Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 2

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 2


Seeing that the son of the Fragrant Lake School Head rose to his feet, the cheering from those among the audience raged even more. Sword God frowned and stared at Indrajaya, his eldest son, who saw the signal and abruptly stopped his rise. Then, with all the stokes in his heart he reluctantly returned to his seat.

“Hahaha! Demon Shadow laughed at the scene.

“Am I coming up to this stage just to be left alone?” he jeered. Calmly, the Fragrant Lake School Head turned his head to the right most end of the row where a young man with a simple clothing stood. His body look sturdy and strong, with a thin moustache on. He was Candra Masa, one of the disciples, also the young generation member of the School with the highest level of martial arts.

Knowing that this Demon Shadow was a strong, formidable figure with rich experience, Sword God nodded his head to signal at Candra Masa. Seeing this nodding signal, Candra Msa moved forward. He first bowed to Sword God before him and then turned his body to face Demon Shadow.

“Demon Shadow, under the order of our School Head, I hope the older you is willing to share some pointers with this young one…”

Demon Shadow looked at Candra Masa with a deep frown on his forehead, and then laughed uproariously that tears poured out of the corner of his eyes.

“Fragrant Lake School Head!” he said to Sword God while rubbing his teary eyes. “Are you trying to play and clown around or what, that you are actually sending a greenhorn boy who is still reeking the smell of his mother’s milk to face me?” Everyone from the Fragrant Lake School side was really fumed when they heard this insult and derision, especially the person in question, Candra Masa. His two jaws looked bulged with anger. Instead, it was the School Head himself that patiently and calmly replied to the attacker

“Demon Shadow. It is precisely because he is still reeking his mother’s milk smell that I sent him to face you! Aren’t you trying to test the depth of our School? And isn’t it usually the stronger one is the one to test the weaker? Now, you may start.”

That patient, calm and tranquil yet dignified answer was yet another slap in the face to the Demon Shadow. His face turned beet red while the audience were cheering them even more, burning the atmosphere to greater height!

“If none of your disciples were better than this then he can be my first kill…!” said Demon Shadow. He then cockily shouted more, “I’ll give him three strikes! If in those three strikes I failed to throw him off the stage, don’t you all call me Demon Shadow anymore, and I will admit my defeat!” Demon Shadow then clapped his hands in derision.

“Come, let us start!” he said.

“Ah… this young one wouldn’t dare to start first, senior. According to the morals, the elders and tester should be the one starting first…” replied Candra Masa. Demon Shadow grinned mockingly.

“Fine, if you have any weapon to use, better take it out now!”

Candra Masa smiled, “as long as the opponent is barehanded, I as the Fragrant Lake School disciple shall face him also with our fist art!”

“Then take my first strike!” Demon Shadow attacked in fury. His body flashed once and he vanished from sight. Now all that people can see was just a black shadowy figure that was flashing like lightning towards Candra Masa, while his wind strikes swirled to attack him at the same time!

In order to show off his skills and in his desire to take down his opponent in one strike, for this initial contact Demon Shadow had already utilized one of his top techniques, the self-created “Black Shadow Climbing the Sky”!

Candra Masa was shocked when he saw his opponent vanished and also to find that he could only see the black shadow and the wind strikes swirling their way towards him!

But even in his shock this trained disciple still maintained his calm and didn’t fall into panic. He quickly dropped his body to the floor. When he saw that his opponent’s shadow flashed past above him, the youngster quickly unleashed his fist art!

But at that very second Demon Shadow made a spinning movement and like a whirlwind his right leg aimed at the incoming fist!

No matter how strong Candra Masa was, a fist would never win against a kick! While withdrawing his punch, Candra Masa rolled on the floor. The opponent’s kick hit empty air! The heart-pounding first exchange was passed!

And from the west side of the stage, the previous laughing sound was heard once more, “Ah… Demon Shadow… apparently your name is only full of bull! Even a kid who is still reeking his mother’s milk smell is already someone you can’t defeat!”

Demon Shadow’s heart was blazing with anger, “Young man…!!!” his voice trembled along with his rage.“Now it’s your turn…!”

Candra Masa smiled mockingly. “Thank you,” he said. His right hand was raised forward as if the stance of someone holding a sword.

“Watch out your stomach!” shouted Candra Masa and at that instant his body shot forward. His hand struck towards the abdomen of Demon Shadow.

Without further ado, Demon Shadow quickly welcomed the opponent’s attack with a right hand punch, knowing that his inner power level was way beyond the youngster!

A split second before the two hands collided, another warning shout was sounded from Candra Masa, “Watch your chest!” and as if a sword, the right hand of the Fragrant Lake School’s disciple stabbed at the Demon Shadow’s chest!

