Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 14-2

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Hello Fellas! Thank you very much for reading this English translation of Wiro Sableng! I know I haven’t been the most consistent of translators, but with the whole COVID-19 thing going on, I have quite some spare time to stock up on chapters and I can tell you that I have around 1 month spare of chapters to post. From now on, I promise I will post regularly from Monday to Saturday. I’m going to try out some new timing since apparently I am not getting enough traction here hahahaha. I’ll be posting regularly at 23.00 GMT+7 starting from this week

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With this release out of the way, Book 5 has come to an end. There is one thing that I haven’t mentioned, that Wiro Sableng is not exactly “discontinued”, since in every ending of a book, the adventure of Wiro Sableng had met its “current” end. Consider Wiro Sableng as NCIS or any other police drama, where it is “bite-sized” and pretty much ends everytime the case closed. The thread that connects all the books are the word “adventure”. Wiro will keep on getting stronger, and even learned new techniques along the way, but the inheritance and teaching of Granny Sinto Gendeng will be the main driving force in Wiro’s adventure.

NOw, let’s enjoy the last chapter of Book 5!


Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 14-2 (End of Book 5)


Two ferocious whistling sounds slashed the air. Blue Scorpion and Black Scorpion jumped in assault. But midway, the two’s attack was met with a fierce gust of blue wind!

“I’m your opponent!” barked the one who caused the wind, none other than the Blue Veiled Goddess. The two direct disciples of the Skull Valley Sect Master spun their body and sent out the Green Scorpion Fist Technique to attack synchronously! Blue Veiled Goddess jumped up four spear distances high and sent out a counter attack! Blue Scorpion and Black Scorpion quickly dispersed to two sides and launched back another wave of stronger counter attack.

In an instant the three of them were clashing in a full-out brawl, with techniques upon techniques and clashes upon clashes passed by in a blink of an eye. Meanwhile, under the scrutiny of tens of eyes, Green Scorpion Goddess had made the first move to attack the 212 Warrior! Another grand fight started out. At first they were fighting on the stage, but gradually it moved to the bigger ground. Even though she was well equipped with an abundance of inner strength, an incredibly nimble light body technique and the deadly lethal Green Scorpion Fist Technique, but when facing the 212 Warrior wielding the Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet, before long the Skull Valley Sect Master was unable to hold on anymore.

The woman repeatedly and unceasingly unleashed the Green Scorpion Fist technique and blew out the Four Streaks Smoke of Death towards her opponent, but not to mention it succeeding, all those attacks did not even manage to get close after being dispersed by the wind blasts from the Fire Dragon Hatchet 212!

Green Scorpion Goddess’ courage was totally gone when she heard the death throes of her disciple, Black Scorpion, at the hands of Blue Veiled Goddess.

“Blue Scorpion,” said the Skull Valley Sect Master with a voice transmission technique, “It seems that this time we must admit defeat and make our escape! Quickly grab the hanging bridge, and toss it to the moat.”

Blue Scorpion, the only remaining disciple of Green Scorpion Goddess was the only one who could possibly understand what her master meant. She quickly flashed and sent out a deadly full powered attack to Blue Veiled Goddess. Once her opponent dodged it, Blue Scorpion jumped towards the hanging bridge. She took out several of the martial artists chasing her and managed to throw the bridge off the cliff and into the moat.

But before she managed to jump onto the floating bridge in the middle of that moat with deadly poisonous water, Blue Veiled Goddess flashed to her flank! As she was totally focused in her effort to escape, Blue Scorpion was caught off guard and a streak of blue smoke attacked her from her blind spot on the side!

She turned her head slightly when she felt a premonition and her left side suddenly felt immensely hot. And then…

“Aaaagh!” Blue Scorpion screamed her last.

Her body was thrown by the impact of the Blue Chariot Smoke technique launched by Blue Veiled Goddess. Mercilessly, her body flew and fell into the moat’s water which contained the most evil of poisons. Blue Scorpion struggled vainly for a moment before her soul left her dying body, which was sinking slowly into the bottom of the moat!

Meanwhile, despite being heavily pressured but Green Scorpion Goddess was still hanging on to her dear life, especially now that she had decided to find a chance to make her escape!

