Wiro Sableng Book 6 Chapter 1-2

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Wiro Sableng Book 6 Chapter 1-2


His sharp eyes and plentiful experience could discern in an instant to find out that this Lord Regent Jambar Wulung only had attainment in physical martial arts, without any inner power to back him up at all!

On the other hand, once his two feet touched the base of the stage, Jambar Wulung instantly flashed in a bid to launch his first strike. Although his martial arts was not backed by any inner power, the attack that he unleashed still rose up a strong wind blast.

“Huh! Such a cheap ass martial art, and you’re trying to depend on that!” mocked Flower Picker Warrior. “Eat this elbow of mine, old man!” The young man shifted his left foot a little and suddenly an “ugh” sound reverberated in the air

That voice came out of Jambar Wulung’s mouth. The body of that Lord Regent was slammed to a big gong on the right hand corner of the stage, and then continued to fall below the stage along with the instrument which caused a huge commotion and noise.

Once he was laid on the ground, Jambar Wulung was no longer conscious and he fainted. Two of his ribs had been smashed to pieces, broken by the elbow of the Flower Picker Warrior!

Seeing his father badly bruised and beaten, Rana Wulung felt his blood rose up to his head.

But before he managed to make his move, his father-in-law, Lord Regent Rantas Madan, quickly held him on the shoulders. The old man was about to jump onto the stage in advance, but he saw that on the stage, Ageng Comal had already stood face-to-face with the Flower Picker Warrior!

“Damn little brat! Poisonous scoundrel! Watch your head!”

Ageng Comal rushed forward with a gong beater in hand. The young man being attacked just lowered his head to dodge the attack. Once the gong beater whizzed past through his, his hand was quickly struck forward. Ageng Comal who had once also learned martial arts saw that his attack failed and that his opponent had launched a counter attack, so he readily shifted his body to the left. Meanwhile, his right knee was bent and moved to meet the opponent’s fist head on!

Physically speaking, no matter what, a fist would never win against a knee strike. And it was extremely risky for someone to attack with one’s fist if his intention was to meet a hard, robust knee strike from the opposite side head on! But Flower Picker Warrior was not withdrawing his attack at all!

“Ageng Comal! Quickly pull off your attack!” yelled someone from below the stage trying to warn him.

But, “baaang!”

It was too late!

The leader of the gamelan musical group screamed in agony. His body rolled about before fainting on the stage. His kneecap was shattered, while his leg was hanging limply despite still being intact!

All eyes bulged out in surprise. Everyone’s faces turned pale and their jaws dropped so wide!

How could they not be! That black robed young man standing on the stage managed to defeat his opponent without even moving or shifting his position a single step at all!

In a blink of an eye another person had jumped onto the stage once more.

That new person was none other than Rantas Madan that could no longer hold the flame of anger in his heart.

Flower Picker Warrior threw a mocking glance towards the old man.

“You’re also seeking for your death, huh?” he ridiculed.

“Kneel down and beg for mercy while you still have the chance! I’ll make sure to lighten your punishment!” warned Rantas Madan. 

Flower Picker Warrior chuckled coldly in response, “Stop spouting nonsense, old man! If you want to be hurt that bad then come on and make your move!”

Being challenged like that definitely made the Lord Regent Rantas Madan stoked even more in his rage. Without further ado the old man that had once learned his martial arts on Simping Mountain lunged forward.

Even from one meter away, his attack had caused the wind to hurl sharply and blew toward the Flower Picker Warrior.

The target was well aware that this new opponent on stage was someone fundamentally different from the previous two men fighting him before this. Without bothering to stop his previous laughter, Flower Picker Warrior lifted and waved his left hand forward. Numerous strong winds that made the stage tremble buffeted and stormed on Lord Regent Rantas Madan’s body. His attack was instantly dispersed and his body was lifted five spear distances high to the air, close to clashing with the roof of the stage!

Nimbly, Lord Regent Rantas Madan made a turn in the air and then with a swift movement he made a diving motion and slammed his right hand towards the opponent! This was the “Valley Diving Swallow” technique!

This valiant look-fierce young man was badly startled when he felt the heating wind assaulting his head! He quickly lowered his body to the waist and countered with a long distance fist technique using his right hand.

Lord Regent Rantas Madan cried in agony. His body was thrown upward, clashing and breaking the roof of the stage, gone from view of the onlookers before a loud thud sound was heard nine spear distances away on the ground behind the stage! He fell with his head first, breaking his neck bone in result! His soul flew out of his body. Ning Leswani and several other women there screamed in fear! Along with her mother, the newly wedded bride was about to run to her father’s body but Rana Wulung and another person stopped them.

Rana Wulung was a scholar that had not learned any single martial arts! But seeing the loss of his father and his father-in-law, he turned red eyed! The decorative kris of a groom hanging on his waist was unsheathed immediately. As he jumped to the stage, he even almost tripped his right foot awkwardly!

“Hahahaha! The groom is also asking for a beating, it seems?” jeered the Flower Picker Warrior.

“I’m going to kill you, bastard!” Rana Wulung roared his threat. The kris in his right hand was lunged as hard and as fast as he could towards the chest of Flower Picker Warrior.

“Stupid little brat!” mocked Flower Picker Warrior.

With a single move the black robed young man moved his hand, and the kris in the hands of Rana Wulung was robbed off of him, stuck in between the young man’s right hand middle finger and index finger !

The shrill laughter of Flower Picker Flower was then reverberated all around the corner of the stage. The anger, rage and heart break of Rana Wulung had reached an unprecedented level. With both his fists aimed at  the enemy, he assaulted forward.

“What stupidity!” cursed Flower Picker Warrior. “You still can’t recognize the height of the mountain nor the depth of the sea!” And the young man welcomed the attack of Rana Wulung with a lethal kick that was aimed at his stomach!

If only Rana Wulung was someone who knew even the slightest bit of martial arts, in such a position he would have still been able to dodge or scramble or even make a quick shift to the side. But unfortunately, this young man was someone who knew nothing about martial arts and the deadly feet of Flower Picker Warrior was getting ever closer to demolishing the stomach of the young groom.

In a half breath of time, Rana Wulung’s stomach would be destroyed. Ning Leswani cried out in despair, Rana Wulung’s mother also screamed and then fainted as she was not strong enough mentally to see the inevitable end of his beloved son!

Some of the people around them let out a muffled yell. It seemed that none of them could do anything at all! It appeared that it was fate that Rana Wulung would meet his end on his wedding day!


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