Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 4-2

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 4-2


His calm demeanor and pure facial expression signified that he was one with a strong charisma and formidable martial arts. On the back and chest of his purple robe was an image of a trident embroidered with a golden thread. Looking at the robe and golden embroidery, every single soul in the audience immediately recognized the sage. In the martial arts world he and his group was well known with the monicker of the Three Golden Tridents and they were staying on Wuwutan Island off the southern coast of Central Java. Along with two other sages he established a martial art school that was willing to do any task from anyone as long as they were paid in cash or by valuable treasures.

It was also said that the Three Golden Trident group was also involved as one of the rebel lackeys in the coup that almost dethroned Demak Kingdom.

As to why one of the leaders of the Three Golden Trident managed to actually come here at this place was unthinkable to the Head of the Fragrant Lake School, as he felt that he never sent any invitation to them.

Was this scum of a human come by himself or was he coming along with his other cronies?

It was also entirely possible that he was coming on someone else’s payroll or by orders of other schools with task of creating chaos during the official launch of the Fragrant Lake School…

The Sage looked around at the members of the School, took a glance at Indrajaya and then nodded his head to the Sword God.

“This one is Godapati, the youngest of the Three Golden Trident. Even though I come uninvited, I dared myself to come here to your school…”

“Ah…” Sword God nodded in reply.

“Of course it is an honor for us to receive the visit of a renowned martial arts figure such as Brother Godapati…”

Godapati coughed a bit and then said, “I have long since heard the great name of Sword God. When I heard the rumors that Sword God was about to establish a new School in the martial arts world, that drew me to come here and take a look at it myself…”

“Many thanks… many thanks…” said the Sword God.

If the School Head of the Fragrant Lake School allows, I am very much interested to see up close myself how great the sword arts of Master School Head…” this banter was replied with a proud chuckle from the Sword God.

The second son of the School Head quickly stood. “Father, please allow me to represent you in meeting the desires of our honored guest…” Sword God pondered for a bit and then nodded his head. But he also sent a sound transmission to his son.

“Be careful Jayengrana, he is very strong. His weapon is a golden trident. Keep this well in mind. Don’t let your sword to clash or made contact with it!” Godapati took a carefull look at Jayengrana with his sharp eyes. The youngster then moved forward before him.

“Sir Golden Trident,” said Jayengrana, “on behalf of my father, the Head of Fragrant Lake School, I hope you don’t mind me accompanying you in the spar.”

If only he didn’t see the might of Indrajaya in the earlier out, Godapati would definitely have underestimated the youngster. But for the sake of his own big name and the grand name of his own School, Godapati said in reply, “Ah… I came from afar to come and discuss on martial arts with the Sword God, but when I got here I instead had to meet a shrimp son instead…” Godapati turned to the Fragrant Lake School Head and said, “Sword God, I hope you won’t be angered if anything happened to your son due to a slip of my hand!”

Even though he knew that those polite words were merely superficial, the Sword God still nodded and smiled warmly.

And so from under his purple robe, Sage Godapati quickly took out a spear made of gold with three tips!

“As guest, do you mind if I initiate the attack first, young man?”

“Be my guest, Golden Trident…” answered Jayengrana.

With an incredibly furious shout, Sage Godapati attacked. His weapon flashed and let out three streaks of golden light, but weirdly his trident weapon instead moved with a rather slow pace.

When he saw this Jayengrana was immediately about to hack at the opponent’s weapon with his sword, but he then remembered his father’s message that he should never ever clash his weapon or meet his weapon with his opponent’s, and thus the young man canceled his action! If Jayengrana continued with his action to hack his opponent’s weapon, then in that first exchange Sage Godapati surely will pin down the blade of his sword between one of the gaps of his trident’s edges, and then break the sword to two pieces!

Godapati himself also felt curious why the young man didn’t follow up into his trap and he thought inwardly that it was very much possible that Jayengrana knew about how tricky his weapon was! And so without anymore delays, he immediately attacked Jayengrana once more who dodged with a flash of movement and nimble brandishing of skills! This nimbleness was the one which helped him much to face the opponent’s formidable weapon.

