Wiro Sableng Book 6 Chapter 1-1

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Hello Fellas! Welcome to Book 6!

Thank you very much for reading this English translation of Wiro Sableng! I know I haven’t been the most consistent of translators, but with the whole COVID-19 thing going on, I have quite some spare time to stock up on chapters and I can tell you that I have around 1 month spare of chapters to post. From now on, I promise I will post regularly from Monday to Saturday. I’m going to try out some new timing since apparently I am not getting enough traction here hahahaha. I’ll be posting regularly at 23.00 GMT+7 starting from this week

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Wiro Sableng Book 6 Chapter 1-1


Up until midnight, the wedding party between the daughter of Lord Regent Rantas Madan with Lord Regent Jambar Wulung was still lively and grand. The guests sat on their respective seats while enjoying the various delicacies of foods and beverages brought out by the servants and maids while listening to the gamelan music and the voice of the pesinden (traditional folk street citer) Nit Upit Warda that is flowing gently reciting the lyrics of “Kembang Kacang” (famous Javanese folk story made into song)

The two happily wedded couple Ning Leswani and Rana Wulung were sitting amongst the guests on the front row, right in front of the stage. Lord Regent Rantas Madan was sitting with his wife next to Rana Wulung while Lord Regent Jambar Wulung and his wife were sitting next to Ning Leswani.

As the bride and groom were children of the Lord Regents from two nearby villages, it was expected that the wedding will be a major event and one that is grand and luxurious. That night was the first wedding night and the day after tomorrow the wedding party will be continued with the second and third day of the wedding party (TL Note: in Javanese traditional society, the status of the bridegroom will be reflected by how grand and lengthy the wedding party is, thus it is normal for the wedding to be held for days)

Close to dawn, when the air was getting chilly that it was piercing all the way to the bone and marrow, many of the guests had already headed home. Some that were staying there had already felt sleepy and some had even fallen asleep and laid themselves on the seats. The gamelan players under the leadership of Ageng Comal were also feeling the sleepiness creeping to their eyes, that Ageng Comal finally ordered them to stop their music there.

Lord Regents Rantas Madan and Jambar Wulung along with their wives all stood up from their seats, and along with several other people then brought along the newly wed pair going into the house, and of course, into the room!

But, even before the group reached the stairs leading to the house, a human shadow abruptly flickered from the roof, jumping onto the stage! The shadow’s two feet stepped on the taron (one of the instruments of gamelan set) while the shadow’s hands were placed on its waist.

The distance from the roof and the stage was unbelievably high, but that human jumped onto the taron without making any bit of sound at all! That taron did not even move or shifted its position!

That human looked like a man, very young, with its body thin and tall.

His hair was long, all the way to his shoulders. On his valiant face, a feisty, fierce character was reflected faintly, especially when one pay attention to his pair of eyes, where it was even more strongly nuanced

This young man wore a long black robe that it swept all over the taron and the stage. The black robe was woven with big motifs of yellow colored flowers. On the back of his headband, a yellow paper was stuck on it.

Seeing that his group’s instrument was stepped on carelessly by an unknown young man, of course Ageng Comal was furious (TL Note: There is a strong belief that the musical instrument of Javanese society is lived in by a spirit, in order to make the music sounds more beautiful, so the act of stepping on the instrument was a huge offense to the spirit). The leader of this gamelan group stepped forward in anger and snapped at him, “Insolent young brat! Get down from that taron before I break your neck!”

A grin was plastered on the face of that young man. His mouth blew up with a shrilling and cold laughter that made one’s ears felt like being stabbed repeatedly!

That shrilling laughter, along with the snapping shout from Ageng Comal before that immediately made everyone look over. The guests that were sleeping soundly on the seats were jolted awake by the ferocity of laughter from that black robed young man, and all eyes were glued on his figure.

Some of the onlookers recognized some characteristics of the young man on the taron and they exclaimed in shock, “Flower Picker Warrior!”

The atmosphere abruptly turned into a turmoil and tense. Those holding their weapons quickly readied them, alert and ready to respond to any kinds of possibilities.

Lord Rantas Madan whispered to his son-in-law, “Rana, quickly bring your wife inside… hurry!”

Meanwhile Lord Regent Jambar Wulung also whispered an order to his wife, “Wiri, quickly go inside. Take your in-law along as well…”

Rana Wulung who had indeed heard and known who the young man with the moniker “Flower Picker Warrior” immediately grabbed his wife’s hand and brought Ning Leswani inside. Lord Regent Jambar Wulung’s wife and her in-law also followed along with them into the house.

But just as they move a step away, the man in black robe on the taron roared fiercely, “Whoever dares to leave this place means they are forfeiting their little life!”

All those moving stopped their motion abruptly.

Lord Regent Jambar Wulung was about to make his way to the stage, when his in-law – Rantas Madan – held his arm and whispered, “Don’t go on the violence path, Lord Jambar. This man is very strong and dangerous. Let me talk with him…”

After he managed to persuade his in-law, Lord Regent Rantas Madan walked towards the stage. He greeted the young man with as friendly tone as he could muster, “Flower Picker Warrior, your arrival is truly unexpected to us. If you are coming here to congratulate my daughter and her husband, I would like to express my gratitude to you in advance for that.”

“Ah…” Flower Picker Warrior folded his arms in front of his chest and then guffawed gleefully. His eyes narrowed to a slit as he was laughing. And in that laugh, actually both of his eyes were nailed sharply at Ning Leswani who was indeed a country toppling beauty. He wiped the edge of his lips with his palm.

“Old man, you are a bit smarter and friendlier than your in-law,” said the Flower Picker Warrior. “But you should know, I am coming here not to congratulate them, but it was the other way around, in fact”

Flower Picker Warrior laughed again for the many times he did.

“I’m coming here for your beautiful daughter, my Dear Lord Regent,” he said. “She was destined to be mine!”

The face of those present abruptly changed, especially ones belonging to Rantas Madan, Jambar Wulung, Rana Wulung and Ning Leswani. The atmosphere turned as silent and cold as in a graveyard. The air felt tense and stiff.

Lord Regent Jambar Wulung could no longer hold the anger in his heart and he barked out in anger, “Damn Demon! Get your ass scram out of here this instant, unless you want me to break your silly crazy skull !”

Flower Picker Warrior snorted, “Your mouth is way too big for your own good, Lord Regent. So, what kind of skills are you counting on to say that?” snapped the Flower Picker Warrior

In response, Jambar Wulung jumped onto the stage. This old man did not have any high level martial arts, nor has he any formidable inner power. But in terms of physical refinement of martial arts, he had already attained the highest level possible. Therefore, it was nothing surprising that his movement when he was jumping to the stage was fast and nimble. However, the Flower Picker Warrior only watched his moves with a cynical and mocking expression.

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