Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 8-2

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 8-2


But the “Four Ripper Fighting Over the Dead” apparently had other kinds of transformations, since after she was assaulted by the enemy, Red Scorpion followed up directly with another attack instead of dodging the incoming! Two other kicks were unleashed, while another two punches were sent forward at the same time! Sands flew, wind hurled, blowing hard in waves! Angelic Ten Fingers once again received four incoming simultaneous attacks! Angelic Ten Fingers grunted inwardly. He made a flash movement, the two kicks were dodged, one of the punches was evaded with a duck but he had no choice other than to block the second punch with his arm!

The punch and the block clashed with a loud thudding sound. Red Scorpion’s body was thrown backward four spear distances backward while Angelic Ten Fingers staggered a bit to the back! Red Scorpion abruptly realized that his adversary had gone from sight! When she finally caught the shadow of Angelic Ten Fingers with her eyes, the old man was already nigh close to her and his voice was heard clearly

“Demon girl, I bid you farewell to the afterlife!”

Ten fingers clawed forward to perform a technique that was inescapable by Red Scorpion, as that particular move was the ultimate technique of Angelic Ten Fingers himself, known as the “Ten Fingers of Annihilation”!

Five fingers attacking the abdomen area, this attack was able to rip out and torn ones innard. The five other fingers were assaulting the face and its might was able to tug out one’s mouth and nose, as well as pluck out one’s eyeballs!

“Alas… I’m dead!” Red Scorpion groaned inwardly. She resentfully screamed all the way to the sky. In mere moments, Red Scorpion was doomed to meet her end when from both flanks and the back of Angelic Ten Fingers, green streaks of light suddenly flashed, and tens of green scorpions were flying towards him in a deadly assault!

“Cowards!” the other members of the audience shouted in condemnation.

Simultaneously, nine other members of the righteous sects, one of which was a famous figure known with the nickname “Two Steel Sickles” jumped in and entered the fray!

At that moment, Angelic Ten Fingers only felt a strong gust blowing from three directions and his eyes caught glimpses of green streaks of light! He understood that the other three demonic women had cowardly attacked him from the back! As the three attacks were already infinitely close to him, on top of them coming simultaneously as well, it was already impossible for Angelic Ten Fingers to dodge! Cancelling his attack to Red Scorpion would also be in vain as that would not be able to save his life! Cold sweat trickled down on the famed martial artist’s forehead and nape! In that deadly moment, Angelic Ten Fingers decided to die together with Red Scorpion. His ten fingers continued their clawing motion forward!

Thus in the next blink of one’s eyes, two miserable death screams howled loudly in the air! The dead body of Angelic Ten Fingers laid lifeless on the ground, stabbed by tens of poisonous green scorpions. With the number of scorpions infesting it, the poison worked really fast that the life of the old martial artist who had reigned over the East Java’s martial world for the last twenty years was gone in the very second, even without making his body shudder any bit like the other victims!

Red Scorpion also laid lifelessly one step away Angelic Ten Fingers. Her death scene was incomparably hideous. Her beautiful features were ruined and badly mangled. Her nose and mouth were torned, her eyeballs tugged out. Blood flowed over her entire face. Her clothing was ripped apart in the stomach area that her mutilated innards were clearly visible.

Blood flowed unstoppably along with the intestines that were pulled out of her body! Black Scorpion, Blue Scorpion and White Scorpion were about to jump in and hold onto their martial sister’s body but from every cardinal direction nine other fighters with various weapons in hand had besieged the three of them! 

Another bloody battle had been initiated, three against nine. Dust was blown all over! Clashing of weapons, shouts of battle cries and raging roars sounded in the air incessantly. In the first five exchanges the three disciples of Green Scorpion Goddess were tightly surrounded and were on the receiving end of enormous pressure. But when they managed to strike down one of the people besieging them, the eight other fighters started to become anxious.

“Don’t be anxious!’ the Two Steel Sickles howled. He then called out to the other twelve members of martial arts figures, six of which came from the Dark Martial Artists side.

“What the hell are you all waiting for? This is high time to weed out these demonic girls!” With that shout, the twelve martial artists also started their assault at the girls. Then it became twenty versus three! Naturally, this made the space for the three girls in skull masks to become really small and stiff. Twenty weapons attacked in waves, wrapping them in deadly assaults! Blue Scorpion glanced at her martial sisters.