When Godapati stepped up his pace, Jayengrana also followed suit to quicken his movements so that the two fighters were then becoming mere blurs, and in a blink of an eye both of them had battled for fifteen-something exchanges!

The watching guests and hosts also watched on with unblinking eyes at the battle!

Jayengrana had been unleashing the strongest martial skills from the Fragrant Lake School sword arts, but so far he had not made any significant progress at all!

Sage Godapati also couldn’t do anything to break the deadlock situation! It was very hard for him to break through the opponent’s defense. He tried numerous times to pin down Jayengrana’s sword, but the young man was always able to avoid his sword blade from the three edges of his trident.

When the battle had reached its twenty fifth exchanges, Sage Godapati started to feel anxious. Furthermore, his ears had started to hear mockeries from the other guests around the stage that made him lose a huge amount of face.

“Hehehe… if in another three more moves you still could not defeat the young man, you better scram back to Wuwutan Island and hide your little tail there, no need to show your face anymore in this martial arts world!” said a mocking sound from the west side of the stage. This voice was the one who first started the mockery to Demon Shadow.

Godapati clenched his jaw. His left hand quickly re-enter the pocket of his robe, “Watch out my needles!” shouted Godapati. Jayengrana shouted loudly and jumped to the air as tall as five spear distances. Tens of golden needles which were Sage Godapati’s hidden weapon passed by below him. And in that very second, like a garuda snatching its prey, Jayengrana dived down swiftly. His sword slashed fast to the neck of his opponent. Sage Godapati abruptly blocked with his weapon. As Jayengrana didn’t wish to clash his weapon with his opponent’s, the young man suddenly and unexpectedly changed his sword path from a slash to a stab to the chest! His moves were so quick that Godapati had zero chance to block this sudden attack.

The formidable Sage cursed inwardly and was forced to jumped back to dodge. While he was dodging back, the Sage also made an incredible move. His body made an acrobatic move in the air, the golden trident in his hands made a sweeping movement from the side and suddenly one its gaps managed to catch the silver sword in Jayengrana’s hand! Once he caught it, Godapati immediately spun his trident!

On the other hand, as he didn’t wish for his weapon to break, Jayengrana was forced to quickly abandon his sword! But he couldn’t just take his loss at face value. Once his sword was robbed away by the opponent, the young man lightning quickly dropped himself to the stage and…

“Crash!” with a move of his hand Jayengrana ripped of Sage Godapati’s purple robe! Furious that his grand robe was destroyed, Sage Godapati smashed his spear to Jayengrana’s body. The one assaulted quickly made a roll and a blink later the trident had been stabbed to the wooden floor of the stage all the way to the half!

The attending guests cheered clamorously at that beautiful fight. Jayengrana stood up quickly while Sage Godapati took off his weapon that had stabbed deeply to the stage and put it back under his purple robe.

He looked at the Head of Fragrant Lake School, nodded his head and said, “Sword God, your son had indeed managed to give me an incredibly valuable fight! It is not in vain that you wish to establish a grand school with such highly talented members as your son!” Sword God laughed brightly. Who would have thought a Dark Martial Artist such as Godapati was willing to speak honestly and rightfully like that?

“We thank you, Sage Godapati. If our welcoming to you is lacking, we sincerely ask for your forgiveness” said the Sword God. His son had indeed been beaten by the mighty Sage, but even so Jayengrana did not lose much face as he managed to rip off the robe of his opponent.

Once again Sage Godapati nodded his head. He turned his body and was about to leave the stage when his steps were stopped as the valley where the lake was located suddenly was filled with a vicious and terrifying sound. And then suddenly something fell down and rolled to right before the feet of Sword God.

When Sword God and the rest of the School members and the audience saw the thing, restless clamoring break out, as the thing was none other than the head of a human being!

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