Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 9-2

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 9-2


When she first laid her eyes on the youngster, actually Green Scorpion Goddess’s heart trembled. She first thought that this young man was someone that she once knew of ten years ago. But in reality, this youngster was only another young man who looked exactly like the person that he thought of, and even this young man was even more valiant and handsome looking!

“So you are the disciple of that green clothed woman?” asked the youngster to Black Scorpion.

“Hmm… no wonder. You two are indeed a perfect match! So, of all the people that had died here, were you people the cause of it? And those two, the two ugly human beings, why are they kneeling down before your master?!”

“Insane young lad! You better get on your knees now. I shall then mercy your soul and forgive your sins!” Green Scorpion Goddess snapped.

“Eh… What kind of wrong? What kind of sin had I done to you? If I said that your face and the faces of your disciples are beyond ugly, that is merely the truth! You ladies have no right to be angry…”

“Stop speaking nonsense! Get the hell out of here if you still don’t want to die!” barked Green Scorpion Goddess again. The youngster scratched his head and then carelessly sat on the edge of the stage and cradled his leg like a little boy!

“I know exactly that this area is not your personal property, and certainly not your dwelling as well… then why the hell are you shoo-ing me out as you please?” 

Blue Scorpion felt an indescribable itch to hit the youngster when she saw him and then she said, “Maser, please allow me to break this crazy young man’s neck!”

Green Scorpion Goddess signaled her disciple to stand her ground, “Young man, if you truly do still have eyes and you truly can see the dead bodies laying around this place, that should be enough for you to know to keep your tongue in place!”

“Well, do these dead bodies not allow me to speak my mind?” asked the youngster. He indifferently pulled the leg of one of the bodies laying on his side. The dead body coincidentally was the corpse of the wife of Sword God’, the Head of Fragrant Lake School who had left this world! The youngster paid close attention to two of the green scorpions which stabbed on the head of the woman, and he then shook his head.

“Green Scorpion…” the youngster hissed.

“Such a pity… such a pity for this wife of Sword God. A martial artist with a big heart and kind soul… why should she meet her untimely end like this… Truly such a pity…”

The youngster then put the body on top of the stage neatly, and then pointed his gaze at Green Scorpion Goddess.

“Your face is covered by a very thin skull mask… your clothing is green and the three girls with skull masks there were your disciples! You surely are the Green Scorpion Goddess! And without any doubt you surely are also the cause behind all this barbaric scene… Do you dare confess your sin?”

Green Scorpion Goddess giggled in glee, “If you already know who I am, why are you not rushing to kneel and beg for mercy, before you scram off of this place?”

“Why the hell do I need to kneel for? You sure are no king! Why the hell do I need to scram for as well? This place is not even yours! Besides, men shall never yield to women. Instead it’s supposed to be women who are supposed to yield to your men! Especially ugly women like you all!

Green Scorpion Goddess’ heart shivered. But she was also incensed with what the youngster had said, “Shadowless Assassin! Beat the crap out of that insolent young man!” ordered Green Scorpion Goddess to Lalanang, the dark side martial artist known more as the Shadowless Assassin who was still kneeling before Green Scorpion Goddess.

Hearing the order, the currently one-eyed Shadowless Assassin immediately stood up and picked up his weapon, a spiked chain which he threw away when he surrendered earlier.

Without any further words, Shadowless Assassin quickly spun his spiked chain and attacked the youngster. The target was still cradling his legs on the edge of the stage, and he even smiled and whistled around as if he didn’t realize that he was currently being targeted by an incoming deadly attack!


Shadowless Assassin’s spiked chain stormed right at the head of the young man! They were all sure that in a blink of an eye, the young man’s head would be crushed to pieces. Even Green Scorpion Goddess let out a muffled exclamation, a slightly warning shout for the young man to immediately dodge from the attack!

The young man didn’t even move a muscle. But weirdly, suddenly Shadowless Assassin let out a loud scream. His spiked chain was parried. His body was thrown and flew in the air before his body touched the ground with a mangled belly flooded with blood! When Green Scorpion Goddess looked at the feet of the young man that was still cradled, one of them was covered with blood, her subordinate’s blood! Somehow, the long-haired youngster had already struck first, kicking his foot to the belly of Shadowless Assassin!

This event of course startled Green Scorpion Goddess and her disciples as well as the Deadly Feet! But at the same time Green Scorpion Goddess also felt somewhat ashamed that she had exclaimed to warn the young man. It was clear that no matter how high her level of martial arts and how vicious her ruthlessness and crime, Green Scorpion Goddess couldn’t hide from the feeling inside her heart as a woman towards a young man!

Under her skull mask, the woman’s face had turned beet red with shame. She glanced at her disciples and thought inwardly, whether her three disciples found out about the trembling of her heart over the youngster?

All of a sudden, Green Scorpion Goddess once again barked out an order, “Deadly Feet, go out and finish that young man in five moves! Quickly!” Ki Sandar Boga, the one who was known as Deadly Feet quickly rose to his feet. He took out his long saber that he tossed out earlier and then moved to before the young man.

“Young man! I hope you are willing to tell me your name! I don’t like killing someone without knowing his name first!” said Deadly Feet while readying his saber in front of his chest.

The youngster let out a long whistle, “One eye! You were just a slave of that Green Scorpion Goddess and you are already this arrogant! Scram away, I am disgusted to see your face!”

After he finished his words, the young man spit onto the ground and sat carelessly on the edge of the stage while wiggling his two legs. Deadly Feet grunted. He yelled angrily and jumped forward. His long saber hacked fiercely towards his opponent’s neck. But this attack was merely a feint as concurrent to his moniker, “Deadly Feet”, before the saber hacked all the way down, suddenly his body looked as if floating in the air and his two feet sent out two astonishing kicks! The wind from the kick was incredibly strong!

In a blink of an eye the two chained kicks were about to hit the young man who still sat indifferently on the edge of the stage just like before! 

“Die!” Deadly Feet roared. And it was at that very second that the young man vanished from his field of vision.

“Bang! Bang!”

The two kicks from Deadly Feet smashed onto the stage floor and blasted it to smithereens. Some of the dead bodies that were laid on it, one of which was Sword God’s wife, were blasted into the air and fell all the way into the waters of the lake!

Deadly Feet spun his body in a haste when he heard behind him the laughing and mockery from the young man.

“That’s what gonna happen when a crazy raged one eyed man went berserk! Even an innocent little stage was kicked to pieces!”

“I’ll cut you to pieces, you little runt!” barked Deadly Feet. His body once more shot in the air. His saber was brandished so fast like a windmill and put the young man under siege in a blink of an eye. The one under attack moved nimble from side to side while laughing around and even let out some whistle once in a while!

“Eat my attack, damn little imp!” roared Deadly Feet. His long saber hacked to the waist, made a turn to the head and another stabbing motion to the stomach. At the same time, his left hand launched an incredibly strong bare-handed punch! But once again, all those attacks were mere feints as when the long haired young man dodged, his two feet smashed forward. One headed to the stomach and the other one aimed at the groin!

“you got some tricks indeed, one eyed!” the young man praised his opponent, but his smile showed disdain, “But you have to first face my palm strike!” 

The young man’s left palm smashed to the stomach of Deadly Feet. He slashed his saber to the young man’s arm in response. But if his earlier moves were mere trickery, this time he was the one tricked by his adversary. Once his saber made that slashing move, his opponent pulled back his left hand and in exchange…


The palm of that young man smashed at his forehead! Deadly Feet let out a miserable scream. His body was smashed a few spear distances away and fell face down right in front of the Green Scorpion Goddess!

* * *


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