“What do you all think…?” she asked with a voice transmission.

“I think it is really hard to do anything against this many opponents!”

“It’s not really hard. But we just have to find a chance to move and unleash the Green Scorpion technique!” replied Black Scorpion.

“We at least have to find the opportunity to jump out of this containment and attack them from outside!” proposed White Scorpion.

“It is precisely getting out of this darn encirclement is the hard thing!”said Blue Scorpion. “But let’s try it out!

And thus the three of them picked up their speed. From their mouths, astonishing shrieks sounded out, ones that ripped the sky and tore a hole at the eardrums of their twenty enemies.


The end of Blue Scorpion’s cloth wrist was torn out, slashed by one of the steel sickles in the hand of the Two Steel Sickles when the skull faced girl tried to dash out of the encirclement of their enemies on the twenty ninth pass.

“Darn it! It’s impossible for our level to barge out of here!” groaned Blue Scorpion at her martial sisters.



Right when Blue Scorpion finished her previous sentence, Black Scorpion and White Scorpion also had the same predicament. Their clothings were all ripped by the sharp end of the weapons from two of their enemies! The three demonic girls all had cold sweat. They felt their nape shivering coldly in fear. For the first time in their life, they felt terror! This is the terror one had when facing against the angel of death hunting after you, surrounding you from all directions possible!

“Hahahaha…! Now let’s see what you got, darned humans!” said the Two Steel Sickles. The two sickles in his hands cut through the air sharply. “Now repent for your sin before your lives leave your rotten bodies!”

The three demonic girls could only grit their teeth. They realized that in less than ten more moves, one of them would definitely be a victim of this encirclement!

The siege of twenty weapons were getting fiercer by the seconds and when the space available for them to move had become incredibly small and limited, tens of weapons were brandished ferociously from the front, from their side and from their back. In that intense impending doom moment, suddenly a long and loud whistle was heard! From somewhere undetectable, a strong gust of green wind struck at them, followed by the death wails of the besieging assailants! Six of them fell from the stabs of tens of green scorpions!

“Master!” said Black Scorpion, Blue Scorpion and White Scorpion joyfully. The encircling people moved back in shock. One of them even screamed, “Green Scorpion Goddess! Run! We can never get away from her hands!” 

Nine martial arts figures had their guts and courage eroded once they realized who the person standing before them was, and they quickly took the chance to run with their tails between their legs, but they only managed to run for a few paces as streaks of green light containing green scorpions flashed from behind them! All nine of them were dead on the spot!

The remaining living five martial artists consist of three people from the Dark martial artists side and two more from the righteous side. The last two remaining righteous side fighters were none other than Two Steel Sickles. The two of them looked at each other.

“Even if death itself stares upon me in the eyes, running away is my biggest taboo!” declared Two Steel Sickles.

Meanwhile the three disciples of the Green Scorpion Goddess bowed towards their master. Blue Scorpion said, “Goddess, it is good that you are here. Otherwise…”

“Shut it! Barked Green Scorpion Goddess.

“The three of you quickly take care of these remaining five ants!” Thus Blue Scorpion, Black Scorpion and White Scorpion immediately lunged at the five martial artists before them, while Green Scorpion Goddess walked towards Red Scorpion’s dead body. Her skull face looked crumpled and was becoming even scarier when she saw how her most senior and most brilliant disciple had met her death in such a manner. Next to Red Scorpion’s dead body, she also saw an old man figure that was stabbed with tens of the green scorpions. Green Scorpion Goddess quickly found out the true identity of the old man when she saw the fingers of this man. Angelic Ten Fingers indeed was an owner of a high level martial arts, but even then, the death of her most brilliant disciple with such a horrifying way was still something that she had not anticipated. In a fit of fury, she kicked Angelic Ten Fingers and the dead was flown eleven spear distances away! Green Scorpion Goddess’ pair of fiery eyes looked around. On and off the stage, tens of dead bodies laid lifeless! Almost all of them were dead from a stab of green scorpions!

Among the pile of bodies, she could still recognize some mighty famous figures such as the Demon Shadow, Red Blade Granny, Brahmana Wingaraja, the Golden Nunchaku Duo, Mighty Saber and a few others as well!

Green Scorpion Goddess turned her gaze around when she heard a death scream behind her!

* * *


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