Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 5-1

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 5-1


That human head had a long, messy hair. His face was wrinkled, with a very wide forehead, both its eyes opened wide, mouth gaping. On his neck was a clean cut mark with blood that had clotted into blackish brown color.

It was truly a terrifying scene to behold. Seeing the condition of the face and head as well as its incredibly terrible stench, it was crystal clear that the owner of this head had met his demise a few days past… perhaps even a week had passed since then!

Sword God himself who was the closest to the man’s head frowned. He somewhat felt that he recognized or at least saw that man. The moment he was in a daze, trying to recall his memory, that very moment a figure flashed and stood tall on the stage while laughing incessantly. The incoming person was an old grandpa with a very skinny body that the bones in his hands and legs seemed to have shrunk, while his chest bone and every single one of his ribs clearly looked plastered onto his skin. His face sallow, eyes opened a slit. The weirdness of this man was that other than wearing a loincloth covering his lower body, his hair that was very long and white was braided into one on the back, just like a woman!

Seeing the presence of this man, for the n-th time the situation in that place turned into a bustling clamor! For who in the crowd was unfamiliar with a major figure in the martial arts world titled the “Mad Cloth”? This figure wasn’t only famous for the height of his martial arts but also for his lunatic brain. As a proof, even when he was coming for the first time, he had already surprised everyone with a severed human head! Even after the time needed to finish a cup of tea passed, the Mad Cloth was still standing on the stage laughing his head off unceasingly!

Sword God as the host and also a famous martial arts figure who had understood men so much, especially the guest who was currently standing on the stage still sat on his seat and waited until Mad Cloth stopped his laughter. When Mad Cloth brought down his laughter a notch, Sword God asked, “Hey, Mad Cloth, whatever had brought you here with this kind of antics?

Mad Cloth stopped his laughter altogether. He rubbed his two eyes and then looked carefully at Sword God, right after that he looked around at the audience present. His gaze was truly terrifying and shaking to the soul!

The crazy martial artist then nodded his head a few times, looked at the sky for a few moments and then said, “Ah… so it’s true that I have arrived at the foot of Merapi Mountan. It is also true that I have arrived at the edge of the lake where the official establishment ceremony of Fragrant Lake School is being held…” 

The old man looked at Sword God non-stop and he carefreely, using his index finger right at the face of the Head of Fragrant Lake School and said in half shouting tone, “Are you that man named Brajaguna and titled Sword God?”

“Yes” replied Sword God. And Mad Cloth laughed again in glee.

“You look just like a normal human, even a bit like a monkey! Why the hell are you even using the title “God”? Are you a descendant of one? Or perhaps you are a God incarnate, huh? Listening to this mockery, the two Management Elders of the School, Klabangsongo and Rah Gundala jumped forward in their fury!

“Old skinny bastard! You better quickly apologize for running your mouth like crap!” barked Rah Gundala. His voice was loud and raspy. This man had a fat body shaped and bald head with a bit of hair..

“Heh, bald monkey who knows not the height of the mountain and the depth of the sea, scram far far away, will ya! I have no business with you!” Once he said that, Mad Cloth waved his right hand.


A hurling wind struck like a storm to Rah Gundala’s body! The attack was so powerful that Rah Gundala was thrown from the stage, falling amongst the guests and threw up blood before fainting!

“Damn old Demon!” cursed Klabangsongo. The Southern Elder of the School quickly unsheathed his sword and launched a ferocious attack. But very easily, Mad Cloth dodged to the side. He slammed his right hand forward once just like how he handled Rah Gundala earlier, and Klabangsongo was also thrown off the stage, all the way deep down in the lake. For the second time the lake water was reddened with blood gushing out of Klabangsongo! Two of the School disciples immediately dove down the lake to help him.

“Old man, watch my sword!” Suddenly a shout was heard and a streak of white light rushed right before the face of Mad Cloth!

Mad Cloth certainly was surprised and he abruptly jumped back. The attacker apparently was none other than Jayengrana! Of course, the sneak attack had him startled, but when he saw who the culprit was, he had it in himself to chuckle.

“Good… very good!” His son was also beyond eager to seek death! Great! I came to find the head, and the minions lined up before me! Hahaha… If the other sons of Sword God also wished to come and attack me then come! I’ll help showing you all the gates of hell altogether!”

Jayengrana was furious when he heard that and he immediately re-launch his assault with his sword while everyone in the audience was watching with their breath held full of intensity! If two top members of Fragrant Lake School were beaten so badly by Mad Cloth, it would be very hard to measure the height of the eccentric’s martial arts! All eyes watched unblinkingly on the stage while inwardly they were all pondering what kind of things encouraged Mad Cloth to show himself there and jumped himself into the fray with such ferocity! 