With extreme fury and anxiety, Demon Shadow swept both his hands altogether with a fist technique named “Cleaving Mountain Strangling River”.

With this technique, Demon Shadow meant to strangle the right arm of his opponent and then break it to two!

But once again Demon Shadow was tricked as when he believed that his martial skill was about to bring harm to his opponent, suddenly Candra Masa let out another heavy shout.“Watch your neck!” and just like a flashing sword, his right sword arm swept with a slash to the neck of Demon Shadow.

“Haiyyaaah!” Demon Shadow shouted loudly that it shaken the wooden base of the stage while his body once again vanished from sight with his light body technique.

Despite losing out in experience side, Candra Masa could still handle the second exchange that was about to pass and was now reaching its climax.

“Watch your head!” shouted the Fragrant Lake School disciple. When his opponent’s hand was about to slash to his neck, Demon Shadow could still dodged the attack, and now that he once again heard his opponent’s shout once more, he quickly ducked and lightning-quickly punch two more attacks forward. One attacked the chest while the other attacked the heartburn!

But the dodging-attacking method unleashed by Demon Shadow was one that was really rash and reckless. The opponent’s arm that he thought was going to hack at his head suddenly turned back down and made a thrust with lightning speed between his two arms and…


Demon Shadow’s body was punched backward. His right hand rubbed on his chest that was hit hard. The audience’s cheers reached a new height. Many of them now truly admired the nimbleness and speed, as well as strength of Candra Masa’s martial arts. Even though he was still very young and at tender age, as well as a newcomer in the world of martial arts, but he still managed to contend against a big shot like the Demon Shadow, and even beat him in their two exchanges!

Candra Masa bowed to the audience. And as he felt that the match was already over he turned his body and was about to bow to the teachers and the Head of Fragrant Lake School before returning to his seat. But at that time, Demon Shadow snapped in anger, “Wait up, young man! I’m still not defeated yet!” The Fragrant Lake School people, especially Candra Masa was startled and confused, even more so was the audiences.

“Demon Shadow, whatever do you mean?” asked Candra Masa.

“I’m not beaten yet! I haven’t admitted my defeat at all yet!” Candra Masa was about to replied but from the west side of the stage the unknown man’s voice was sounded once again, “Demon Shadow, are you really one with the heart of a demon and a shameless man with no care for your face at all? You were already beaten in two passes and you still dare to challenge for more? You should have done as you promised, you should get the hell off the stage and put off that self-proclaimed title of Demon Shadow!”

“Damn lowly bastard!” cursed Demon Shadow while turning his body to the west side. His eyes swept wildly at the guests and emitted his killing intent.

“If you have any balls come out quickly and get your ass to the stage!” the answer from the west side was a chuckle that made Demon Shadow’s anger erupted even more.

“You can’t even face off against a young man who still reeks his mother’s milk smell, how can you be qualified to challenge me!” Demon Shadow truly lost a whole lot of face when he was mocked this badly in front of the whole mass of martial arts figures.

“This smelly little kid was still much better than you who had no balls to climb the stage!” and quickly Demon Shadow turned around again to face Candra Masa. His hands moved to under his robe and a brief moment later they held a paddle-like weapon made from pitch black steel!

“Young man, take out your weapon and face me again in a bout or two!” resumed Demon Shadow.

Seeing the unwanted trend from the crowd who kept on cheering for more fight from Demon Shadow while some more cursed at the man, Fragrant Lake School Head immediately said, “Brother Demon Shadow, I hope you are willing to play by the rules that you made yourself and leave the stage. Wasn’t your intention to try out my school has been achieved? And we are truly grateful for your help in testing us.”

“If I am the one making the rules, I can also be the one breaking it!” answered Demon Shadow loudly and shamelessly.

“True!” said Sword God with his voice full of patience. He tried his best so that in this fierce atmosphere chaos and trouble would not ensue. But since you are now a guest at our place, you must also follow our rules, at least you must respect the rules of our martial arts world!”

“My coming here is not to follow nor respect any of your goddamn rules! If your disciples are gutless, you coming for a bout with me is even better!”

All of the people from the Fragrant Lake School’s faces were darkened, especially the three sons of Sword God and Suwita, his wife, when they heard Demon Shadow’s insulting words. But Sword God himself was still calmly sitting on his seat.

“School Head!” Candra Masa exclaimed.

“Please give me permission to fight this rude shameless human who knew neither rules nor laws!”

“Fine Candra, I’ll allow you, but be careful this time…” replied Fragrant Lake School Head.

When he heard this, Candra Masa waited for nothing more and he quickly unsheathed his sword made from pure silver, one so glistening that sunlight was easily reflected on it!

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