Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 14-1

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Hello Fellas! Thank you very much for reading this English translation of Wiro Sableng! I know I haven’t been the most consistent of translators, but with the whole COVID-19 thing going on, I have quite some spare time to stock up on chapters and I can tell you that I have around 1 month spare of chapters to post. From now on, I promise I will post regularly from Monday to Saturday. I’m going to try out some new timing since apparently I am not getting enough traction here hahahaha. I’ll be posting regularly at 23.00 GMT+7 starting from this week

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 14-1


When the Skull Valley Sect Master turned her head to see the incoming person, her eyes were wide open in shock!

“Crazy brat! How did you manage to escape?” she asked ferociously. 

That young man who was none other than the 212 Warrior Wiro Sableng guffawed in glee

“Now is not the time for question and answer! Your crime has gone overboard, your sin has overflowed the depths of hell! Therefore, death is the easiest and lightest punishment for the likes of you!”

Blue Veiled Goddess that had already closed her eyes awaiting for her impending death curiously opened her eyes again. As he saw and recognized the young man in front of her, she shouted cheerfully

Dewi Kerudung Biru sendiri yang tadi pejamkam mata menunggu ajalnya dengan terheran-heran membuka matanya kembali. Begitu melihat dan mengenali pemuda yang di hadapannya dia pun berseru gembira:


212 Warrior winked his eyes at her and whistled, “Anggini, let’s exterminate these devils together!”

“That is indeed my intention Wiro. Thanks for the help earlier!” replied Anggini the Blue Veiled Goddess.

“All Sect Members!” the Skull Valley Sect Master summoned.

“All assemble! Prepare yourself to squash these two poisonous pests!”. It was at that time the Skull Valley Sect Master saw her disciple the White Scorpion. She snapped at her, “Where have you been?”

“Green Scorpion Goddess, from this moment on I am no longer your disciple…”

“Huh? What?” Green Scorpion Goddess’ eyes bulged wide in disbelief.

“I am no longer your disciple. I am out of your damn sect!” said White Scorpion.

“You ungrateful little disciple! So it must have been you that let out that long haired bastard huh?”

“Yes, it was I!” replied White Scorpion unhesitatingly. 

Green Scorpion Goddess boiled in anger, “You may choose to be an ungrateful little traitor! You can leave the sect freely, but you must leave your life in retribution!”

Skull Valley Sect Master slammed her two palms forward. Her mouth blew out simultaneously! Two streaks of green light and four trails of green smoke hurled through the air, assaulting the White Scorpion! As she was nervous and did not expect her teacher to strike down such a heavy hand that quickly, White Scorpion lost a beat to dodge. Mercilessly, her body was struck by the attack from Green Scorpion Goddess. She was blasted rolling on the floor a few spear distances away with her body and face all stabbed by poisonous scorpions. Her mouth was frothing out thick blood!

Witnessing the death of White Scorpion, the woman that had let him free from the accublock and the imprisonment of Green Scorpion Goddess, the 212 Warrior felt his blood blowed out of his head. But before he had the chance to attack Green Scorpion Goddess, tens of the Skull Valley Sect members had besieged him alongside Blue Veiled Goddess!

“You all are looking for your death huh? Come on then!” Wiro Sableng roared a battle cry while laughing coldly, spinning his hatchet nimbly and shouted loudly, “Fellow martial artists, audience here in the venue! This is the time where you all should lend a hand to destroy the plagues of humanity, people that are bringing this disastrous event! If you are hesitating and late, it will be instead your turn to be the next victim and the martial arts world as we know it will meet its end! Let us fight for this merit together and cut off that despicable head of that Goddess, the Skull Valley Sect Master!”

Hearing this spirited call, and knowing the identity of this so called Wiro Sableng, the audience replied with similarly huge spirit and gusto! In an instant they all took out their weapon and started a joint assault to the host!

And thus a grand battle clashed, one that had never happened before in the history of the martial arts world, broke out then and there! Hundreds of weapons flew in the air, aiming for the lives of the opposite side! And the sounds of clashing weapons broke out, while roars, curses and battle cries reverberated in the air.