The white light from Jayengrana came in waves, besieging Mad Cloth from all eight cardinal directions! The sound of the sword slashing the wind was really fierce, while Jayengrana’s body was turning into mere blurs. Five passes went away in the blink of an eye. Facing the attack, Mad Cloth only needed to moved his feet twice to dodge! He even still had the chance to laughed while asking, “Come… come… where are the other shitty children of that Sword God? Is this the only one to have balls to come forth?”

“Don’t need to talk shit here, Mad Cloth! Receive my sword!” shouted Jayengrana. His silver sword flashed, chaining three grand sword arts of Fragrant Lake School, the “Seven Dragon Snatching Moon” followed with “Mighty Dragon Tail Whip” and closed by “Wandering Python  Mawing Mountain”.

“Such useless martial skills? What good is it to be used!” mocked Mad Cloth, and he shifted his skinny feet, slanted his body to the left, changing it to the right and then like a tiger stalking and slashing its sharp claws, both of Mad Cloth’s hands snatched forward and abruptly Jayengrana’s sword was already snatched away! Even before the young man’s surprise subsided, another hand of the old man had already smashed at Jayengrana’s head! The young man was thrown away eight spear distances away from the edge of the stage, his head mangled and body lifeless! And thus the atmosphere on and off the stage broke out!

“Demon old man!” A woman’s shout was heard.

“You must pay the death of my son with your cursed dog  life!” White streaks of light flashed onto the head, waist and legs of Mad Cloth. Another blink of an eye later, from his left and right sides, two figures also blurred in assault. One of them snapped, “You must leave your life here, skinny bastard! Your life must be vanquished by my sword!”

The cursing woman was none other than Suwita, the wife of Sword God that had turned red-eyed when she saw the death of her son. While the other two people were Indrajaya and Bradjasastra, the eldest and youngest sons of Sword God!

Less than a blink of an eye later, Mad Cloth’s body had already been tightly besieged by ferocious streaks of light from his three enemies’ swords. These attacks’ strength must not be underestimated at all. Indrajaya and Bradjasastra, although they haven’t yet mastered their skills perfectly but they are strongly adept in the martial arts that they inherited from their father, while Suwita herself, other than the martial arts that she obtained from her husband, she was also a disciple from a mighty martial arts figure on Klabat Island whose name commanded a mighty and mysterious martial arts that haven’t yet been figured out by the world!

According to the audiences’ views who were also people with sharp eyes and vastly knowledged, in at most two more exchanges, the Mad Cloth’s death will be settled! But it was all wrong! Unexpectedly Mad Cloth’s chuckles were heard unceasingly while his body vanished without any trace!

“Hahahaha… Is this how Fragrant Lake School handles themselves in the martial world? Ganging up three against one? Truly petty and shameless!” the loud voice of Mad Cloth reverberated.

“For a mad dog like you, the martial arts world’s rules need not be applied!” Indrajaya snapped back. He spun his sword even faster with the deadliest martial skills!

Sword God was a valiant martial arts figure and he strongly held on to the rules and laws of the martial world. Even though his heart was also bleeding and boundlessly angered seeing the death of his son, but his feeling was still able to be suppressed so that he didn’t become maddened like the three others. Sword God stood up from his seat. His left hand pressed on the hilt of his sword that was hung on his left side, “Suwita, Indra, Bradja! All three of you step back!” ordered Sword God. His voice was loud and dignified.

But it seemed that this time his charisma was unable to affect the three people that were fiercely attacking Mad Cloth. Indrajaya even talked back, “Father, stop talking nonsense! This old bastard killed my little brother! Should I just sit back and do nothing as his brother?”

“I order you to retreat!” shouted Sword God even more loudly than last time. 

“Dear…” said Suwita trying to argue. But her words were cut short by Sword God, “No matter what we must be firm in holding the rules and laws of the martial world! Retreat!”

With a heavy heart full of stoking revenge, the scolding and orders that had been issued up to three times made Suwita and her children finally stepped back from the fight. Mad Cloth was seen there standing in the middle of the stage while laughing.

“It’s good that you ordered so, Sword God. If you were even a quarter pass late, all three of them would have been death and turned into dead bodies!”

“Mad Cloth, we have neither grievances nor enmities among us! That’s why I couldn’t see at all any reason why you even resort to kill my son!” 

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