Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 7-1

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 7-1

On the stage of the Fragrant Lake School, which was now no more than a mere name, Red Scorpion stood with her hands on her waist facing the audiences who numbered only mere half of the previous bunch.

“Where are the others?” snapped Red Scorpion in inquiry. Her pair of eyes opened wide intimidatingly. But not even one of the people present gave her any answers. Red Scorpion swept them with a sharp look. Looking at the attitude from those people below stage and how they still have the balls to ignore her inquiries, Red Scorpion understood that these people surely were those martial artists who had mastered mighty high level martial arts. But this didn’t even send any ripples to her heart. On the contrary, she even felt excited facing these famous figures in the martial arts world!

“Stupid bullheads, had cat got all your tongues? I am asking and yet none of you even replied? Or perhaps you all are deaf?”

Suddenly a chuckling sound was heard from the west side of the stage, “Red Scorpion, come down here if you even dare!”

Red Scorpion and her compatriots were surely surprised and took a glance over the west side of the stage, but they couldn’t see anyone talking to them as that person was using voice transferring technique!

“Cowardly bastard, you dare to challenge means you must dare to show yourself!” scolded Red Scorpion angrily.

Once again the derisive chuckle was heard.

“I’ll show myself if you dare fight me without your skull mask on!”

Red Scorpion’s eyes opened wide in disbelief. Her blood had turned cold in shock, the same thing happened to Black Scorpion, White Scorpion and Blue Scorpion. Apparently the man behind the voice was not only mighty, but he also knew about the secret of the thin layer of mask that they wore! In her anger Red Scorpion slammed a “Green Scorpion” technique to the west side of the stage! Wails of death reverberated from the area! Six righteous path martial artists along with two from the dark side fell lifeless from their seats.

If you do not show yourself, I will make every single person here move to their new abode in the afterlife!” threatened Red Scorpion.

“Hahaha… It sure is easy to talk!” the reply from the invisible man whose location was also unknownwas heard. “Your martial prowess surely is commendable, demon girls. But your crime has been way over the top! The martial arts world will surely crush and mince you all to pieces! Even though every single one of you have ten sets of lives, none of you shall lead a long life!”

“Bull fart!” snapped Red Scorpion in her anger.

“If I am bull fart, you all are bull shit!” the laughing sound was reverberating in the air. Red Scorpion’s two fists were clenched really hard, but to whom should they vent this anger? No one knew from where the voice actually came from and who the culprit behind the voice was!

Blue Scorpion approached Red Scorpion and whispered, “Sister Red Scorpion, we should not pay attention to that crazy man. We better start our business with the people present here.”

Red Scorpion nodded in agreement. She stood at the front edge of the stage with her hands on her waist. After sweeping over the audience with her sharp, penetrating eyes, she opened her voice. Her loud clear words echoed to the furthest edges of the valley.

“All the members of the audience, listen well! On the coming twelfth day of the twelfth month, at the Skull Valley, we are going to establish a new Sect, which will be called the Skull Valley Sect! Every single one of you here must come and join to become the member of our Sect! Those who dare to refuse shall have their lives forfeit!”

The atmosphere turned as quiet as a graveyard. Suddenly the derisive chuckling sound was once again heard, “Demonic women! Do you really think that we are all stupid sheep who would just follow you along wherever you want us to? You can go to hell with your Sect! Who would even want to join them! If you are trying to recruit for members, go climb the peak of Merapi mountain (TLN: an active volcano in Java Island) and get yourself jump into the crater! Did you get all that? Hahahahaha!”

The four disciples of Green Scorpion Goddess gritted their teeth. Their anger had reached their very limits. But to whom should they vent this vexing rage?

“Sister Red Scorpion, you should carry on with your pitch. Surely we’ll know who that loudmouth bastard later on!” Again, Blue Scorpion advised her martial sisters with her opinion. And thus, Red Scorpion continued her speech.

“You all had seen by your own eyes what would happen to those who did not follow our wishes! Therefore, it is much better for you all to quickly get your ass on stage, kneel down and make a vow of loyalty to be admitted into the Skull Valley Sect!”

For the next half a minute, not a single person from the audience present who did what had been ordered. This angered Red Scorpion further.

“Then you all are wishing for your own death!” Red Scorpion snapped. She signaled her three other martial sisters. The four of them then simultaneously raised their right hands high up in the air.

Suddenly, from the middle lower area of the audience, two men in white robes stood up. Looking at their facial features, it was clear that the two of them were siblings. The one standing on the right lifted his hand.

“What the hell do you want?” asked Red Scorpion.

“Fate is unavoidable, profit remains unattainable! The two of us want nothing but your life and the lives of those other three demonic women!” answered the men in white robe who lifted his hand before. His voice trembled the valley, signifying that the level of his inner power was indescribably high. Red Scorpion frowned and then laughed her gut out.

“If your eyes haven’t turned blind then surely your brain has been fried! Do you not see all these corpses laid out here?”

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