Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 13-2

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Hello Fellas! Thank you very much for reading this English translation of Wiro Sableng! I know I haven’t been the most consistent of translators, but with the whole COVID-19 thing going on, I have quite some spare time to stock up on chapters and I can tell you that I have around 1 month spare of chapters to post. From now on, I promise I will post regularly from Monday to Saturday. I’m going to try out some new timing since apparently I am not getting enough traction here hahahaha. I’ll be posting regularly at 23.00 GMT+7 starting from this week

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 13-2


Only by letting himself flat to the ground and rolling miserably that Yellow Bamboo Warrior managed to save himself! The ones attacking him were three midget men wearing clothings with numerous patches and ripped in many places.

“Hmm… So it’s the infamous Ripped Cloth Beggars! The three of you have apparently turned even more wicked and lost in the road of darkness, that you are willing to become mere henchmen to that demon woman, huh? Come on then! Come and I’ll crush you all to dust!”, 

The Ripped Cloth Beggars each took out their weapon, a short broom. The three of them brandished the three brooms at the same time.

Suddenly more than three hundred black needles whizzed through the air towards Yellow Bamboo Warrior from three directions!

“Cheaters!” the audience exclaimed beratingly. On the stage, Yellow Bamboo Warrior was badly startled and was totally caught off guard that the incoming attacks would be that devastating. He quickly spun his own weapon, but several of those black needles coming from his left and right sides still managed to sting and latched onto his body.

“Ha… hahahaha!” one of the Ripped Cloth Beggars guffawed coldly.

“The needles were poisonous? You say this is evil? Don’t care. Anyway, you only have three more hours to live!”

When he heard the revelation, Yellow Bamboo Warrior went frenzied! He spun and brandished his weapon in extreme speed! All of his secret techniques were unleashed! In mere moments one of the Ripped Cloth Beggars screamed his last breath. His head was crushed under the strike from the edge of the sacred bamboo! But the price to pay by Yellow Bamboo Warrior was as severe. He got weaker and weaker due to the effect of the poison needles. After seven more moves, he finally met his demise at the hands of the remaining two Ripped Cloth Beggars!

“Well done!” Green Scorpion Goddess praised the two Ripped Cloth Beggars heftily.

“Bagus!” seru Dewi Kala Hijau memuji kedua Pengemis Baju Rombeng.

“I will take note of this merit and reward you later!” The two dark martial artists grinned widely and bowed deeply, then they prepared to leave the stage. But their steps were cut short when a blue shadow jumped up while berating them, “You lowly despicable beggars! Hold your steps and stay on the stage! Let me see if you dare to do the same kind of trickery against me!”

The shout was one of a woman! But it was indescribably loud and harsh with none held back! The skull stage trembled violently, while the audiences’ eardrum rang piercingly! All eyes unblinkingly looked at the person shouting! And indeed, she was a woman!

This woman was wearing blue simple clothing. Her face from the eyes downwards were covered by a layer of veil, also of blue color!

“Blue Veiled Goddess!” several of the major martial arts figures that recognized the incoming woman shouted! And the intensity soared to a new height! The clash between the Blue Veiled Goddess and the Green Scorpion Goddess of course was an earth shattering event that will become an epic in the future!

Green Scorpion Goddess frowned her brows under the skull mask. Her pair of eyes stared unblinkingly and sharply gazed to the Blue Veiled Goddess. According to Green Scorpion Goddess’ estimation, this blue veiled woman was not any older than herself.

“Come on! Why are you two just standing there stupidly like a statue? Come show me your viciousness and trickeries in cheating!” snapped Blue Veiled Goddess to the remaining two Ripped Cloth Beggars. The one responding was instead the Green Scorpion Goddess

“Blue Veiled Goddess, if your intention coming here onto this stage is to mess around, that means that you have not yet seen the height of Mount Merapi in front of you. But if you’re coming here to join our Skull Valley Sect, then I shall grant you a high position in the future!”

“You female Demon!” said Blue Veiled Goddess in reply.

“I’m not yet that blind that I don’t see this Mount Merapi before me” said Blue Veiled Goddess while pointing her slender finger to the Mount Merapi that was standing majestically on the west side of Skull Valley

“But your sins and crimes were many times higher and bigger than this great mountain! Today you are standing here to officially establish the Skull Valley Sect and to title yourself as its Sect Master! But are you also aware that this will be the same day of your death!?”

“Little bitch!” Green Scorpion cursed back at the Blue Veiled Goddess.

“You do have a big famous name! But don’t you think your name means anything here! Ripped Cloth Beggars! Kill that little bitch!”

Hearing the command, the two Ripped Cloth Beggars waited for nothing to sneakily whip out their brooms once more. Hundreds of evil poisonous needles flew through the air, hunting their way towards Blue Veiled Goddess (as reminder, that in previous books of 212 Warrior, that this Blue Veiled Goddess was none other than Anggini, the disciple of a major martial art figure known as the Wine God)

Seeing that deadly attack incoming towards her, Blue Veiled Goddess let out a snort. She jumped five spear distances high and then flashed like lightning downwards, right hands opened forward, her fingers clawed inward!

“Golden Garuda Talon!” Green Scorpion Goddess exclaimed. “Ripped Cloth Beggars, watch out!” But the warning was in vain. One of the remaining two Ripped Cloth Beggars had already cried out his last scream.

His face was bathed in blood. Nose missing, both of his eyeballs destroyed to pieces! The last one of the group was so scared and shocked that he jumped back several steps away, while the audience silently admired the strength and skills of this Blue Veiled Goddess.

A loud shout sounded. The third Ripped Cloth Beggars unsheathed his sword while brandishing his broom. He used a technique to flash quickly, trying to break down his opponent’s defense, but it was utterly useless! With a single attack, Blue Veiled Goddess moved her left hand and “Bang!” the last Ripped Cloth Beggar was struck out of the stage, with his neck broken!

“White Wolves Quartet!” called Green Scorpion Goddess

“Make a quick work of this little bastard bitch!” Four white shadows flashed onto the stage! The four men monickered as the White Wolves Quartet surrounded Blue Veiled Goddess from the four corners of the stage!

“Hmmm… so you have all also become the henchmen of this damn demon? Good, very good! Come on then stop wasting my time!” ridiculed the Blue Veiled Goddess.

“Five years have we been wreaking havoc in the martial arts world but not a single opponent managed to defeat us! Now tell us, what kind of death do you want, you lowly bitch!”

“This kind of death, buddy!” answered Blue Veiled Goddess. At the same time as her body vanished from sight, a loud miserable cry was suddenly heard! The person who was speaking was now covering his face, blood flowed from between his fingers. In mere moments, his body was laid lifeless on top of the skull stage!

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