Grunts and miserable wails of death, along with the cries of agony of those being attacked and losing lives all mixed into one that it appeared to turn the earth and skies many times over, as if the world is facing its end! And buzzing louder than anything there, the Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 rang in the air, brandished by none other than the one and only Wiro Sableng.

While jumping and dodging here and there, spreading death and ripping lives all over the place, the young man unceasingly let out his iconic piercing whistling sound that stabbed and stung the eardrum of his opponents. Once in a while he let out a crunchy laughing sound that shivered the heart of the other side!

Less than the time to finish a cup of tea passed and there were already tens of dead bodies littered everywhere! If someone outside the battle witnessed what happened here at the Skull Valley, it was a given that his nape will turn ice cold!

What they would be witnessing was a literal hell on earth! Every time the Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 swung with its buzzing sound and white blade light, a cry of death would be heard! Tens of people that were besieging the 212 Warrior were cut down like grass, falling down in groups and bunches.

Those who managed to stay alive felt their heart clenched and their guts crushed to pieces, losing the courage to go closer to attack! On the other hand, Anggini and the other martial arts figures were going berserk with unprecedented ferocity!

After thirty techniques passed, hundreds of dead bodies strewn all across the valley, that no matter where one’s feet stepped on the ground, it was definitely covered by none other than dead bodies. The number of Sect Members of Skull Valley Sect under the leadership of Green Scorpion Goddess and her disciples the Black Scorpion and Blue Scorpion were dwindling by the seconds!

Finally when their numbers were reduced to a mere thirty something people, they finally came to term that they would not be able to hold out any longer, even though their Sect Master and her two disciples with high level martial arts were still alive and well!

And thus they signaled at each other! Right on the thirty second pass, more than twenty members of the Skull Valley Sect abruptly ran away, fleeing to the moat on the eastern side, where the hanging bridge was originally present.Together, they lifted and put the bridge back to the spot. When she saw this, Green Scorpion Goddess blew out her top in a new level of rage! 

“Friggin bastards! Pigs! Get back here!” she ordered harshly. But it was in vain. Why would those people be willing to turn back? They even quickened and hastened their work in assembling the hanging bone bridge.

“Sect members like you all are better off sent to hell!” remarked Green Scorpion Goddess. She sent her hand in a punching motion forward. Tens of lethal scorpions flew through the air and when they reached their intended destination, nine of the sect members that were carrying the hanging bridge cried out their last and lost their life!

Green Scorpion Goddess once more lifted her right hand. But before she managed to make the punching motion, a strong gust of wind and a streak of blinding white light accompanied with a roaring sound was aiming at her face!

Green Scorpion Goddess was pushed back five spear distances away! As she looked forward, she saw that 212 Warrior was standing before her with his Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 crossed in front of his chest! The woman had seen firsthand the greatness and how high the level of martial arts that the young man possessed. As they were standing across from each other, her heart trembled in fear. This is especially so when she looked around her and only then realized that on her side, there were only her and her two disciples.

The other members of her sect had also run away when the 212 Warrior blocked her attack, joining with the other sect members around the hanging bridge!

The other thing that made the Skull Valley Sect Master turned even more afraid was that the surrounding of the stage had been closed off by thirty plus martial arts figures that became her guests on the establishment of her Sect!

“Green Scorpion Goddess! I’m giving you a bit of time to turn a new leaf, return to the side of the righteous, before you get to the gates of hell!” said 212 Warrior. But even though she was aware that she was on cliff’s edge, Green Scorpion Goddess still showed her stubbornness and ferocity.

“Crazy brat! Even if you have ten heads and twenty arms, don’t you think you will be able to beat me! I’m going to give you the same chance, to kneel down and beg for my mercy!”

212 Warrior said nothing but laugh in reply

Suddenly the Skull Valley Sect Master yelled out an order to her two disciples, “Black, Blue! Take that dog’s lowly life!”

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