Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 4-1

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 4-1


The Lake which water was clean and transparent was now reddened with blood. Two members of the school immediately jumped into the lake and took Suralangi to the bank. When he reached the bank of the lake Suralangi threw out a mouthful of blood and fainted! The Head of Fragrant Lake School sighed deeply and clasped both his hands before his chest.

“Red Blade Granny,” called Sword God. “Your martial art was formidable and commendable. But you should know that testing is not the same as harming…!”

Red Blade Granny giggled in glee.

“You are willing to say that only now, Brajaguna.” Said the Granny, saying the real name of Sword God out loud.

“Did you speak any words at all when the member of your School hurt Demon Shadow just now?”

“It was not my school member who hurt him, Red Blade Granny, but it was Demon Shadown himself who was looking for trouble!” replied Sword God. The granny laughed herself out loud again with a longer one than before. Her laughter was stabbing at everyone’s eardrums hard. Everyone realized how high and profound the level of this granny’s inner power. Once she stopped laughing she said, “You are still a smart, smooth talker as you were back then, Brajaguna. But if the level of your martial art was still as you were back then as well, perhaps you are still not qualified to hold the title of School Head and establish your own School in this martial world!”

Every single member of Fragrant Lake School was fumed with anger over this insult. From the side, a figure flashed in and stood merely six steps away from Red Blade Granny. He was none other than Indrajaya, the eldest son of Sword God himself!

“Red Blade Granny, I’m afraid I can’t stand idly over your insult just now!” said Indrajaya.

The granny frowned. Her eyes that were bigger than jengkol were narrowed slightly (TL Note: jengkol is a kind of food that is usually served in big round cuts). Then with a wide smile she said, “Looking at your features, you surely is a son of that lousy Sword God! Ah… you indeed have pretty big balls young man, pretty much as big as your old man back then! But it was rather funny to see that it was the father being mocked but why is it instead a little shrimp coming forth?!

“I hope you can still keep your mouth in place and know your place, old thing!” Indrajaya snapped. Red Blade Granny was still smiling without a care in the world.

My mouth’s manners is my own problem, young man. Whether it talks or mocks or spitting out whatever I want, who cares?”

Indrajaya angrily took a step forward. “Indeed even if your own shit came out of your mouth nobody would care!” mocked Indrajaya, rendering every single guest laughing their guts out. The old lady’s face darkened.

“In seventy long years of my life, this is the first time this Red Blade Granny got mocked from a damnable brat!” The old lady’s mouth muttered for a bit and then, “I should have blasted your head open, but seeing your rather handsome looks I think I can still consider a bit of mercy! Quickly kneel down and bego for forgiveness!”

Indrajaya snorted, “Don’t you think you are above everyone, old hag! I’ll first put a fine print of my palm on your cheek before I will myself to kneel to you!”

“Damn brat!” Red Blade Granny snapped, “I’m giving you a toast and you ask for forfeit! Do you think you have six heads and a dozen hands that you dare to challenge me? Even your old man won’t be sure of winning against me!”

Indrajaya’s blood boiled when he once again heard his father was mocked by the enemy.

“Watch my sword!” barked Indrajaya. The hunchbacked granny didn’t only laugh mockingly. The granny was also confused with the warning from the young man as his hands at that time still hadn’t held any sword at all, but a blink of an eye later the Red Blade Granny was shocked when she saw a streak of shiny white light flashed, hacking from right to left right in front of her nose!

Red Blade Granny softly exclaimed and jumped two steps back. Once she raised her eyes forward she saw that the young man had already held a sword made from pure silver! The old lady’s heart silently trembled. What kind of technique had the young man used that it was so formidable? If the youngling was already this strong, Sword God himself for sure was even much stronger than this! Meanwhile, amongst the guest there were already low mutterings expressing their admiration to the blitzkrieg launched by Indrajaya. To avoid losing anymore face, the granny spoke with a mocking tone, “Young man, if you are trying to surprise attack and test me, you should at least invited your other two brothers. I’m even fine if mommy and daddy join in the fun as well!”

