilujeng just kept silence while shaking in fear. Once again she forgot and called him Sura even though Suryanyali ordered her many times to call him Mahesa Birawa.

“You cursed woman! I asked you, have you gone crazy? Answer me!”

“No, Denmas Su… eh, Mahesa Birawa…”

“If you are not crazy then you must be insane! Bring me water, Hurry!”

Wilujeng turned her body around. In a minute she returned and brought a glass of water. The cold water cooled Suryanyali’s heart. Then he sat down calmly on that chair, but whenever he closed his eyes, the event of one year ago was showed up again.

At that time, he had known Suci for quite a time. He knew that that girl didn’t like him, but by seeing her often on the riverside where she did the laundry, he hoped that he could conquer the girl’s heart. In the end, Suci did talk to Suryanyali, but not because she liked, but solely out of pity to him. Unfortunately, Suryanyali misunderstood it. He thought that Suci had fallen for him.

One day, Sura was called by a sage from Mount Lawu. Before he left, Sura went to see Suci and said, “Suci, I will go to Lawu Mountain. Maybe I will be back in one year. I hope you will wait for me patiently. And when I return I will marry you….”

“But Kangmas2 Sura….”

Suci stopped her sentence in the middle because she saw Suryanyali walked closer to her and spread out his arms to hug her.

Suci stepped back.

“Please don’t Kangmas. People will see us…”

And then Suryanyali left without giving Suci chance to explain that she didn’t like that man, that she rejected his previous marriage proposal! And in the absence of Suryanyali, Suci married Ranaweleng, a young man that she loved. For Suci, her marriage with Ranaweleng was not an act of betrayal towards Suryanyali at all, because she never loved Suryanyali and never confessed her love to him either.

And so, on the day that Suryanyali returned from his journey, the first news he heard, that boiled his blood and anger was that Suci had married Ranaweleng. The pair of husband and wife even has already had a son. Their life, even though their life was simple but they were happy and now Ranaweleng had become the chief of the village.

If Suryanyali was a man who has pride and heart, actually by receiving news of Suci’s marriage, he should have backed off because it was shameless if he persistent in wanting Suci while Suci did not love her, furthermore Suci now has already had a husband and a son. Since Suryanyali basically not a man with a clear heart and mind, resentful and liked to act unreasonably, then on that day he sent his men to Djatiwalu to deliver a threatening letter to Ranaweleng.

Suryanyali who was now used name of Mahesa Birawa stood from his chair when he heard thunderous hoof from the yard. He walked to the window and watched as two of his men left. His fingers were gripping the window’s facet.

“I must have Suci…. I must!!! He said in his raging heart. “if not….” Mahesa Birawa stopped his sentence. In return, his left hand moved to hit the window’s facet and that wooden facet was broken to pieces.


  1. Denmas is abbreviation of Raden Mas which means Young Master, but ill’ keep using it in Indonesian (Javanese to be exact)
  2. Kangmas is older brother, a respectful tone
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  1. 212 Wiro Sableng..
    Ah.. Make me remember how I always wait to watch the serial tv of Wiro Sableng every sunday when I was a kid..
    Thank you for willing to translate this novel. Hope you and other translator could translate more of Indonesia’s novel… The world should know that we have many excellent novels.. It’s so ashame that my English just so-so, so I couldn’t help more..
    Good luck for this project..

  2. In this sentence “he should have backed off because it was shameless if he persistent in wanting Suci while Suci did not love her,”

    I think you should use “while suci did not love him”

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