Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 13-3

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Hello Fellas! Thank you very much for reading this English translation of Wiro Sableng! I know I haven’t been the most consistent of translators, but with the whole COVID-19 thing going on, I have quite some spare time to stock up on chapters and I can tell you that I have around 1 month spare of chapters to post. From now on, I promise I will post regularly from Monday to Saturday. I’m going to try out some new timing since apparently I am not getting enough traction here hahahaha. I’ll be posting regularly at 23.00 GMT+7 starting from this week

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 13-3


His three other partners howled in a high tone just like wolves before abruptly pouncing towards the Blue Veiled Goddess! Five clashes passed by quickly, when Blue Veiled Goddess let out a loud battle cry!

Another miserable cry reverberated in the air! Another person laid lifeless on the stage floor! Green Scorpion Goddess’ jaws clenched tightly. Her mouth mumbled incessantly before her shrieking voice broke out in the air

“Ten Branch Sect Leaders, come forth!” And thus ten men wearing blood red clothing nimbly jumped to the stage! In a breath of time ten blood red sword lights waved unceasingly! The wind slashes from these ten weapons were alike to storms and tornadoes, and every single one of them was aiming at a single target, the Blue Veiled Goddess, in addition to the heavy pressure unleashed by the living, remaining two members of the White Wolves Quartet! As these twelve men were not people with shallow martial arts, in but a mere clash the Blue Veiled Goddess was badly cornered! But the Goddess herself looked neither nervous nor bitter even the slightest bit! She instead said mockingly to the Green Scorpion Goddess!

“Skull Valley Sect Master! I think these little number of lifeless kids of yours surrounding me is still far from enough!”

“Stop spouting nonsense crazy bitch! In just a bit more your head will be very close to your feet, cut and bruised and mangled!” The siege from these twelve people was indeed incredibly strong. But Blue Veiled Goddess was also someone whose martial arts cannot be underestimated. Once her hands moved to unleash the Berserk Thousand Head Dragon technique, three of her opponents turned death and fallen, followed by two others who were struck out of the stage.

Her heart fuming with anger, the Green Scorpion Goddess ordered ten more of his high leveled martial arts Sect executives to help in the fight besieging Blue Veiled Goddess. On the other hand, the one being surrounded was also going in a frenzied massacre. The Berserk Thousand Head Dragon and Golden Garuda Talon techniques were unleashed in turns all over the place. However, even then the battle was getting more and more disadvantageous for her.

Blue Veiled Goddess was cornered to the right side of the stage!

“Skull Valley Sect Master!” a shout was heard from the bottom of the stage.

“Us the Three Brahman of Nagajembangan Mountain cannot sit still anymore! This ridiculous bullying has gone way overboard!” Right after that three streaks of white shadows jumped onto the stage.

Green Scorpion Goddess turned her head briefly. Her look was indescribably vicious.

“You worthless Brahmans! You want to get involved in this? Fine! But here is my present for you before that!” The Skull Valley Sect Master lifted her right hand. A streak of grabd green light cut through the air with a whizz!

“Green Scorpion Strike!” said the foremost Brahman in shock. In an instant he and his two companions jumped to the side while flicking the sleeves of their robes! But it was too late. Twenty poisonous scorpions had snuck in and stabbed into their faces and chests. The three of them slammed back to the ground, without ever putting a single one of their feet onto the stage floor made of human bones and skulls!

“Who else wants to be a busy body and help out that damn fucking bitch, please help yourself and come up to the stage!” mocked Green Scorpion Goddess! The heart of all the audiences were clenched and not a single one of them called out to the challenge!

Meanwhile on the corner of the stage, the Blue Veiled Goddess was getting more and more into a predicament! As the sleeves of her blue robe were ripped from the hacking from the tip of the sword from one of his opponents, her anger rose uncontrollably to her head!

Both her right and left hands were lifted to the sky and then slammed forward. Two streaks of blue colored wind blasts wreaked havoc from two directions! 

“Blue Chariot Smoke!” Green Scorpion Goddess felt her blood turn cold as she saw this. She had indeed heard of how great this technique was, and this was the first time that she had seen it with her own eyes.

Four of the besiegers were struck squarely and fell lifeless, two on the stage and the other two were even thrown outside. All four of them have something in common: all were corpses!

And when Blue Veiled Goddess once again lifted her two hands, four other of Green Scorpion Goddess’ men became victims!

“Fuckin hell!” Green Scorpion Goddess cursed. Her eyes turned to where her disciples sat. She only saw Blue Scorpion and Black Scorpion present. White Scorpion was nowhere to be seen. This of course made Green Scorpion Goddess suspicious, but she knew it was not the time nor the place to investigate her disappearance.

“Blue Scorpion, Black Scorpion! You know what to do!” called the Master of the Skull Valley Sect.

The two direct disciples quickly rose up from their seats. Once they jumped onto the stage, they sent out the Green Scorpion Technique to the Blue Veiled Goddess. The Goddess of course did not stay still and waited for her death. She was well aware of the formidableness of this fist technique. She sent out both her hands for a punch each. Two streaks of blue light flew forward to strike down the two streaks of green light that carried the lethal force!

The clash was so immense that it caused a cannon-like bang! Even though the Goddess had thinned out the number of her besiegement, but with Black Scorpion and Blue Scorpion joining the fray, Blue Veiled Goddess’ condition was instead even worse than before!

She could still hold out for ten more passes with her high level martial arts, despite being pushed back over and over again. But inwardly Blue Veiled Goddess was cursing, how many more passes could she hold on like this?

In the meantime, the Skull Valley Sect Master that saw the Blue Veiled Goddess still hanging on by a thread was incredible vexed! She silently moved her hand to send out some long distance inner power strikes! Blue Veiled Goddess wasn’t unaware of these sneaky, cowardly attacks, but she had no chance to strike back at her, especially since she also had to hold on against so many strong and formidable besiegers!

Again, the Blue Veiled Goddess could only curse in her heart. On the fifty first pass, Blue Veiled Goddess reached her limit. Two swords attacked from both her front and back, a kick was aiming for her crotch while two green streaks of light carrying the lethal attacks of tens of scorpions were also incoming, making the female warrior unable to do anything to evade the predicament!

I’m dead…” sighed Blue Veiled Goddess. She cried out her last and closed her eyes, waiting for the pending demise. But it was in that critical moment a buzzing sound of a thousand bees roared. A white light that was astonishingly hot and burned one’s skin flashed along with a roar that broke out the intense fight.

“You demon hearted cowards! Eat my hatchet!” And six fighters cried out their miserable last. Black Scorpion frantically jumped back to dodge, otherwise she would have had a grievous wound on her chest area!

* * *

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