“If you don’t even dare to fight my by myself, quickly lift up your ugly robe and buzz off far away from here!” Indrajaya counter-mocked her.

“Your insolence is already over the top, devil brat!” Red Blade Granny shouted in anger. Her right hand moved.


A streak of red light flashed towards Indrajaya’s head! The speed and strength was over the chart. This was a technique that the Granny called “Blade Streaks the Universe”!

Several mighty and famous enemies had already met their demise under this formidable technique. And at that particular time, Red Blade Granny had already imagined that her blade would also cut clean the neck of this insolent brat who had dared challenge her power!

However the Granny was utterly shocked when she found out that her blade attack only cut through thin air and even Indrajaya himself had already gone from her view.

“Ah… your title as the famous red Blade Granny apparently was only hot air!” When she heard Indrajaya’s voice from behind her, the Granny abruotly turned around and…

“Slash… slashhh!”

Her blade was slashed twice with a strong gust of wind and streaks of eerie red following them. But once again, she had only managed to slash through an empty space.

“Are you trying to fight alone against the wind, old hag?!” a mocking trash talk from Indrajaya was heard once more diagonally from behind her! One more time, the Granny spun her hunchbacked body and launched three more slashes in unison, and this time she even followed up with barehanded punch from her left hand.

But the result was still the same as before! The audience was getting more spirited in discussing the fight. A great number of the audience present praised the height of Indrajaya’s light body technique.

“Damnable brat! Are dodging and running all that you can do!” snapped Red Blade Granny in fuming anger.

“Who said that I’d not dare to kick you in the face, cocky old hag!” replied Indrajaya. Moments laters, streaks of blinding white light that was uncountable in numbers had assaulted and wrapped around the Granny’s body.

Without any wasted movements, Red Blade Granny brandished her blade like a windmill. And thus the white and red streaks of light struggled to overwhelm each other. Strong fierce wind blew uncontrollably while the two figures of battling martial artists had vanished to mere blurs. In a blink of an eye ten exchanges of techniques had passed.

The “Thousand Berserk Swords” that had been unleashed by Suralangi was now used by Indrajaya with incredible proficiency. As the eldest son of the Fragrant Lake School School Head, Indrajaya’s skills may not be perfect but it can be said that it was at least at the 75% level of Sword God’s inherited martial arts!

After the twelfth exchange it could be seen that the Granny was badly suppressed. Some of her mighty trump card techniques had been used to repel the attacks and suppression of her opponent’s sword, but all was in vain! This made the old granny to cold sweat! Even more when she was pushed back to the northern edge of the stage!

“Has your big mouth turned mute, old hag?” mocked Indrajaya. The Red Blade Granny replied with a thunderous shout. Her blade harshly slashed the wind. Indrajaya didn’t just stay still. His body flashed once and vanished. Only a wave of white streaks of light that slammed and countered the red streaks from the old granny’s blade! All of a sudden…


Red Blade Granny let out a shocking scream. Her grey hair bundle on top of her head was cut shot, slashed down by Indrajaya’s silver sword!

Before she had the chance to jumped in retreat, suddenly another bloodcurdling scream was heard. The flesh on her arm was slashed a quarter inch deep by the tip of Indrajaya’s sword. Her blood was shed all over the stage!

The old granny’s weapon was dropped and fell on the stage! The audience was badly shocked when they witnessed the scene. The seventy year old granny that was widely famous in the martial arts world with her nickname of Red Blade Granny had been badly beaten by a green youngster!

With a reddened face from shame, the Red Blade Granny scurried away with her head dropped, taking her blade and speaking with furious anger in her heart to Indrajaya, “What happened today isn’t over! One day I’ll carve out that heart of yours out of your chest!”

After she finished her threat, along with the jeering of those watching, the old granny left the scene without sparing anymore glance to it. Even when the audience’s rave had not finished, out of nowhere a sage in purple had jumped up onto the stage! The abrupt appearance of the sage immediately ceased down all the clamoring. All eyes were glued onto this figure.

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