Abruptly the vile woman made her move and jumped as high as seven spear distances to the air. While slamming her palms forward, she made a somersault swiftly. When she was right above the 212 Warrior, she blew out the Four Streaks Smoke of Death towards the young man.

Once again, Green Scorpion Goddess made a somersault and her body flew towards the hanging bridge. But the devil woman screamed in shock as mere moments before her feet touched the bridge made of human bones, suddenly a streak of blinding white light hurled below her feet!

And the hanging bridge was blown to pieces! The poisonous moat water splattered on her two legs! The evil poison in the water quickly crept and corroded her pants, all the way to the skin of her two legs, and entered her blood vein! The woman tried to reach one of the bridge fragments, but by then her two feet had gone limp as the poison from the water had destroyed the veins and meridians on the legs!

Green Scorpion Goddess screamed in fear and agony! Her body had sunk all the way to her waist. Both her hands waving all over. But her erratic movements served nothing more than accelerated her demise

“Help! Help!” screamed the woman. 212 Warrior, whose hands were still white and his fingers were shining due to the Sun Strike technique that he unleashed to attack and destroy the hanging bridge, walked to the edge of the moat and laughed gleefully.

“Devil woman! Come and show me what you got now!” he mocked.

“Bastard!” cursed Green Scorpion Goddess. She apparently still had the energy to yell at people!”

“If I die, I’ll be a ghost and I’ll strangle you to death!”

“Hahaha…” Wiro roared out in laughter, “you already do have the face of a ghost! Let me hasten your death so you can start your new goals from now on!” After he finished his words, Wiro Sableng made a slashing motion with his Fire Dragon Hatchet 212!


The moat water splashed up to five spear distances high, while the entire body of Green Scorpion Goddess was sinking as if it was burdened by a big rock to the bottom, following the fate of her disciple, Blue Scorpion. Thus the saga involving the Green Scorpion Goddess and the infamous, fierce Master of the Skull Valley Sect had ended! The Skull Valley Sect itself was also ended following the demise of its leader, the Green Scorpion Goddess!

The martial artists present quickly gathered and bowed deeply in respect toward the 212 Warrior and Blue Veiled Goddess, while the remaining ex-members of the Skull Valley Sect that still lived, that were only several people left, threw down their weapons and kneeled for mercy.

“We will spare your lives.” said Wiro Sableng while scratching his head indifferently.

“But it is under the condition that you will return to the path of the righteous. If we find that any one of you is back to doing crime, don’t even think of asking for mercy!”

The former members of the Sect bpwed in gratitude. One of the more prominent martial artists moved to the front of the Blue Veiled Goddess and the 212 Warrior and said, “The grand name of 212 Warrior and the Blue Veiled Goddess had really made us sighed in admiration and opened our eyes to your greatness! If the two of you were absent, I fear that the martial arts world would face a catastrophe and…”

“Ah… you overpraised us too much. If you all did not help us fight them together, how could just the two of us be able to destroy that devil lady and her plot…” Wiro Sableng cut the remarks and humbled himself.

“From now on, we beseech your guidance.” the martial art figure once again said. Wiro Sableng could only raise his shoulders indifferently and looked at Anggini the Blue Veiled Goddess to say something. 

The Goddess remarked, “there is no better guidance than the truth laid out in front of our eyes at this moment. That no matter how strong and formidable the strength of evil is, when the fate has been decided by the Gods, they too shall meet their end in the hands of righteousness! And then this event also tells us that if we all from the same righteous path stand together and help each other, then no matter how strong the evil and how wicked the demon is, we will definitely be able to crush them to pieces!”

The martial artist nodded in agreement 

“Now…” said Wiro Sableng again, “Let’s get the hell out of this accursed place…”

Everyone grunted in agreement. Then one of the people in the crowd said, “But how can we cross that deep and wide moat?”

“Why are you people so silly?” said 212 Warrior. “Do you see that huge stage? Let’s take it and carry it here, and make it as a crossing raft!”

And thus everyone present carried the big stage made of human bones and took it to the edge of the moat. They first cleaned out the bodies laid on top of it first. Then by using the stage as a substitute for a raft, they set off to leave the accursed hell of Skull Valley!


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