Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 1-2

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 1-2


The first one was the people from the white or righteous path martial arts with clean heart and were the best of friends of the soon-to-be established School.

The second group was martial arts figures who were once their enemies and of course, the intent behind their presence in the official establishment of the Fragrant Lake School at this moment should be questioned.

The third group was the newly risen martial arts figures that had a bit of name on themselves in this world, but it was not sure on which side they would stand on.

The trumpet fanfare stopped.

Once the sounds were gone, the new School Head along with all the new members of the new School on the stage looked upwards. Their left hand solemnly placed on the side of their body, while the right hand accross before their chest. Together they all spoke with a thunderous voices that shook the earth.

In the second month on the first day

A grand big event shall be on the lake edge

A new school shalt open its history

Fragrant Lake School is its name!


The four lines of words were shouted three times in a row. Right after, the School Head rose from his seat and walked to the front of the stage. With bright smile and happy face the Sword God looked at the coming audience and bowed in greetings.

“Honored Brothers and Sisters. First of all allow me as the Head of this new School, on behalf of all the members, offer our deepest gratitude and utmost respect for you Honored guests who are willing to travel for miles to come here”.

The voice of the Fragrant Lake School Head was loud and clear, full of dignity with a stable tone, sounding so pleasing to the ear that all the eyes of the audience inevitably were glued at him. After sweeping a glance on his guests with his sharp discerning eyes, the Sword God continued his speech, “In the recent tides of martial arts world, all of us together strengthened our resolve to establish this new school that we named the Fragrant Lake School. Just as its name implies, we truly dream and strive so that our School in the future shall have a fragrant name in fighting for all that is good in this martial arts world. We believe that only with utmost effort and pure, sincere hearts along with the help of all brothers and sisters here, especially those from the righteous martial arts path, that surely the martial arts world will be welcoming its eternal prosperity and peace…”

After he ended his speech the Head of Fragrant Lake School introduced his wife and three sons to the guests. Four members who also held key positions in the school were aso introduced. Those four were Jambakrogo, Elder of the North, Klabangsongo, Elder of the South, Rah Gundala, Elder of the West and the fourth was Suralangi, Elder of the East.

Sword God ended his introduction of the Fragrant Lake School with his closing, “lastly, just to quench a bit of your hunger and thirst, we would like to invite you to enjoy some of our modest beverages and delicacies. Also, please forgive us in advance for any unpleasantness and any lacking in our hosting. We hope that you may extend your forgiveness to us.”

Sword God bowed and turned his body. But the corner of his eyes caught a raised hand from a guest sitting on the east side of the stage.

“Fragrant Lake School Head! Since you are a new school, then allow this Demon Shadow to compare notes with you and see how good your martial arts are! I just fear that your school only has pretty name but no substance! As the School Head, do you dare prove yourself before this audience that your School is indeed a School worthy of its name?”

All heads turned to that guest from the east side. Sword God himself also took a look at that direction. The one speaking was a martial artist wearing black robe with a tall, slender body, elliptical head and both his cheeks were so sallow. He was none other than a martial artist nicknamed the “Demon Shadow”. From this name of his, it was already crystal clear that he was a figure from the Dark Martial Artist side.

Sword God with his sharp discerning eyes already understood clearly that the intent behind his attendance and words of this Demon Shadow was a challenge, or a mockery, or at the very least a derisive stance towards his School and himself as the School Head!

But, calmly and wisely, Sword God opened his mouth to answer . However before his words came out, from the West side another voice shouted. His voice was thundering and shook the heaven!

“Demon Shadow! Are you blind or are you tired of having your eyesight already that you dared speak such words to the Fragrant Lake School? If you even know the name of their Head, you won’t even dare to open your mouth at all!”

Now all heads turned to the west side of the stage. But not a single one of them, including Sword God, could find out who was the speaker. This definitely told them the fact that the person speaking was one with a high level of inner strength and formidable voice transferring skills.

With his voice transferring skills, no matter if he was in the South or North side, his voice can be transferred that it appeared to be coming from the West or East! As he didn’t know who was speaking, Demon Shadow curiously shouted.

“The fame of Sword God was indeed quite well known for his sword art, which was well… so-so! But I was asking and speaking earlier was not aimed at just himself, but to the entirety of Fragrant Lake School instead! Or perhaps every single member of this new school are also people who are nicknamed Sword God?”

A derisive chuckle sounded out. Once again, this voice came from the west side and once more not a single person could find out who let out that laugh.

“You are way too careless in your words Demon Shadow. Don’t you know that what you said was a direct insult to the name of the Head and all the members of the Fragrant Lake School? No martial artist nor school would be willing to eat your words at that! Well… I don’t know about the Sword God and his new school though!”

Fragrant Lake School Head quickly understood that amongst the guests there were also people who silently tried to slip in some provocations to heaten the atmosphere and brought it to chaos.

He wisely and solemnly answered, this time he didn’t even look at Demon Shadow directly when he was answering but instead looking at the crowd of people. This was also a slap to the face for Demon Shadow, albeit very subtlely, “Brothers and Sisters! We had previously mentioned that the purpose of establishing this Fragrant Lake School was none other to bring peace and prosperity to the martial arts world. As a new school, we indeed had no fame at all. But name was definitely not what we were searching for. What use do we have with a great fame if all we are good for is destruction, just like a Demon?”

For the second time, the Demon Shadow was slapped in the face and heart by the Sword God’s words. He thought that it was his title (Demon Shadow) was the one being aimed at by the Fragrant School Head as the name which was only good for destruction! Demon Shadow gritted his mouth, and he spoke his piece once more.

“World has millions of ways, words have thousands of kinds, tongue may be silver but the martial arts world will still be martial arts world who won’t recognize a school without knowing one’s ability! Whether you are ant level, or lizard-kind level, monkey or chameleon who disguises the glory in hiding! Every new school must overcome their stumbling blocks!”

“That’s true! True indeed!” replied the voice from the west side.

“New school must be tested. But are you worthy to test us, Demon Shadow? Or are you just all talks but actually also ants inside?” Demon Shadow was enraged when he heard those words.

“Who’s scared of them new school?” he barked in response. With a flash he jumped to the stage! His swift movement didn’t cause one bit of sound at all! One of the righteous path martial artist amongst the guests spoke to his friend sitting next to him, “Demon Shadow is indeed quite famous and strong. But if he is facing Sword God he was nothing but fodder…!” his friend also nodded his head in agreement.

“Let’s just see” his friend replied while moving his gaze back to the stage. Meanwhile, in that heated atmosphere, shouts and cheers were coming from some of the people gathering in support of the Demon Shadow. Demon Shadow became increasingly arrogant when he heard that. Facing the guests, he said, “Open your dog eyes wide! Today, this Demon Shadow will smear the name of this new school!”

The three sons of Fragrant Lake School Head gritted their teeth and clenched their fists in anger. The eldest son, Indrajaya, even quickly rose from his seat.

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